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How To Organise Your Wardrobe in 12 Ways

Professional closet designer Lisa Adams divulges her top tips

Carina Bartle
By Carina Bartle, VP Sales & Partnerships
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Closet designer Lisa Adams‘ number is in the LBB (Little Black Book) of many a Hollywood star. Why? Because the science-graduate-turned-designer behind LA Closet Design is revolutionising the way the stars organise their wardrobes. Uniting beautiful interior design with functionality, Lisa’s schemes are always an inspiration come January and the annual wardrobe cull.

Unique Accents

Lisa recommends choosing a statement piece to include in your decor scheme. “Pick a few plush looking accents – from pillows and rugs to paintings or lamps,” the designer advises, “Your eye will be drawn to that unique piece.” Incorporate a special family antique or a favourite art piece.

Being clever with you paint choices can visually alter the mood and dimensions of your space. Lisa explains, “Add a bright colour to one wall of your closet to add spunk and high energy, or use cool shapes like greys, blues and purples to promote relaxation.”

This might not seem the most exciting decision when it comes to designing your wardrobe but it’s important to choose designs which are both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. “Pick out cool handles and knobs to bring a touch of style and luxury to your closet,” Lisa says, “There are fabulous leather and stainless steel options available. Pick a few plush looking accents – your eye will be drawn to that unique piece."

12 Tips To Organise Your Wardrobe with Lisa Adams | Style Guide
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Mirror Mirror

“Add a full length mirror to the dead space. It’ll make the room feel bigger and open up the space. Use a custom frame to add a different material element to the space.” This trick is great for rooms which doesn’t have lots of windows – the available light will reflect off the mirror into darker corners of the room.

Sartorial Seating

Bringing closet interior design to a new level, Lisa understands that a room – even a wardrobe – has to be comfortable. “Include a sitting area – this could either be for lounging or for the basic necessity of putting on your shoes,” Lisa says – a woman after our own heart, “A sitting area makes the closet a true living space, even if you can only squeeze in a small round ottoman or pouf.”

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Clever Lighting

Lighting is very important when picking out your outfit and getting dressed,” Lisa sagely reveals, “Pay attention to the lighting to make sure it’s not overpowering. Also, use natural lighting whenever possible – it flatters more and saves on cost. You can also replace your hanging rods with battery operated lighted rods.”

Sliding Shelf Dividers

“These are book ends for your closet. Sliding shelf dividers come in various heights and depths and are perfect to keep stacks of sweaters stacked like in a boutique.”

Hanging Space

“A fun and inexpensive way to display scarves, belts or ties is to mount a towel bar.” This offers a stylish way to store your long accessories. Organise by colour for ease of use.

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Jewellery Organisation

“Go through your jewellery and untangle your necklaces,” says Lisa, “It’s most likely you will never wear them if they sit in your drawer tangled. Hanging your jewellery can help you see it better and stop it from tangling.” Necklace hooks can be fitted easily to the back of a door.

Can’t get your boots to stand up? Lisa has an ingenious idea – “Add a hanging rod and hang your boots using boot trees with hooks. This allows boots to hang vertically and in your sight.”

A sitting area makes the closet a true living space, even if you can only squeeze in a small round ottoman or pouf."

Perfect for helping you keep your t-shirts and tops in top form and ‘filed’ as opposed to stacked, Lisa suggests using Pliios – a simple folding tool, “These are great for folding t-shirts and keeping them organised.”

Purse Pillows

For those handbag lovers, Lisa suggests, “Add purse pillows to your unstructured bags to get them standing vertical on your shelves. The key is to see every bag at a glance. You can also use the purse dust bag as stuffing for your bag; that way, you always have the original dust bag.”