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Top 100 Interior Designers To Know In 2022 #LUXDECO100

Find out who's changing the game in our annual top designers list

Jade Bloomfield By Jade BloomfieldEditor

For its third edition, LuxDeco 100 returns with a list reflecting the array of talent in interior design in 2022. Replete with inspiring newcomers and distinguished alumni, the list highlights the work of the creatives shaping the world around us.

Selected by LuxDeco’s internal panel, this year’s honourees showcase outstanding creativity, positive industry impact and commitment to luxury design. They possess an inimitable and unwavering style and have proven their longevity on the design scene by creating portfolios that act as inspiration for our community as a leading platform for luxury interiors.

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Discover who made the list this year and the industry-changing projects they’re working on.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: 1508 London

1508 London

The London-based design studio is an obvious choice for the discerning high-end client. Specialising in luxury, their extensive list of projects knows no bounds, ranging from five-star hotels to the world’s largest private yacht. The team describe their work as “not formulaic or style-driven, but derived from measured principles, inspired by history, geography and the architectural vernacular.” Having recently completed the Beverly Hills Mandarin Oriental and the Chelsea Barracks, the studio's ability to adapt to unique requirements is unarguable.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: AB Concept

AB Concept

Believing that good design has the power to have a positive impact on the mind, AB Concept’s designs are all about enhancing quality of life. The firm was founded in Hong Kong in 1999 and, to this day, founders Ed Ng and Terence Ngan pride themselves on imbuing their client’s values into a physical space with soul. Whilst all suited to the client’s requirements, each of their projects display a unique textural sensibility that brings them to life.

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Image Credit: Albion Nord

Albion Nord

Albion Nord understands that filling a space with nice things might result in some surface-level eye candy, but that it's character that makes it feel like home. Basing their designs on the principle that “the most beautiful spaces are those with soul,” the studio has gone on to inject masculine townhouses and Chelsea Barracks penthouses alike with an abundance of texture, personality and their signature genteel palette.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Alexander Waterworth

Alexander Waterworth

Combining elegance with comfort, Alexander Waterworth’s studio has perfected the art of creating timeless spaces. With the likes of The Blake and The Kensington Hotel on their roster of clients, the studio’s ability to artfully combine textures to create a sense of history is visible. The studio “make[s] space that flourish both functionally and aesthetically” in locations from New Orleans to London.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Known for her use of clean lines and pared down palettes, Alyssa Kapito and her eponymous design firm have perfected the style of relaxed elegance. Her exquisite use of natural light and divinely understated spaces have earned her projects across America for elite clientele. 2022 will see the completion of six new projects to add to her enviable portfolio.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Amos & Amos

Amos & Amos

Founded by Jaki and Darryl Amos, the design firm is renowned for its intriguing and masculine spaces. Seamlessly combining velvet with concrete is no challenge for Amos & Amos, nor is making dark spaces feel intimate instead of gloomy. This year they have announced their designs for the Riverscape apartments, one of London's greenest and most connected developments. It's here that their work promises to “draw inspiration from its Riverside location and the green expanses of adjacent Lyle Park” with a palette that reflects the “natural, authentic and calming” exterior.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ashe Leandro, Photograph: Shade Degges

Ashe Leandro

Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro appreciate the power of a natural finish, using them to ground the spaces they create. Their homes are built up of rooms, each with a combination of effortlessness and some unexpected twists. Whether those twists be a courageous pop of colour or an intuitive choice for a texture, their spaces always just seem to work. More than work—they delight.

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Image Credit: Banda


An air of understated refinement can be found in each project in Banda's illustrious portfolio. Their secret? Combining original design with timeless materials in a way that feels as liveable as it does desirable. Offering the complete service, Banda's expertise can begin from sourcing some of London's most exclusive properties on the market to designing a home of undeniable elegance.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman

Born and raised in Sweden, Beata Heuman worked for English design maestro Nicky Haslam for nine years before setting up her own studio in 2013. Rooted in the philosophy that every room should sing, Heuman’s designs exude ebullient colours and an unabashedly joyful energy. The homes she creates feel lived in and loved, displaying somewhat of a quintessentially English atmosphere heavily influenced by a “Scandinavian attention to detail and longevity”. Her portfolio ranges from commercial projects like Portobello restaurant Farm Girl—a quirky and youthful space—to residential properties, all with whimsy and personality in spades.

Home Office Interior Design Ideas to Boost Productivity | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath

The epitome of traditional British style, Ben Pentreath’s approach to interiors is quintessentially classical with a playful spin. Responsible for transforming some of this country’s most exquisite listed homes, the studio counts TRH Prince William and Duchess Kate as two of its most esteemed clients. Inspired by his background in art history, Pentreath understands what it takes to make something that will stand the test of time.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Blainey North

Blainey North

Over the twenty years of its operation, Blainey North’s interior and architecture studio has been creating spaces to marvel at, from bachelor pads with a motor gallery complete with classic cars and bar areas, to gleaming marble-washed skyscrapers. Whatever the challenge, North has the know-how to excel beyond the brief, creating homes with such finesse that even the most discerning of clientele are astounded.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: BradyWilliams


Founded by Shayne Brady and Emily Williams, this studio takes on projects ranging from daring hospitality spaces to London family homes. Their residential properties give off an air of quiet elegance with their muted tones and calming textures, a careful balance making for envy-inducing sanctuaries within the city.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

No matter the project, maintaining a sense of timelessness and a welcoming air is the goal of this studio. Using his experience working with industry legends such as Martin Brudnizki and David Collins Studio, O’Sullivan established his studio in 2013 and his team is now 40 strong. The last nine years have paid off, earning him a spot as one of the go-to designers for the elite. The Connaught, The Berkley and Claridges are amongst the notable hotels which have called upon his expertise to create charming, and at times unexpected, spaces.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

Buthaina Humaidy Interiors

Picture muted palettes and the finest attention to detail and you might come close to what Buthaina Humaidy has to offer. Based in Saudi Arabia, the design firm recently won the Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Chahan Design

Chahan Design

With seven years’ experience as the former European Creative Director of Ralph Lauren, Chahan Minassian knows a thing or two about what looks good. Believing that being “sharp, precise, selective and refined” should go into everything he does, the Armenian designer's work consistently delivers perfection. His latest project, Michelin-starred restaurant Pavyllon, combines texture and comfort to create an elegant space.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Clements Design

Clements Design

Mother and son duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements have a noteworthy list of celebrity clients on the books and, despite designing homes for the likes of Adam Levine and Jennifer Lawrence, Clements Design Studio doesn't take the typical high-shine route. A relaxed Californian ease with an abundance of natural textures is far more their style.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino

With Bulgari, Fendi and Yoox amongst her list of clients, Cristina Celestino knows what she’s doing when it comes to upscale interiors. Her Italian flare and creative genius have collided to create a portfolio of projects full of cultivated textures (mostly of her own making) and equally enticing storyboards.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Damien Langlois-Meurinne

Damien Langlois-Meurinne

French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne describes himself as a “creator of haute couture furniture and spaces.” Favouring natural materials and traditional techniques, the studio creates spaces that focus on shape and texture. It's this love of detail that makes his projects so exceptional and some even feel sculptural in their form. Master of Parisian elegance, his work is classic yet feels like it has been imagined by a man well-travelled.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Dauley Designs

Dauley Designs

Founded in 2016 by designer Alexandria Dauley, the studio has already won multiple awards, including the award for Black British Business 2021 as a senior leader in consumer and luxury. Recently joining the Soho House family and designing the Soho Studio in Brixton has proven Dauley’s strength lies not only in residential properties. It's her approach which makes her work feel so authentic to its location, discussing how “for design to truly be successful it needs to provide constant reminders of the occupants values and lifestyle.”

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: David Collins Studio

David Collins Studio

“It starts with a confident client, and it requires an idea.” So goes the philosophy of David Collins. DCS considers an emotional commitment to any project as essential to its success. And with Nobu Portman Square and Harrods on its list of recent clientele, the London-based studio is doing something right. Perhaps it’s the late founder’s unparalleled range (something rare even in designers of his calibre) or maybe it’s the undeniable stamp of fine luxury that the studio leaves behind at the end of each project. “There is design that is defined by a decade, and there is design as defined by David Collins Studio.”

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: David Hicks

David Hicks

One of Australia’s leading interior designers, David Hicks’s studio has a holistic philosophy when it comes to design. It is through “regarding the three elements of the built environment—architecture, interior design and decoration—as one” that allows his spaces to feel so in sync. A lover of modern opulence, his work is highly glamorous and certainly designed for the elite. 2022 will see the launch of David Hicks Living, “a unique, turn-key, design driven development experience for boutique residential projects.”

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Delia Kenza, Photograph: Nick Glimenakis

Delia Kenza

Turning to interior design after a short-lived career as an auto mechanic and years as a successful lawyer, it seems there is nothing Kenza can’t do. Her spaces are bright, minimal and cool. Taking classic spaces and giving them a modern edge is what Kenza’s style is all about. After renovating her own heirloom brownstone in Brooklyn, it is clear that Kenza is as savvy as she is creative. Understanding that design is an important part of maximising your investment, she is not one to take a project lightly.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Dorothée Meilichzon

Dorothée Meilichzon

Whether it be a seashell terrazzo booth in an Ibiza restaurant or an ornate bar complete with golden antique tin ceiling in Paris, Dorothée Meilichzon’s work is memorable to say the least. Reflecting the client in the space is important to the designer and is part of why her designs feel so alive. With no one style being her signature, she is a true aficionado of adapting her skills to suit the space, making her one of the most prestigious French interior designers in business today.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Elicyon


Founded in 2014, Elicyon was created to unify director Charu Gandhi Pominkiewicz’s love of craftsmanship with her talent for complex architecture. The result is the ultimate worldwide portfolio of wow-factor luxury homes, from Dubai penthouses to Chelsea Barracks, each property displaying the finest attention to detail. It was her global upbringing that can be credited for Gandhi Pominkiewicz’s expertise in the world’s varied and vibrant cultures. Her life of wonder, adventure and artistry has made the London-based practice fundamentally thoughtful, “creatively capitalising on mindful, historical and cultural influences.” Shop Elicyon's exclusive LuxDeco 100 edit here.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Elizabeth Metcalfe

Elizabeth Metcalfe

Describing her projects as interiors with “a quiet drama, a distinct luxury of details, materials and finishes with a sense of restraint, clarity and atmosphere,” Toronto-based Metcalfe believes that the best clients are those who express their desired feeling of their future space. If it is to be defined, her work could be characterised as elegant yet liveable, equal parts luxurious and restrained.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Finchatton


One of Finchatton’s latest projects (transforming the Art Deco-era former department store Whiteleys in London's Bayswater neighbourhood) gives just recognition to its position at the pinnacle of luxury property and interior design. This vast project requires a complete reimagining of the historic Grade II-listed address and will ultimately comprise of 139 residences and London’s first Six Senses hotel. The studio’s co-founder Alex Michelin has said about the project, “Six Senses London will be a first—not only having best-in-class spa and amenities, but also a new kind of social and wellness club unlike anything we have seen in London. These are things which will be at the heart of the new Whiteleys offer and we look forward to creating something really incredible together.”

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ferris Rafauli

Ferris Rafauli

The epitome of ultra-luxury, Ferris Rafauli “thinks about dwellings as total works of art”. It's his complete commitment to designing his spaces that sets him apart, where "complete" includes the furniture, drapery, rugs, lights and artwork that he exclusively designs for his clients to achieve a high-level of unity. Polished marble, figured woods and gold adorn many of his projects, achieving his signature masculine maximalism.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Fiona Barratt Interiors

Fiona Barratt Interiors

So obvious is Fiona Barratt Campbell’s talent that her first commission was none other than Richard Branson’s Verbier chalet. She credits texture as being the key to every space she designs, “carefully curated art and antiques add contrasting accents and pops of colour. This to me, is the essence of a modern luxury aesthetic.” Similar to her interiors, FBC’s furniture line has become renowned for its immaculate designs and its signature textural details. Shop FBC here.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Flack Studio

Flack Studio

Uncomplicated yet powerful, seeing one of Flack Studio’s projects ignites a desire to see more. Defining their work as “personable, definitive, with a touch of daring,” their latest project, the Middle Park property, features terrazzo flooring, a mirage of marble and unexpected structural waves. Founded by David Flack, the studio has 11 upcoming projects for 2022.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Fleur Delesalle

Fleur Delesalle

Fleur Delesalle has an inscrutable understanding of designing spaces that balance both bright light with an intimate warmth. Though her projects feel very different, they each have an underlying note of approachability. Nothing is over-done.  Instead she manages to create homes that feel like they were built over time—nuanced and layered.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Forbes Masters

Forbes Masters

Whilst co-founders Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters’ approaches to design may differ (Forbes draws reference from historical periods and combines them with future trends, whilst Masters believes it's the positive energy, pride and peace in a space that is what matters), it's the collaboration of the two that have made their studio such a success. This combination produces homes that feel good. With their clean lines and refined textures, these are spaces that will never go out of style.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Fran Hickman

Fran Hickman

An impossibly thoughtful designer, Fran Hickman’s work always feels delightfully new yet considered. Hickman utilises basic design tenets—colour, form, space—in a way that feels bang-on-trend and doesn’t shy away from playing with the spaces she creates. By understanding design as inherently social and appreciating its influence on the way it impacts our emotions, Hickman creates spaces that are specific in their intent. And with projects from Tokyo to Dubai, the designer is spreading style at an impressive rate.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana

Referring to a project recently completed in Herefordshire, Maltese-born designer Francis Sultana says, “We did it with no fear”—a would-be common refrain of Sultana’s wider work. With a liberated approach to interior design and an unrivalled creativity with regard to his furniture designs, Sultana has been one of the world’s most celebrated designers since founding his eponymous practice in 2009. Over 2021, his team delivered the new Fawaz Gruosi flagship store in London, and a new furniture collection was launched in the autumn. Looking to the future, July 2022 holds the exciting launch of his first hotel project in Capri, Hotel La Palma, for the Oetker Collection.

modern interior designers | Style Guide

Image Credit: Hotel Edition in Madrid (Ian Schrager), Architect: John Pawson, Furniture: Francois Champsaur, Photographer: Nicolas Koenig

François Champsaur

Francois Chamsaur is known for his understated French style and his natural forms. Pops of colour and organic textures define his spaces, as do his constantly innovative use of shape. He founded the studio in 1996, and since then has proven his ability to bring spaces to life, turning them into refreshingly optimistic spaces.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Gilles & Boissier

Gilles & Boissier

Founded by Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, the design firm has established a perfect equilibrium between Gilles’ love of wood and strong lines and Boissier’s spatial fluidity and innate elegance. Because of the faith Remo Ruffini (owner of Moncler) has in their design abilities, the duo have been given the responsibility of designing all 200 of the brands stores as well as Ruffini’s private residence in Lake Como, his chalet in Saint Moritz and his yacht. Balancing each other out, the couple have created a brand that goes from strength to strength.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Greg Natale

Greg Natale

Having just last year celebrated 20 years of his design studio, Greg Natale is a designer in his prime. With a passion for pattern and colour, he’s not a man (or a designer) who shrinks from the limelight and neither do his spaces. His bold application of unexpected textures and striking silhouettes, along with his dexterity with layering, continuously results in the creation of wildly imaginative spaces. Everything the designer does, product designs included, gives away his identity on first sight.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Gunter & Co

Gunter & Co

With a portfolio ranging from glass-fronted mansions in Dubai to a Cotswold cottage complete with inbuilt log piles, it's fair to say that one of Gunter & Co’s many strengths is versatility. The studio was founded by Irene Gunter, with the aim of sharing her passion for history and architecture, before being joined by Ian Hazard. Together the two have designed spaces around the world that feel like revived classics.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Guillaume Alan

Guillaume Alan

Founding his eponymous studio at the tender age of 22, Alan has proven that his style has longevity. The master of minimalist design, his work features little-to-no colour allowing his architectural prowess and attention to form shine through. Guillaume’s approach to architecture is all about how to arouse emotion. This translates into his love of crisp structural lines and his emphasis on negative space.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Helen Green Design

Helen Green Design

All about elegance, Helen Green Design’s work is the epitome of sophistication. It’s the combination of expert layering and exquisite taste that make the studio’s work such a success. With projects ranging from villas in Vienna to homes in Melbourne, the studio has gone global and, with projects including 1 Grosvenor Square in London and a large country estate in Surrey, there's plenty to look forward to.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Humbert & Poyet

Humbert & Poyet

To understand Humbert & Poyet’s range, one only needs to look at the collection of Beefbar restaurants they have created the world over. Each tailored to the city it's in, they are a true testament to the studio’s abilities. Founded in 2007 by Christophe Poyet and Emil Humbert, the duo have created a brand admired for both its vision and its execution, working on projects such as the Wine Palace in Monaco and Villa Odaya in Cannes.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: India Mahdavi, Photograph: Edmund Dabney

India Mahdavi

Responsible for one of the most famed restaurant interiors of the decade, The Gallery at sketch in London’s prestigious Mayfair, India Mahdavi finds herself a bit of an icon. Her love of colour, velvet and the unexpected have created unforgettable backdrops the world over. Opening her third space at 29 Rue de Bellechasse, which is at once a combination of a window display and a gallery, the designer fills the space with unique display pieces, exclusive collaborations and limited editions, in a tribute to excellent craftsmanship. Mahdavi says of her approach to design: “I often compare places to faces. I like providing a solution in order to define, with the client, how to work with all the energy that the space inspires."

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Isabelle Stanislas

Isabelle Stanislas

Designer Isabelle Stanislas is capable of creating spaces of understated elegance like only the French know how. Drawing on her Moroccan, French and Israeli roots, it's impossible to pinpoint the influence of Stanislas designs. The result? Spaces that feel eclectic and timeless, perfect for erudite design lovers.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ishka Designs

Ishka Designs

The firm's principles of being mindful, minimal, bespoke, artistic, and timeless in their designs are reflected in everything they do. Recently completing their Tribeca loft project, Anishka and Niya, the duo behind the studio, juxtapose clean white walls with statement furniture and bold artwork to create space that is as breathtaking as it is arresting.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Jacques Grange

Jacques Grange

Legendary in the world of interiors, Jacques Grange has been creating remarkable spaces since the 70s. Renowned for his ability to combine colour, texture and style in a way that feels so inspired yet lived-in at the same time. A reference point for any interior designer who knows what’s what, Jacques Grange’s portfolio is some of the finest French interior design there is.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Janine Stone & Co

Janine Stone & Co

Run by husband and wife pair Janine and Gideon Stone, this studio takes care of its projects in their entirety, from dealing with planning sensitivities and construction, to choosing the fabrics, finishes and accents. Their signature is luxury and, despite this looking different for each client, it's this that permeates through each home they design and is what connects all of their work. Take a rare look inside one of their projects, a heavenly Kensington home, or discover the designer's exclusive LuxDeco 100 edit here.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot

Parisian architect and interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot’s refreshingly humble approach to design shines through in the final outcome of his projects. Having been a part of the $1 billion makeover of the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, Deniot said to LuxDeco’s Jon Sharpe, “I love playing with layers of variations of finishes and contrasting techniques, all while respecting the layout’s flow ‎and feel. One room, specific finishes, specific story. I like to create an entire vocabulary that gets developed in various ways throughout the space.” With this in mind, Deniot’s masterful approach befitted the residences with a modernist and fresh design, whilst simultaneously being grounded and respectful of the storied location.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Joseph Dirand, Photograph: Monsieur Bleu

Joseph Dirand

The French designer has perfected the art of lowkey minimalism with his clean spaces and fresh approach to texture, and Dirand’s work is never short of applause. Recently completing the Alboni Paris, an apartment with unparalleled views of the Eiffel Tower using his “French touch”, Dirand launched a thousand kitchen wish lists. His design artfully enveloped the kitchen in marble, creating architecturally sculptural moments in every corner. When he says that he opened his firm because he felt that “creation was a need,” one only needs to look at his work to see why.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang

Splitting her time between London and Hong Kong where she maintains a second studio, Joyce Wang is no stranger to international design, creating sanctuaries in cities across the world. Working with clients from the Mandarin Oriental to Jin Gui in Hamburg, each space has sophistication and elegance built in, stemming from Wang’s belief that design should be joyful and take people on a journey. “I design spaces that make people feel great,” says the designer, “I want people to feel confident, to lose themselves and to have fun.”

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley

Recently named British Interior Designer of the Decade, Katharine Pooley is a star in the world of interior design. Loved for her charisma and poise, the founder brings splendour to every one of her bespoke projects. Pooley’s work spans the world—a reflection of her nearly incomprehensible travel history—each home uniquely crafted to reflect its location and the individuals lucky enough to live in them. Refinement and warmth is what makes Pooley’s eye such a sought-after commodity. Shop Pooley's exclusive LuxDeco 100 edit here

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Kelly Behun

Kelly Behun

Kelly Behun understands art and how to use it. For the New York-based designer, no matter the space, the aesthetic relies on visual and emotional appeal rather than following a particular style. Her constant innovation in incorporating art into the homes she designs, animates them, turning them into homes not just showrooms. Her most recent reveal? Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s oceanside “ironman house”, a masterpiece in both its architectural structure and the art that fills it.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

If you were to ask people to name an interior designer, chances are many would name Kelly Hoppen. With over 43 years of design experience under her belt, Hoppen has earned her notoriety many times over. Defining her style as East meets West, “a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones, intuitively balanced with an opulent warmth.” 2022 will see the completion of 16 upcoming projects, dotted around the world from Hong Kong and Sydney to Ukraine. Discover Kelly Hoppen x SV Casa's range here

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

One of the most famous interior designers of her generation, Kelly Wearstler is a lover of constant innovation and the unexpected. Original combinations and layered scenes are what her work is all about. “I look at everything in design as art, from the works hanging on the walls and the furniture providing places for pause, to the experience of the space in its entirety,” says the LA designer on her work. It’s her vanguard outlook on interior design that has earned her a spot on the ever-popular Masterclass platform where she now earns the respect of even the most casual home decorator as she has the industry. Shop Kelly Wearstler

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk

Always impeccably well dressed, Ken Fulk’s unique design style is a combination of classic design, antiques and a modern freshness. With a more-is-more approach, it feels as though Fulk’s philosophy that “every moment matters” translates into his style as much as to his attitude for life. To walk into a Ken Fulk space is to be transported into another world, one that definitely feels more magical than most.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Kitesgrove


Prioritising nuance and originality in all of their work, Kitesgrove’s portfolio is brimming with charming homes and designs that delight. Not afraid of colour, nor one to shy away from a dabble in the minimalism arena, the studio's projects are an array of inviting homes. Recent projects include a playful Knightsbridge penthouse and an alluring Chelsea apartment. 

Home Office Interior Design Ideas to Boost Productivity | Style Guide

Image Credit: Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp

Unique, jubilant and bright—if anyone knows how to have fun with colour it’s Kit Kemp. Whether she’s designing a bowling alley at the Ham Yard Hotel or an intimate living room in the New Forest, Kemp knows how to balance a sense of gleeful spirit with an innate warmth, just so. Though seemingly a pioneer for bold, eclectic design in a luxury setting, it appears, luckily, that her innovation is only just beginning.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Laura Hammett

Laura Hammett

Run by husband and wife duo, Laura and Aaron Hammett, this London design firm is responsible for divine spaces ranging from insanely luxurious private jets to Kensington apartments. Each project is layered and sophisticated and, for Hammett, “every facet of a project is meticulously designed, ensuring that each home is just as practical as it is beautiful.” Alongside her portfolio of design projects, Laura’s debut home accessories collection, designed exclusively for LuxDeco, has been an outstanding success. Shop Laura Hammett Living for LuxDeco.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Lawson Robb

Lawson Robb

Under the new leadership of Lena Cottray and George Wolstenholme, Lawson Robb’s list of spectacular spaces has only continued to grow. The “play between materials and their execution are of great importance to us,” notes Wolstenholme, it’s what “gives our projects an individual and dynamic feel.” 2022 will see the anticipated reveal of their latest project, ‘Phi’, a 55-60m superyacht that will be influenced by the solar system. Discover Lawson Robb's exclusive LuxDeco 100 edit here.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Leyden Lewis Design Studio

Leyden Lewis Design Studio

For the past 30 years, Leyden Lewis’ studio has been creating spaces that are not only captivating in their design but are also “poetic and culturally sensitive spaces.” A man with an impeccable taste in art—perhaps this can be credited to him being a fine artist himself—Lewis believes in using his talent for good. His latest projects include a foundation building in Sudan that will be utilised for the education of local women aged 14 to 21 and a virtually immersive house that will partner with Black Artists + Designers Guild.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Louise Bradley

Louise Bradley

Based in Knightsbridge, Louise Bradley’s eponymous design firm aims to establish a quiet elegance in every project it touches, and that it does. “My surroundings are so very important to me,” the designer explains, “hence my passion for interiors. I love creating beautiful spaces that have special pieces that you have collected over the years and remind you of special moments.” Her classic contemporary style has earned her projects across the globe, a book deal and numerous sought-after furniture collections, all reflecting her love of luxurious, functional and timeless homes.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Luis Laplace

Luis Laplace

Laplace aims to bring works of art into the context of everyday living, and it's this “ability to synthesise art and its surroundings” that makes the studio’s work so remarkable. With projects ranging from dark, raw wood panelled Parisian apartments to an open plan Mexican home, his work doesn’t follow boundaries. Each project, though different from the last, are all grounded in their displays of artwork.

LuxDeco 100 2022 | Style Guide

Image Credit: Maddux Creative

Maddux Creative

Maddux Creative define their work as “an intricate tapestry of form and texture, and a celebration of colour.” And that it is: a playful collage of colour and the unexpected. The studio unabashedly embraces the bold, but the craft to their design is that their projects still feel inviting and liveable—a balance that can be hard to find. Founders Scott Maddux and Jo Le Gleud are committed to the spaces they create down to the finest detail, whether that means hand painting a bespoke peacock dinner set for a client or rummaging through antique Parisian doors for the perfect selection, their dedication always pays off.

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Image Credit: Martin Brudnizki

Martin Brudnizki

So powerful is Brudnizki’s influence that, in the past, LuxDeco has coined him “the Master of Fantasy” and pondered if he is “the man who killed minimalism.” With his team of over 70 designers and a penchant for collecting some of the most sought-after commissions, it’s likely that you have been touched by the Swedish designer’s work. And once you know, you know. An MBDS design offers a certain fancy unique to its founder. From the much-loved renovation of Annabel’s to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, his expertise and his affinity for opulence have never been in such high demand.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Perhaps best known for his Kardashian clientele, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a lover of opulence, celebrity and fun. His recent “Kite Surfer’s Beach Estate” project, featuring a hand-carved staircase resembling a fish spine, showcases how Bullard’s work comes in a broad range of styles, each inviting and stimulating. The international recognition he has received for his work is by no means an accident. Bullard’s work proves time and time again that his style is as charismatic as he is. Shop Martyn Lawrence Bullard lighting and decor.  

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Image Credit: Millier


Timeless elegance is what Millier does best. The design house was established in 2010 by Alexandra Nord and Helen Westlake, and since then the studio has been creating homes of polished sophistication on an international scale. Recently they launched their show apartment at The Bryanston, Hyde Park. With its glass walls and statement chairs, the duo have demonstrated yet again their impeccable design ability.

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Image Credit: MKCA, Photograph: Max B Photo


MKCA or Michael K Chen Architecture is a design firm with a diverse and international client base specialising in complex urban projects. They characterise themselves as an architecture and design practice known for thoughtfulness, a devotion to craft, and a sense of play. That, and an apparent penchant for making excellent use of a statement table.

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Image Credit: Natalia Miyar

Natalia Miyar

Richly layered, deeply expressive architecture and an appreciation for that which is often under-appreciated is what Natalia Miyar’s design practice is all about. The Cuban-American designer describes her influences, “I find inspiration in nature, natural materials, travel and fashion. I’m very inspired by the level of craftsmanship and the unexpected play between materials in couture.” Since opening her atelier in 2016, Miyar hasn’t been short of incredible spaces to work on both in America and London, bravely bucking the neutral-is-king trend so popular. Currently working on her own Miami home, the renowned designer is promising a sun-drenched tropical feel. Listen to Natalia on the LuxDeco podcast here

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Image Credit: Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

When you see a Nate Berkus home, his philosophy that “your home should tell your story; what you love most collected and assembled in one place” makes sense. His projects feel personal, textural and eclectic, which, after founding the firm at the age of 24 he has honed as a craft. The firm celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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Image Credit: Olivia Outred

Olivia Outred

Whilst many designers focus on the high-gloss approach to interior design, Olivia Outred’s design studio feels charming and intimate and so too are the homes she designs. Emblematic of great British design, her work is quintessentially English but always with a refreshing twist. No wonder she won the House and Gardens 2020 Rising Star Award.

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Image Credit: Paolo Moschino

Paolo Moschino Ltd

From the beginning of 2022, Nicholas Haslam has officially become Paolo Moschino Ltd. With this fresh start, Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen have retained the studio's values and belief in British design more than ever. The studio has far more to celebrate than just this with recent projects including a home in the Dominican Republic, a hotel in Sicily and numerous London residences. Shop the Paolo Moschino edit here.

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Image Credit: Peter Mikic

Peter Mikic

Having started his career in the world of fashion, Peter Mikic knows a thing or two about keeping up to date with style. As a result, his interiors feel simultaneously playful and elegant. Take a recent residential project of his: a light-filled Islington home complete with a blue bar room and a joyfully colourful living room. His versatile designs have earned him a loyalty spot as esteemed restaurant chain Chucs’ go-to interior designer.

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Image Credit: Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch

When you first stumble upon Pierre Yovanovitch’s showroom in Paris, you are met with an unashamedly tangerine space, and you instantly know you’re in for a treat. The homes he designs, whilst admittedly less orange, are equally as exuberant. A lover of vintage furniture and an avid art collector himself, Yovanovitch blends the two in most of his projects—most notably, placing one of Damien Hirst’s Kaleidoscopic butterfly pieces in the Hélène Darroze at the Connaught restaurant.

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Image Credit: Rabi Geha

Rabi Geha

Founded in 2006 in Beirut, “the heart of creative thinking in the Middle-East”, design firm Rabi Geha began creating spaces that awaken the senses. From Uberhaus nightclub to rooftop lounge Bau, the architect transforms blank canvases into immersive and exceptional locations. For the team, it's all about focusing on the spaces that often go forgotten. Their process is a combination of “fusing spirituality with sensorial luxury and technological ingenuity.”

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Image Credit: Rachel Chudley

Rachel Chudley

Never one for a formal space, Rachel Chudley prefers her work to reflect the humour and personality of her clients. To achieve this, Chudley has built a team of designers and artists to ensure the studio’s interiors are truly unique. The result? Her portfolio is now a collage of Aladdin's caves she has expertly curated around the city, full of antique treasures and specially designed fabrics.

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Image Credit: Rafael de Cárdenas

Rafael de Cárdenas

With a portfolio that would be envy-inducing to most interior designers and numerous projects currently on the go, Rafael de Cárdenas is a powerhouse in the design world. The thing that unites his spaces? Their scale. These are not small spaces, rather his projects feel all encompassing and impressively impactful with their presence, which is probably why he retains Nike, Vogue Italia and LVMH as loyal clientele.

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Image Credit: Roar Design

Roar Design

Specialising in commercial spaces, Roar Design's creative prowess is such that no two projects look the same. Each exciting and new, its spaces provide both functionality and a sense of community to workspaces the world over. The mastermind behind this thriving studio is Pallavi Dean whose upbringing (she was born in India, raised in Dubai and worked for years in London) “has lent eclectic influences to [her] designs.”

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Image Credit: Rodolphe Parente

Rodolphe Parente

Rodolphe Parente describes his work as based on “contextual code integrating graphic pattern and expressive materials to create singular and unique atmospheres.” His projects feel classic, but turn a corner and get ready to be met with an element of the unexpected. Parente credits his influence to the great interior designers he grew up seeing: Pierre Chareau, Gio Ponti and Carlo Scarpa.

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Image Credit: Romanek Design Studio

Romanek Design Studio

Brigette Romanek describes her designs as “fresh, functional and aesthetically alive,” driven by her self-taught design instincts. Designing homes for the likes of Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow, this is a woman who has refined her craft, creating spaces that are unique and equally brilliant. Her versatility is impressive.  In fact, there is no one way to describe her style, but she says it well herself: “my ultimate goal is to please my clients in a way that surprises.” And that she certainly does.

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Image Credit: Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke

Uniacke’s paired-back palettes allow the true integrity of her carefully curated pieces to shine through in her, quite honestly, spiritual spaces. It’s the London designer’s monastic style, one that simultaneously reveres the macro and the micro of a room—vast negative space contrasted with unique individual pieces worthy of many a moment of reflection—that sets her apart. Her understated taste and fundamental understanding of how to create a peaceful atmosphere in a home is what makes Uniacke a designer that will stand the test of time. A debut book, Rose Uniacke at Home, was released towards the end of last year.

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Image Credit: Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban defines his style as “a mix of classic luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool” that will establish a new impression of ‘traditional’ for the next generation, and that's exactly what he has done. Korban’s work feels timeless yet possesses a modern sensibility, elevating a classical palette to one of fresh sophistication. His aesthetic equally suits a tailored panelled room as much as it does one which features a black furry armchair.

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Image Credit: Ryan Saghian

Ryan Saghian

The name of his book, “Unapologetically Chic”, seems an obvious title for Ryan Saghian’s career in interior design. Perhaps it's his ability to cover almost anything in marble? (Yes, it always looks as marvellous as it sounds.) Or maybe it's Saghian’s power to take any interior style and present it in a way that makes it feel camera-ready from any angle. 

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Image Credit: Samuel Amoia

Samuel Amoia

Samuel Amoia’s love of interiors was born from his similar love of travel which makes his sun-soaked spaces come as no surprise. It may be this love of travel that pushed Amoia into designing luxury hotels. In 2022, Amoia will be taking this to the next level with the opening of The Aurum, his own wellness and design focused hotel brand on a 130-acre plot in New York state's Catskills region.

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Image Credit: Shalini Misra

Shalini Misra

Taking a holistic approach to design, Shalini Misra has focused on creating interiors through the lens of wellness for the past 20 years. A committee member of the British Institute of Interior Design, Misra is inspired by the lives of her international clientele and their love of the world around them. “We believe that good design should have a responsibility to the world it inhabits, choosing reclaimed wood, eco-friendly paint and antique and vintage pieces where possible.” Listen to Shalini on LuxDeco's podcast here

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Image Credit: Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges

With her client list including President Bill Clinton, it is unsurprising that Time Magazine called Sheila Bridges “America’s Best Interior Designer.” A leader in offbeat traditionalism, Bridges’ strength lies in her ability to make her work feel intimate, joyous and lived-in all at once. Designing a house to feel like a home may seem an obvious thing to do, but few have mastered the art quite as well as she.

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Image Credit: Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch

Emma Sims-Hilditch is the go-to designer for quintessential British interiors. Whether she's designing the interior of a country estate or a Notting Hill townhouse, all of her work feels intimate and timeless. With her ability to source the finest fabrics and to create spaces that will last a lifetime, it comes as no surprise that clients entrust her with their remarkable period homes. Explore some of Hilditch’s favourite recipes here.

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Image Credit: Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson

Starting her career in property development, British designer Sophie Paterson understands what the luxury customer wants. Her style is the epitome of classic contemporary, creating spaces that are refined and timeless. Recently completing projects in the Surrey Hills, Mayfair and Hyde Park, Paterson’s design studio hasn’t slowed down since opening in 2008, in part thanks to her attention to timelessness. “It is important to me that an interior is going to look good in five years' time," the designer explains, "I don’t want to have the sofa falling apart because that’s not going to be the perfect space for the client if that happens.”

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Image Credit: Spinocchia Freund, Photograph: Kate Martin

Spinocchia Freund

A member of the British Fashion Trust, Brigitta Spinocchia Freund believes bespoke is best when creating exclusive spaces for her clients. Collaborating with the likes of Mary Katrantzou and completing projects around the globe, it feels as though the studio’s career, despite being founded in 2009, has only just begun.

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Image Credit: Stéphane Parmentier

Stéphane Parmentier

Stéphane Parmentier is the epitome of high-end French interior design; refined but with a little je ne sais quoi. His work, which he often fills with furniture of his own design, possesses an inimitable balance to it. Whether it be lofty and bright or intimate and dark, nothing is out of place. Instead, it has been executed with the most trained eye to feel like every object is just where it should be.

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Image Credit: Studio Volpe

Studio Volpe

Stephen Volpe has the same approach to all of his design work, “make it new, make it meaningful, make it better.” It's this aspiration to improve on all that has gone before him that keeps Volpe at the top of his game, creating spaces that encompass the past, present and the future whilst avoiding labels. Volpe established his studio in San Francisco after living in Paris and the result of this cross-Atlantic training is a wonderful combination of refined sophistication and relaxed living.

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Image Credit: Studio Ashby

Studio Ashby

Sophie Ashby founded Studio Ashby in 2014 at the age of 25 and since then her firm has done nothing but thrive. Now a group of twelve designers, Studio Ashby is the go-to studio for a refreshing take on interiors that encapsulate the unexpected and the delightfully playful. What is it that makes her such a success? A belief that “there is a poetry in the tension of combining art, antiques, craft, colour, pattern, and texture; the careful layering brings character and feeling to a home.”

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Image Credit: Studio Duggan

Studio Duggan

Tiffany Duggan began her career in set design before realising she wanted her creations to last longer than for one fleeting scene. She now runs her design studio from her base in Notting Hill where she creates spaces “with an emphasis on form, colour, texture, scale and an expertly curated mix of old and new.” Soon to be revealed are a riverside pied-à-terre in Henley-on-Thames and a contemporary mid-century home.

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Image Credit: Studio Giancarlo Valle

Studio Giancarlo Valle

Giancarlo’s strength lies in architecture (he even has a masters in the discipline from Princeton University), which is why his projects are as structurally well-thought-out as they are aesthetically impactful. Organic spiral staircases and vaulted ceilings are simply a part of what Valle does, and it seems that he can create them with ease. Approaching all of its work holistically, his design studio intends on making spaces that surprise with their playful atmospheres.

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Image Credit: Studio Ilse

Studio Ilse

Ilse Crawford approaches design with humans at the centre. She wants to address real human needs and apply the solutions to real life. By describing every space as ‘a frame for life’ Crawford explains why all of her projects feel unique. Each home is designed to fit the family that it belongs to, making their normal feel special for them. Crawford is a rare designer who truly understands the way people live and combines that knowledge with a deep understanding of design.

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Image Credit: Tamsin Johnson

Tamsin Johnson

The homes that Tamsin Johnson designs have a definitive freshness to them. She describes her portfolio of bright, inviting spaces as “moments of calm that combine with unexpected elements that always have character and comfort at their heart.” The Australian designer’s secret to creating amazing homes is her talent for finding antiques which she collects and sells in her Paddington showroom. Her recent projects include an antique-filled Sydney home and a Melbourne lighthouse.

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Image Credit: Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd

Chances are, Tara Bernerd is the designer behind many of your favourite hotels. You see, creating luxury urban spaces is a skill Bernerd has more than refined working with the likes of Thomspon, Four Seasons and The Hari. Bernerd describes her handsome signature style best: “one of approachable luxury with an industrial edge and each space possesses a masculine, and ultimately timeless elegance.”

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Image Credit: Taylor Howes

Taylor Howes

British design house Taylor Howes was founded in 1993 by Karen Howes. Since then the studio has redefined the benchmark for remarkable interiors. Howes has a flair for creating elevated and sophisticated interiors whether that be for a monochromatic penthouse or a colourful restoration of one of Henry VIII’s hunting lodges. The studio is currently working on a 26,000 square foot new-build in the South East, a Cotswold Estate and the Knightsbridge Garden Development, having recently completed Chateau Denmark in the heart of Soho.

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Image Credit: Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant's 30 years in interior design has accrued him quite a reputation, and a merited one at that. Based in Washington D.C., Pheasant’s portfolio is tied together with an understanding of serenity and elegance, bridging the gap between his classical references and contemporary clients. Never one to overdo a space, his designs reflect his background in art, and his talent for knowing exactly when to put the brush down.

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Image Credit: Tollgård Design Group

Tollgård Design Group

Director Stephan Tollgård commented on his studio, revealing that “as former film-makers we share a love of story-telling and a strong, shared belief that thoughtful, responsible and collaborative design can and should make people’s lives better.” It's this ability to tell a story through design that makes their interiors so spectacular and mastering the sweet spot between being a versatile background and a character in its own right.

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Image Credit: tonychi studio

tonychi studio

With a self-professed avant-garde approach to design, Tony Chi’s work, though deeply rooted in tradition, continues to redefine how we perceive interiors. Born in Taipei, Chi founded his studio in 1984 in New York, over the past 30 years Chi’s studio has continued to grow into a world-renowned design authority responsible for the style of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels including the Rosewood, The Carlyle and a plethora of Hyatt’s. The studio has become a family affair, with Chi’s daughter Alison and long-term associate Bill Paley now leading the team.

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Image Credit: Turner Pocock

Turner Pocock

Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock established Turner Pocock in 2007, since then they have created an all-female team of architects and interior designers. Turner revealed the secret to their success: “the Turner Pocock house style is people. It all begins and ends with the client.” Their winning combination of classic English design with a fresh colourful twist has led to many playful properties across Europe.

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Image Credit: VSHD


Based in Dubai, VSHD was founded by interior architect Rania Hamed who believes in the use of light to transform the spaces she designs. Focused on the challenge of integrating traditional culture with contemporary design, Hamed’s spaces are a blend of classical notes and crisp modern lines. Recent projects include Orijins, a cafe which takes organic minimalism to a new level and Marquise Square, an ultra-luxe apartment tower in Dubai.