Spinocchia Freund

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” proves true for this design firm

A new name has popped up on the London interior design scene but, don’t be fooled, this isn’t a new kid on the block. The name in question is Spinocchia Freund which was, until last week, Bespoke London – a luxury interior firm of five years. “We decided to rebrand as the word ‘bespoke’ is overused and does not represent who we are as a brand. After carrying out a rebranding exercise, we decided to give the company my surname,” says founder Brigitta Spinocchia Freund. Yes, the name might be new (and, we admit, a little hard to pronounce) but its experience and expertise prove otherwise.

Established in 2009 by the ex-Candy & Candy creative director, the original company was known for its commitment to custom-made designs and interiors which were completely unique to its clients. “Originally there were just three of us in a little mews office in central London working on two private client projects,” recalls Brigitta who lives in West London with her husband and three children. But that wasn’t to last long. The firm quickly became sought after for its stylish, high-end design with a personal twist. The founder explains, “Through reputation and word of mouth our workload increased which enabled me to recruit a talented team of international designers and grow our services.”

And grow it did. The portfolio of Spinocchia Freund’s forebear includes a diverse selection from boutique beach villas in the Balearic Islands to luxury high-rise developments and Courchevel lodges. These luxurious chalets – in particular – proved to be somewhat of a calling card, representing the firm’s bespoke-is-best ethos and acting as an incredible platform to showcase the team’s skills.

Spinocchia Freund – Courchevel



These purpose-made designs simultaneously make use of the naturally grand proportions of the space without being overpowering whilst a combination of raw and refined finishes create a luxurious yet appropriate aesthetic. It’s not surprising then that at one point one of Bespoke’s projects was the most expensive rental on the Courchevel slopes.

Features like stitched leather paneling and repurposed vintage items tell of a penchant for unique design but it is pieces like one project’s stunning chandelier which prove the company’s nothing’s-too-much attitude. The installation – a focal point in the living room – is a complete one-of-a-kind made up of shards of quartz which were personally commissioned to be sourced from a nearby mine.
“We are exceptionally lucky to be able to design every detail of a project,” Brigitta explains, “taking inspiration from art, design and fashion, and curating [those] into beautiful interiors and designer items that are completely fresh and unique.”


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Thankfully, a new name isn’t the only thing which has been on the cards and the said designer items are hitting the market. Hardly catching a breath, Brigitta is gearing up to launch two exclusive homeware and furniture collections – SF London and By SF. The former is the brand’s supreme design range whilst the latter aims to make good design available to a wider audience – although they’re insistent that it isn’t a diffusion line which often carries with it thoughts of inferior quality. Clearly not the way this brand wants to go.

“We will also be launching our own candle range – a collection for Spring/Summer and a second for Autumn/Winter. We are currently in the laboratory with the perfumers perfecting our scents!” Brigitta tells us, excitedly. A linen range will also be launched with the furniture collections in the New Year with all available to purchase on the website.

So, whilst even Brigitta herself wouldn’t blame you for struggling with the pronunciation of the new eponym – “the name may be difficult to pronounce but it won’t be forgotten!” Forgetting this name any time soon would be a massive crime. Having undergone this transformative season, Spinocchia Freund has emerged from a plush cocoon fully prepared and ready to soar to new heights.


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