8 Outdoor Dining Ideas for your Garden Soirée

From garden lighting, tableware & furniture, update your outdoor dining area this summer

June’s arrival is a surefire signal for outdoor dining to commence. Summer showers to one side, eating al fresco is one of this season’s highlights. The food seems to taste better, the atmosphere mellower and mealtimes last longer too. So pep up your patio, spruce up your sun trap and delve into these eight garden dining ideas for summertime.

Invest in high-quality garden furniture - 8 Outdoor Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: LuxDeco.com

Invest in high-quality garden furniture

In at number one on the outdoor dining ideas list is ensuring your alfresco garden furniture is playing its part in setting the scene and hosting you and your guests. It should be easy on the eye as much as it is easy in terms of comfort. The pleasure of eating in the garden begins with walking up to a beautiful table and chairs. So create a spectacle that everybody will be excited to sit down and eat at. Go for sleek black metal with white padded chairs to channel French Riviera chic or white-washed rattan if elegant country is more to your taste. Good looks catered for, don’t underestimate the comfort factor. Nobody wants to hang around in a seat that’s bad for posture. When you’re trying out garden furniture, pay attention to things like back support, cushioning, whether you prefer armrests or not, and if the seat’s deep enough. This way, any garden soirées will be more likely to go on long into the evening with everybody completely content and at ease in their surroundings.

Update your formal outdoor tablescape - Garden Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Laura Hammett

Update your formal outdoor tableware

Garden dining ideas should always cover the tabletop too. If formal occasions are your thing, take stock of what sophisticated serveware you have that will suit a garden setting. Choose outdoor dining accessories that match the colour of the seat cushions, as shown in the Laura Hammett terrace. She’s paired off-white loose linen covers with coordinating white crockery and a bowl centrepiece; the matchy-matchy look is more staged and posed, so results in the setting feeling on the formal side. Are there any napkin rings that pick up on the colour of flowers and foliage which you could designate as part of your garden’s tableware too? While it’s nice to borrow items that you’d use to entertain in your dining room, reserving some just for the garden is a way to achieve more precise styling.

But don’t forget the casual tablescape - Outdoor Dining Ideas

Image Credit: Helen Green Design

But don’t forget the casual garden tableware

At the other end of the scale are the garden accessory ideas that will keep the mood low-key and casual. There are different ways to do this for an outdoor table setting. Adding cushions to every chair softens the structure and immediately lowers the level of formality. From there, present food in vessels that aren’t strictly considered as serving dishes. A central basket with the herb that best suits the dish is a novel option because it means people can help themselves to extra or simply enjoy how it scents the area. Otherwise, consider mis-matching bowls, trays and even a box filled with cutlery in the middle so that you’re encouraged to lean in and help yourself – the key to laidback al fresco living.

Illuminate your garden space for evening soirées - Outdoor Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

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Illuminate your garden space for evening soirées

Garden patio design has to include ambient outdoor lighting. Without it, the atmosphere will be seriously lacking. Imagine leaving lighting out of your interior and what effect that would have on the feel of every room; the rules are no different in the garden. Most dining set-ups are on a terraced section of the garden, so concentrate most of the lighting here, with a combination of lanterns, candles and even pendant lights over the garden table if you can. But lighting as a patio area idea alone won’t suffice because it can leave the rest of the garden feeling a bit unloved and disconnected. So, spread the lighting throughout your outdoors with garden wall lights by any entryways and low-level lights along walkways or areas of dense planting so your entire outdoors is illuminated. Have a read of our garden lighting article for more inspiration.

Make your outdoor dining table a feature - Garden Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Interior Marketing Group

Make your outdoor dining table a feature

One way to make sure your garden is the go-to part of the house in summer is to put the dining table centre stage so that the surroundings are more of a backdrop to the main event. By paring back the rest of the garden with minimal furniture elsewhere (or at least tucking it away so that it’s not competing for attention), the table will stand loud and proud. Adapt the patio design so that it becomes larger and place only the table and chairs in that zone and that too will boost its status as your garden’s key feature, as seen in the Interior Marketing Group’s contemporary garden.

Scatter some outdoor cushions - Outdoor Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Sims Hilditch

Scatter some outdoor cushions

Cushions on dining chairs are just one area to add a dose of comfort. When contemplating garden dining, it’s easy to assume all eyes should be on the area where you’ll be eating, but not so.

Create another section in the garden to where you can retire post-meal that’s all about soft, relaxed outdoor seating and garden cushions aplenty. Mark this out as the part of the garden where after-dinner cocktails commence.

Add some comfort underfoot - Outdoor Dining ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Sutherland Furniture

Add some comfort underfoot

Another idea for your garden on the subject of comfort, is to add an outdoor rug to the mix. There are varieties that are specifically for outdoor environments with UV resistant properties and waterproof coatings added to the fibres, or choose an indoor-outdoor design. The latter need a bit more TLC or an acceptance that, though durable, they will fade and show signs of wear and tear after long spells in the sun and showers. Whichever sort you choose, they’re a garden patio idea that will add colour and texture as well as giving you something warm to walk on and rest your feet on during dinner rather than slabs of stone.

Keep cool with a covered outdoor dining area - Garden Dining Ideas - LuxDeco Style Guide

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Keep cool with a covered outdoor dining area

And the final piece of patio inspiration comes down to adding shelter over your garden dining table. That could take the form of a fully structured roof if you aren’t afraid of some building work, or a wooden slatted pergola that provides partial cover – entice climbing vines like wisteria to grow up and around it though and the vegetation will create a canopy. Or easier still, a garden parasol. It’s a case of there being the option of cover on occasions where the evening sun is too strong or there’s a downpour. Because with a covered dining area, you’ll never need to take the party indoors.