2019 House Goals

Awaiting a new year often makes one desirous to have a fresh start. Here are some easy ways to take your home into 2019 with a fresh new sparkle.

Display recent photos in your frames

Are the photos in your photo frames the ones you had when you first moved into your home? If so, it’s time for an update. Some older photos with loved ones are precious and can make us feel at home but don’t leave your new snaps just on Instagram. Print some of your favourite memories from 2018 and display them to be enjoyed this coming year. It’s a great way to see how you and your family have changed over the years and to prevent photos from becoming outdated and fading into the background.

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Cull, cull, cull

Sometimes we don’t realise just how much we’ve amassed over the course of a year and it wouldn’t be a new year without some sort of organisation plans. Take time this new year to clear out some items to make room for a more calm home situation and a clearer mind – the only way to begin the new year.

The general rule is that if you haven’t used something in the last 6 months and it doesn’t hold sentimental value or is used seasonally, toss it.

Clearing out for the new year is a rite of passage but it can also give your space a new lease of life for the coming year.

Discover a new accent colour

A new accent colour might just change a room’s whole look. If you’re looking to have a quick fix for winter until the warmer weather permits grander renovations, find a new colour to use for cushions, throws, bowls, vases, ottomans or other easily added items. If you never tried 2017’s pink trend, accessories are a simple way to give your home a stylish update. Or use some deep tones like emerald, cobalt or aubergine which you’d prefer not to use in large doses. The results will be surprisingly effective.

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Find a new statement piece

A statement piece is one of the easiest ways to make a change in your space – one which you’ll notice as well as guests. It can be anything from a new sculpture to a cool new piece of furniture but it should be unexpected. A two-toned sofa to take centre stage in your living room, a creative sculpture smartly placed in your lobby so that it’s the first thing you see when guests visit or a playful Mongolian fur stool are only a few ideas for a “new you” space.

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Image Credit: A. London

Change up your signature scent

Why shouldn’t different years have different smells? Our sense of smell is one of our strongest so a new home fragrance will easily make your home feel different and refreshed. If 2018 was white musk or jasmine for you, make 2019 orange blossom or bergamot. It’s a seemingly subtle but noticeable change.

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Hang your artwork

There’s a chance that you already have the pieces to create a “new year, new you” home – you maybe just haven’t done much with them. Case in point, art has a powerful effect on a room but artwork is often purchased and not hung for many months. Pull out your canvases, prints and photograph, frame them up and hang them. It serves three purposes – it clears up storage space, gives your space a new look and fills the sometimes obvious lack of a captivating focal point left by removed Christmas decorations.

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Credits: Header image: Catherine Kwong