Global Events Impact

Global events

Addressing Issues

Although many aspects of our lives are starting to return to normality following recent world events, many industries, including ours, are still facing challenges. One of the impacts this has had on LuxDeco customers is longer than usual delivery times and an inability to be as transparent as we’d like to be. We are working hard to mitigate these issues and hope the following information will be helpful.

Manufacturing Disruption

Since March 2020, our brand partners have faced repeat lockdowns, which has posed challenges in managing supply and demand levels and has affected the availability of most materials including the highly publicised large-scale shortages of essential timber and foam.

In addition, when global factories did eventually re-open, many companies experienced a depleted workforce due to illness, mandatory COVID-19 isolation or reduced staffing requirements. This led to significant operational changes, such as staggered working hours, to keep employees safe.

Consumer Demand

Due to stay-at-home measures, an increased focus on home environments and the unprecedented demand for online shopping during the pandemic, LuxDeco is receiving more orders than ever before. As we support customers in improving their homes, extended delivery times may be experienced as a result of this increased demand.

Shipping Delays

Shortages of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers, a lack of containers, negatively impacted ports and customs and fuel crises have made it increasingly difficult to ship goods to our customers around the world. 

As a UK-based company, we have also been affected by Brexit and have experienced many challenges in shipping to and from Europe as the EU slowly adjusts to new shipping regulations and requirements. 

Our team is working hard to combat these delays and, while shipping prices are high, we are focused on getting items to our customers at the best price possible. Please speak to our team about your shipping requirements should you require an international quote.

Our Promise

So, what now? Although we can’t control most of these challenges, we assure you that we’re working hard, constantly adapting and investing in new processes to address these disruptions and we aim to keep you up-to-date with any changes in delivery times via email and our website. For further information on potential delays, please contact us here.

We want to thank you, our loyal customers, for your patience and support and apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Best wishes,

The LuxDeco Team