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12 Luxury Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments Your Tree Needs

Deck the halls with these tree decorations

Jessica Harding By Jessica HardingSenior Creative Buyer

Decorating the Christmas tree is full of traditions for most families and the who, what, where and when matters in this annual task. Whether it’s who gets to put the angel on top, which Christmas decorations are to take centrestage, where the tree is to go, or when it’s to make its appearance at all, memories are made with the simple act of placing ornaments on branches.

Who better then to make a selection of 12 of luxury Christmas tree decorations from our Christmas collection than Senior Creative Buyer Jessica Harding – a new Christmas ornament for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Our Top Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments You Need This Year

Flying Robin Bauble by LuxDeco — Christmas tree decoration -

1. Flying Robin Bauble

Whether your festive theme is one of kitsch and frivolous, enchanted forest or is instead centred on a palette of sophisticated chocolate browns against brass and gold accents, this charming robin in flight decoration will suit accordingly. Even its fine chain hanging loop is a thing of delicate beauty.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £15

Set of Three Beaded Coral Baubles by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

2. Set of Three Beaded Coral Baubles

Most homes fall in one of two tone stories at Christmas: ember warm or winter’s frost. This trio of silver baubles is for those in the latter camp. From the classic globe to the teardrop, all three of these frosted baubles are decorated with silver dusting that remind me of snow capped branches.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £20

Set of 2 Mushroom Baubles by LuxDeco —  Christmas tree decoration -

3. Set of 2 Mushroom Baubles

Proof that not every Christmas tree ornament has to confirm to quintessentially festive motifs, this mushroom couplet will certainly add sophistication to your setting. One pearlescent and the other a sultry, shimmering bronze, both mushroom caps are adorned with fine, mottled feathers and complement one another to perfection.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £20

2020 Peace Christmas Bauble by Wedgwood — Christmas tree decoration -

4. 2020 Peace Christmas Bauble

Here is a bauble that has a definite air of being a family heirloom. Crafted in porcelain by the masters at Wedgewood in its iconic sky blue colourway, the snow white letters spell out ‘peace’ and are each intertwined with holly, berries, pine cones and mistletoe.

BRAND: Wedgwood

PRICE: £35

Feather Rose Clip by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

5. Feather Rose Clip

Taking the focus away from the tree for a moment, this wintery sculpture is what I’ll be placing on my mantle this Christmas. It celebrates that same velvety brown and bronze Christmas colour trend and is a luxurious reminder of what happens in nature at this time of year – winter roses in bloom and grouse, pheasant and partridge feathers all around.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £14

 Set of 3 Bejeweled Tassel Baubles by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

6. Set of 3 Bejeweled Tassel Baubles

A set of three majestic tassels to hang from your Christmas tree in all their splendour. There’s something about these that always make me think of the three kings – perhaps its their jewel-encrusted tops that look somewhat like crown jewel orbs or their trailing metallic threads that are akin to robes.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £14

Beaded 4 Line Bauble by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration ornament -

7. Beaded 4 Line Bauble

You can’t get more luxe than teaming black with gold on the Christmas tree. This is a bauble for the glamorous with its hand-applied golden bars encasing pools of glimmering, shimmering noir inspired by the star-studded night sky.

BRAND: LuxDeco


Set of Three Nutcracker Baubles by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

8. Set of Three Nutcracker Baubles

This set of Christmas decorations shows exactly what happens when you combine Christmas characters of old with the luxurious finishes of new. The Nutcracker has a special place in the hearts of many so invite these three handcrafted drummer boys to your branches and let their golden glow fill the room.

BRAND: LuxDeco


Diamond Flowers Decoration by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

9. Diamond Flowers Decoration

Returning to winter flora as Christmas’ muse, this sparkling hellebore Christmas tree decoration in all its crystal-encrusted glory is sure to bring the winter garden into the warm. Nestle a couple in the depths of your tree and the glass will glimmer and catch the light in a spectacularly subtle manner.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £16

Metal Mistletoe Wreath by LuxDeco - Christmas tree decoration -

10. Metal Mistletoe Wreath

One of Christmas’ most delicate motifs, mistletoe’s softly-softly presence on the Christmas tree is a delight to behold and will make its foliage feel fuller and more textured. Or, hang this decoration from door handles or from little hooks hammered into the tops of door frames to spread Christmas cheer throughout your home.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £65

Paseo Christmas Bauble by Christian Lacroix - Christmas tree decoration -

11. Paseo Christmas Bauble

This is no ordinary bauble but one designed between Vista Alegre and Christian Lacroix – the most style-conscious bauble on the tree. Intricately decorated with gold and platinum reliefs set off by a crisp white porcelain glaze, it’s set to be the showstopper in your Christmas decorating scheme.

BRAND: Christian Lacroix

PRICE: £150

Floral Glass Bauble by LuxDeco -Christmas tree decoration -

12. Floral Glass Bauble

And finally to an iced bauble whose finish is one that would suggest it were an antique hung from family Christmas trees for generations. Split into diamond-shaped tiles, the centre of each is decorated with a four-petal flower, though come nightfall, it takes on the character of a four-pointed shimmering star.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £157.99