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The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Around the World

From penthouse suites to butler-serviced apartments

Jonathan Holmes By Jonathan HolmesFounder & CEO

If your home is designed with a luxury interior then when it comes to travel, decadence in design will be a prerequisite for your trip – cue these, the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. From a palatial, seven-star suite in Dubai to a price-upon-request suite designed by couturier Christian Dior in glamorous Cannes, this selection of the world’s top hotels has been put together with the help and expertise of Winged Boots. Blending exceptional knowledge and unrivalled relationships with the finest resorts all over the world, Winged Boots creates premium, bespoke travel itineraries for its clients. And as you might expect, awareness of the most luxurious hotels in the world is paramount to its prestigious travel planning. Here David Ox, Managing Director of Winged Boots, reveals 12 of the most expensive hotel rooms to add to your wish list.

Royal Two-Bedroom Suite - Burj Al Arab Jumeirah - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Jumeirah

Royal Two-Bedroom Suite, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

A 790m2 suite with its own library, cinema room and personal butler within a majestic sail-shaped silhouette of a building.

Winged Boots says: “Tipped as a seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah dominates the Dubai skyline and its unparalleled service level certainly sets the bar for the Emirates. With an astonishing staff to guest ratio of 6:1, your every need will be dutifully catered for.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £8,000

THE MUKARA - Justin Nicholas - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Justin Nicholas

THE MUKARA, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, The Maldives

Launched in late 2018 and set in a secluded section of a shimmering lagoon, THE MUKARA is far more than a hotel room. Guests are submerged in the Indian Ocean with panoramic views of the marine world in this world-first and entirely surreal travel experience.

Winged Boots says: “A one-of-a-kind experience and world-first, THE MUKARA is a two-level, three-bedroom residence that’s partially underwater. Sleep amongst the ocean’s greatest creatures, brush your teeth while spotting tropical marine life and enjoy the pinnacle of comfort and unparalleled hospitality. It’s definitely one for the bucket list.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £48,000

Christian Dior Suite - Hotel Barrière Le Majestic - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Hôtels Barrière

Christian Dior Suite, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, Cannes

The epitome of classic French design, this butler-serviced apartment is made up of two combined suites with a wraparound terrace that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and Louis XVI style dining room.

Winged Boots says: “The only suite in Europe to be designed by the haute couture fashion house, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic’s Christian Dior Suite is sleek in design, minimalist in its approach yet the ultimate in luxury through and through. Combining a fresh colour palette of light greys and muted neutrals, every element of the suite has been carefully designed to promote comfort and style in equal measures.”

Average price for a one-night stay: a stay here is priced upon request.

Diamond Suite – Princess Grace, Hôtel de Paris, Monte-Carlo

An homage to the iconic Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco, this deluxe hotel suite is expectedly elegant and refined with a private pool, beautiful kitchen, two bedrooms and a 180 degree view of the sea below.

Winged Boots says: “Monte-Carlo may be the epitome of lavish lifestyles, breath-taking super yachts and world-class parties where champagne flows like water, but Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the Diamond Suite – Princess Grace steals the area’s luxe crown.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £25,000

Palace Suite - Kempinski Emirates Palace - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Kempinski Hotels

Palace Suite, Kempinski Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Though the Palace Suite also comes with a two-bedroom option, the larger three-bed offers a presidential level of luxury and comfort. It in fact combines three of the Emirates Palace’s suites into one magnificently spacious abode with a palatial bathroom being ones of its crown jewels.

Winged Boots says: “Want to feel like royalty? Check-in to Kempinski’s Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi where gold upon gold seems to be the premise of the décor. The three-bedroom Palace Suite offers a restful stay that’s certainly fit for a king or queen… and a few princesses and princes for that matter.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £6,000

The Nobu Villa - Caesars Palace - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Caesars Palace

The Nobu Villa, Nobu Las Vegas (Caesars Palace), Nevada

Forbes magazine referred to The Nobu Villa as one of Caesars Palace’s secrets, reporting how it’s scented with lemon and ginger and requires a private elevator to reach its glamorous heights, designed by David Rockwell. It’s “the epitome of opulence”, in their words.

Winged Boots says: “Located in its own tower in the world-famous Caesars Palace resort, Nobu Las Vegas offers a sanctuary from the non-stop attitude of ‘The Strip’ yet is only a stone’s throw from where the heart of the city beats. The Nobu Villa is where luxury living is epitomised. Comprising three exquisite bedrooms which are decked with all the mod cons you could possibly imagine, a private garden with whirlpool, a barbecue pit, and of course, jaw-dropping Las Vegas views, your every Vegas fantasy will be exceeded here. Oh, and let’s not forget those complimentary limousine airport transfers!”

Average price for a one-night stay: £26,000

Imperial Suites - Palazzo Versace - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Palazzo Versace

Imperial Suites, Palazzo Versace, Dubai

Steeped in rich Italian design, this entire hotel mirrors the essence of the world-renowned fashion label, Versace. Luxury is evident from the parquet flooring to the silk furnishings, but the Imperial Suite’s top floor position and two-bedroom duplex setup cements it as being the crème de la crème in its rooms.

Winged Boots says: “Merging Donatella Versace’s signature prints in a palette of clashing hues – think pastel blues, pretty pinks and vibrant purples – the Imperial Suites at Palazzo Versace makes the city (where too much is never enough) look subdued. You won’t want for anything here, and if you do have any special requests, the team of dedicated butlers will see to it swiftly.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £16,000

Empathy Suite - Palms Las Vegas - Designed by Damien Hirst - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Palms Casino Resort

The Empathy Suite, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

With a to-die-for cantilevered pool that overlooks the Las Vegas strip, this marble-filled, two-storey, 9,000 square foot villa was designed by the world-renowned artist, Damien Hirst and award-winning firm, Bentel & Bentel. Both of its bedrooms have massage rooms and the suite even boasts a salt relaxation area.

Winged Boots says: “This suite has been custom-designed by Damien Hirst and every inch has been thought-out by the artist. Expect butterfly motifs, a wall of ‘diamonds’ and two bullsharks marinating in Formaldehyde. It may be the most expensive suite in the world, but it’s also one of the most exquisitely and quirkily designed.”

Average price for a minimum two-night stay: £152,000

Sandy Lane Suite - Sandy Lane - Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Suite, Sandy Lane, Barbados

A colourful pocket of bliss in Sandy Lane’s sweetly-named Turtle Wing, The Sandy Lane Suite overlooks the twinkling turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. The private lift transports you to your secret sanctuary complete with a romantic, open-air dining experience.

Winged Boots says: “The gem in Barbados’ crown, Sandy Lane is an institution of luxury living and the Sandy Lane Suite is the iconic hotel’s top accommodation option. Featuring four en-suite bedrooms, direct beach access and a heated infinity pool on the private terrace, what more could you possibly need from your Caribbean escape?”

Average price for a one-night stay: £31,500

Soneva Jani Resort - Soneva - Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Soneva

Two-bedroom Water Retreat with Slide, Soneva Jani, The Maldives

A luxury beach retreat resting upon the crystal-clear waters of Nooonu Atoll in the Indian Ocean. Sunken seats, a restful daybed, private pool and a bedroom with a retractable roof are just a few examples of how this tropical hideaway bridges a luxurious interior with the extraordinary outdoor vistas.

Winged Boots says: “One for the Instagram-obsessed, Soneva Jani’s Two-bedroom Water Retreat with Slide is what Maldives getaways are all about. Set on stilts above the glistening Indian Ocean, this suite is ideal for families and fun-loving couples.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £7,000

Sterling Suite - The Langham - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: The Langham

Sterling Suite, The Langham, London

Part of British hotel history, The Langham’s enchanting and elite Sterling Suite penthouse is the finest room in the entire building. It claims to ‘exceed every notion of luxury and space’.

Winged Boots says: “The most expensive hotel suite in the capital, The Sterling Suite is the ultimate residential penthouse. Boasting up to six bedrooms each lined with the most decadent furniture from Britain’s finest craftsmen, every second of your stay is sure to be savoured.”

Average price for a one-night stay: £24,000

The Penthouse Suite - The Setai Hotels - The Most Expensive Hotels Rooms Around the World - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: The Setai Hotels

The Penthouse Suite, The Setai Miami Beach, Florida

Combining Asian and Art-Deco interiors influences, the Penthouse Suite not only has space and splendour on its side, but the delights of its own gourmet kitchen at your disposal. The windows are floor to ceiling so that you can absorb every inch of the ocean views that surround it and there’s even a Steinway piano in one of the two sitting rooms.

Winged Boots says: “Taking over the entire 40th floor of the stunning The Setai Miami Beach, The Penthouse Suite boasts four bedrooms, a private rooftop pool and terrace plus glorious views of the city and ocean. One of the most exclusive stays in the entire city, this 10,000-square-foot abode is high on our must-stay list.”

Average price for a one-night stay: a stay here is priced upon request.

Header Image - Soneva