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5 Things You Need To Know About The New Lawson Robb

5 Things You Need To Know About The New Lawson Robb

From luxury yacht design to perfecting a neutral palette, here’s what they do best.

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

Over the past 18 years, Lawson Robb has been designing exquisite spaces across the world. Now, under the new direction of George Wolstenholme and Lena Cottray, the design house is taking on projects in new and unexpected ways. From designing luxury penthouses to space-inspired yachts, here are 5 things you need to know about the duo taking the interiors world by storm.

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5 Things You Need To Know About The New Lawson Robb | Style Guide
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1. They're making waves in luxury yacht design

GW: “There are now yacht schemes that really play on minimalism. Based on our most recent yacht project we have no choice but to fall back on design details being the difference maker [between homes and yachts], the scheme for project Phi is without a doubt the most intricate scheme we have had the pleasure of being involved with. Everything from the story and the ethos woven into the design, to the never seen before execution is just on another level. A level seen absolutely nowhere in residences, and as far as we can see, nowhere in yachts either. The amount of consideration given to each and every inch of the interior is mind-blowing!”

2. They know a thing or two about art collecting

LC: “I think the most important thing with choosing Art is that it has to come from the gut - Art is very emotional, and you should hopefully form an instant connection with a piece which will ultimately determine whether you are going to purchase the piece or not. If Art is new to you and perhaps you find it a little daunting, I think it’s worthwhile doing a little research exploring what is out there and what you might be interested in in terms of style and mediums. This can be through visiting local galleries and speaking to gallerists, contacting art dealers/ curators or online through various platforms like Instagram where you can go down a rabbit hole finding incredible artists.”

“When we use Art for our projects it can either be a piece that the client already has, which we then take inspiration from or ensure that the surrounding design works with, or we really choose the art at the same time as designing the space. We very much feel like art should not be left to the end as it can often feel like an afterthought. Lasty, I think George and I both agree that the art doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy with the interiors and often a little contrast creates a more interesting and fun environment. Art should be for you and should make you happy, so enjoy the process of starting your collection!”

3. They are masters of chic neutral colour schemes

GW: “Generally our more recent schemes tend to have a neutral palette as a base, where the number of materials we use is pared back. The play between materials and their execution are of great importance to us, giving our projects an individual and dynamic feel. We have a massive appreciation for traditional processes and natural materials and love the tactility and story that these bring, however we also work with some of the best craftsmen of today to deliver products to an extreme level of finish with contemporary detailing. The previous Lawson Robb style was always seen as the ‘fun one’, the ones who aren’t afraid of using colour and shape, which undoubtedly we still aren’t afraid of, but rather, we have grown up a little and pared back the overall aesthetic to let key pieces really shine and speak for themselves, whether that is a furniture piece, artwork or a unique design detail that ties in the whole scheme together.”

4. They know how to create a personal style

GW: “Our most recently completed projects in Little Venice probably has the largest connection to our own personal style. The residence is a Grade II listed building situated in one of the most picturesque and esteemed areas of London. With this we were granted the canvas to have an underpinning of heritage and tradition to a scheme that is dripping in bespoke details, with a sympathetic yet contemporary fit-out and a flourish of playful and characterful furnishings. A combination which we are obsessed with! The client on this project was also particularly engaged so we were really able to deliver a project that was totally tailored to the way that they use the spaces, now and in the future. Getting into the details of our client’s requirements is something we always push as much as possible as it enables a scheme that has a much greater value to the client’s way of life.”

5 Things You Need To Know About The New Lawson Robb | Style Guide
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5. They subtly incorporate design trends into timeless interiors

LC: “We don’t really follow trends per se, so this is sort of a happy coincidence that our Mayfair Apartment contains so many current trends seeing that we completed that property two years ago. It’s always great to see what is new and happening in the industry and surely be inspired by it, but we would not be interested or use a trend solely because it is a trend. We would rather be inspired by a trend because we or the client really likes that particular detail and it is fitting to our project. By doing too much of a trend which becomes an obvious signifier of a certain period of time, that is what can easily date and no longer evolve with the time. An easy way to beat this is to stick to a more pared back aesthetic and then add pieces that could be deemed as a trend item (more of a furniture or accessory piece), which could then be easily removed or swapped out should one ever want a change.”

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