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Think Big, Shop Small 2022: The Brands

Discover this year's small and independent brands and artisans

Jon Sharpe By Jon SharpeChief Creative Officer

Small and independent brands and artisans are such an integral part of the design world and we believe in supporting them. Determined to help them reach their potential, LuxDeco’s Think Big, Shop Small offers these small brands the opportunity for dedicated marketing support, exclusive brand promotions and logistical advice. This year, LuxDeco has expanded its list of designers to include a plethora of craftsmen and artists that create pieces fit for every corner of even the most luxurious of homes.

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Image Credit: Eren Armitage

Eren Armitage

Known for: Timeless ceramics that reference Japanese techniques and British landscapes

Unifying her Japanese heritage with her life in the English countryside, Eren Armitage forges her creations through a combination of wheel throwing and hand carving with the intention of making everyday pieces that reconnect us with nature. Her impeccable use of glazes and her keen eye for alluring texture make her bowls and moon jars an irresistible addition to the home.

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Image Credit: Ross David Lloyd

Ross David Lloyd

Known for: Unapologetically bold canvases that captivate their audiences and command a room

Creating abstract art for the world’s most beautiful home, Ross David Lloyd’s contemporary work draws inspiration from the Art deco period and the great works of the 50s and 60s. The outcome is emotive, transfixing, not to mention unique canvases, capable of transforming spaces with their vivid use of colour and original brushstrokes.

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Image Credit: Empty State

Empty State

Known for: Their exquisite range of lighting that masters balance and style

The creative minds behind Cameron Design House have worked their magic once again, this time forming a lighting brand that is as chic as it is exciting. Offering understated elevation to rooms lucky enough to possess one, these pieces are refined and elegant with their dynamic compositions yet sophisticated enough to stand the test of time. There is no doubt that these will be right at home in some of the world’s most enviable interiors.

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Image Credit: Arcform


Known for: Their signature curved lighting fixtures that combine seduction with simplicity

After starting his career in engineering, Steve Hughes decided to convert his practical experience into a design led company and join forces with his wife Jenny to create beautifully bespoke British lighting. Since then the couple have been creating their distinctive curved sheet lighting here in the UK. Their effortless designs begin with a singular strip of metal which is then transformed into a streamlined lighting fixture capable of making a simple room something worth talking about.

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Image Credit: iWOODESIGN


Known for: Impeccably made gifts and homewares that are a testament to the natural beauty of wood

When Deanne’s husband Michael amassed over 150 species of wood on his travels for his veneer business, Deanne knew that their remarkable knots and patterns could not go unnoticed. And so, she created iWOODESIGN, a range of home accessories that celebrated the true natural beauty of wood and turned everyday items into exquisite artefacts worthy of being on display.

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Image Credit: Holmes Bespoke

Holmes Bespoke

Known for: Creating elegant, bespoke hand crafted rugs, carpets and tapestries that are art in their own right

Specialising in rugs for residences, hotels and super yachts, Holmes Bespoke knows a thing or two about keeping a space grounded in luxury. It is Laylah Holmes’ enthusiasm for her craft that keeps her designs so innovative; “a rug should be treated as artwork for the floor. Creating a bespoke piece is an exciting experience, the options are limitless!” Her latest collection, Shore features rugs hand knotted using recycled plastic bottles, inspired by a visit to the Indian coastline.

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Image Credit: Square In Circle

Square In Circle

Known for: Its geometric and modern lighting that delights

Square In Circle explores lighting design in minimal, geometric forms inspired by the Modernist Era. By combining marble, metal and glass in unusual compositions, creative director Alesia Sirokina has been able to realise her Bauhaus vision with a modern touch, making each sculptural piece a total and complete work of art.

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Image Credit: De Castelli

De Castelli

Known for: Their ability to transform metal into irresistible statement furniture

When everything a brand makes quite literally catches your eye upon each encounter, you know it’s going to be good. De Castelli has taken metal, a material often reserved for finer details, and has utilised it to its full potential. The result? A collection of furniture which proves that neutrals should and can stand out. These pieces are made to be centre stage and who are we to argue with that?

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Image Credit: Hebanon


Known for: Statement furniture that speaks for itself and makes its mark

Founded over 190 years ago, Hebanon began as a love story before becoming a brand. After initially learning the art of cabinetry to create a bedroom fit for his fiance, Ascanio Basile discovered his passion and talent for carpentry and turned it into his life’s work. Today, Hebanon represents the point where furniture and art meet, creating pieces that combine a modern aesthetic with traditional Italian interiors. Never ones to make furniture look run-of-the-mill, their work leans more towards sublime optical illusions and statement making sideboards that celebrate their craft.

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Image Credit: Claire Frechet

Claire Frechet

Known for: Her natural clay sculptures loved by designers for their earthy textures

Using pre-columbian techniques, Claire Frechet’s pieces have a natural quality to them; an inherent grit that gives them their signature plucked-from-the-earth feel. No doubt the inspiration she draws from geological and astronomical influences is to credit here. With each piece designed and made entirely by Frechet in her workshop on the outskirts of Paris, it is no surprise that her list of collaborations with interior designers continues to grow.

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Image Credit: RTFact


Known for: Their refined botanical arrangements that can turn any home into one of sophistication

From elaborate compositions to zen-like arrangements, RTFact is one of the world’s leading artificial flower brands when it comes to attention to detail. Making a stunning statement in any abode, their prestige pieces are perfect for uplifting the mood whether you're after an update for your home or looking for a gift that will last, these blooms guarantee an impact.

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Image Credit: Storm Furniture

Storm Furniture

Known for: Their devotion to eco-friendly techniques and their sublime minimalist lighting

Focusing on sustainability without ever compromising on style, Storm Furniture create high-end lighting and furniture in their studio nestled in the Suffolk countryside. Through a combination of modern, traditional and some of their own techniques each piece is crafted to the highest standard and goes through rigorous quality testing. Taking inspiration from the unfurling forms found in nature, their best-selling Bloom collection ensures an understated ambience in any space, whilst the natural knots in the wood make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

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Image Credit: Adriana Homewares

Adriana Homewares

Known for: Irresistibly soft woollen homewares that will make you never want to leave the sofa

Channelling her love of vibrant interiors and homewares, Adriana Gentile established Adriana Homewares in 2016. By crafting each cushion and throw, from fleece to finished product in Yorkshire, Adriana’s commitment to sustainability is inherent in every aspect of the brand. The secret to her quality pieces? The use of Bluefaced Leicester Wool, a lustrous wool with long fibres known for its durability and its sumptuous texture.

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Image Credit: Floralsense


Known for: Their enchanting and whimsical floral arrangements that last

Artificial flowers are no longer pale imitations but are evocative of luxury and quality; a touch of nature in your home that lasts. With a range of timeless arrangements available, founder Catherine Glynne has perfected the art of instantly brightening your home, and with the wellbeing benefits of having natural references in your home becoming more widely understood, uplifting you and your home has never been easier.

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Image Credit: Alex McCarthy

Alex McCarthy

Known for: Creating exquisite ceramics that aren’t short on texture or glamour

No two Alex Mcarthy pieces are the same, though each piece is an irresistible combination of lustrous gold and raw, cracked clay. Using the thrown vessel as a canvas to reflect natural textures such as bark and rock, Alex McCarthy transforms simplistic forms into opulent additions for the home. Based in Bristol, McCarthy is one of the most in-demand new ceramicists in the Uk.

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Image Credit: Alex Price

Alex Price

Known for: Perfecting the balance of masculine and feminine with their modern lighting solutions

With a passion for reviving lost crafts and rare materials, Alex Price’s range of lighting and accessories are simultaneously distinctive and beautiful. Designed with longevity in mind and sure to inject some contemporary style into your home, Price’s team designs their pieces just outside of Bristol from solid metals and responsibly sourced wood. It’s no surprise they are Francis Sultana’s go to lighting designer for all of his high-profile clientele.

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Image Credit: Franck Chartrain

Franck Chartrain

Known for: Designing furniture that the design world fawns over

So refined is Chartrain’s work that earlier pieces are now collected by enthusiasts and displayed in some of the world’s most stylish spaces across the world. Franck Chartrain’s striking designs are made to be admired and their quality is a testament to the craftsmanship required to build them. Focussing on metal forms, his pieces have a unique and undeniable majesty to them.

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Image Credit: Alexandra Shorey

Alexandra Shorey

Known for: Handcrafting elegant equine sculptures that are as charming as they are graceful

Living between the UK and Saudi Arabia, Alexandra Shorey's work celebrates the form of the horses from her childhood. Transforming these memories into handcrafted equine sculptures, her pieces feel lithe and delicate, making them the perfect addition to any refined living room or entryway. Her experimentation of different techniques has become integral to her work, ensuring not only that each piece is one-of-a-kind but that her style continues to evolve.

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Image Credit: Rosanna Lonsdale

Rosanna Lonsdale

Known for: Her beloved lamps and lampshades that range from classic to dramatic

After learning her art from her Grandmother at a young age, Rosanna Lonsdale has strived for success in the world of lighting, and boy has she achieved it. Featuring in exquisite houses across the world, Rosanna’s work looks just as at home in eclectic spaces as it does in paired back english estates. From hand woven ikat lampshades to bases decorated with an 18th-century reverse painting technique each Rosanna Lonsdale piece feels like a lighting heirloom if ever I saw one.

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Image Credit: Hyde House

Hyde House

Known for: Its unique finishes and exciting forms that make their furniture one-of-a-kind

A lover of geometric designs and unusual materials, Hyde House specialised in bespoke furniture designs that stand out. Each piece crafted in their Hertfordshire workshop is available in an assortment of finishes, from exotic skins to mirror or even their patented finish RESINATE, leaving each item as unique as the home it lives in.