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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our guide to the perfect golden gift.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

After 50 years of marriage many gifts have been exchanged, for the 50th anniversary gold is the traditional focus of the celebrations, and whilst jewellery might be the first thing to come to mind, why not consider a gift for the home you’ve built together? From vases to display bouquets from your loved ones to more ever-green pieces like a timeless coffee table or statement lighting fixture, gifts for the home allow you to enjoy them year-round.

Display Anniversary Flowers in a Gold Vase

Simple, but a classic choice for a reason, a bouquet is a gift that can never go wrong. This year, why not elevate it with a vase to match. Consider golden hues to stay on-theme or play around with textural ceramics for an ever-green feel. 

Bring some glamour with gold lighting

Integral to your interior scheme, lighting’s power to transform a space shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether your home would suit a statement chandelier or a pair of desk lamps, this is a gift that will be admired for years to come.

Elevate your living room with a gold coffee table 

Many of us spend most of our evenings relaxing in the living room, so why not elevate the space with a coffee table that adds a hint of glamour and decadence. From glass to classic wooden options, a gold coffee table is a surprisingly versatile piece.

Create ambience with a gold floor lamp 

Warm mood lighting and golden finishes go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking to update your living space or add more ambience to the master bedroom, these gold floor lamps will add character and an atmospheric glow to even the darkest of corners.

Invest in a timeless gold mirror 

Also associated with golden wedding anniversaries, wreaths symbolise eternity much like the wedding ring. The perfect way to introduce a wreath into your home interior? Mirrors. Instantly able to elevate your space, mirrors are as timeless as they come. Consider an opulent addition to your scheme or a more understated gold-trimmed design to give the illusion of maximised light and space.

Bring your bedroom scheme to life with a gold bedside table 

Enhance your walls with gold artwork

Just like jewellery, artwork has long been a go-to gift idea and receiving a piece of art each year is an excellent way to curate a collection that has memories attached to it. Whether your wife or husband is a lover of abstract pieces or a fine-art portrait, a touch of gold never fails to enhance the piece and make it that much more special. 

Golden Frames and Jewellery Boxes to Hold Treasured Memories

After 50 years of marriage treasured photographs and jewellery are — hopefully— plentiful. Display those priceless pieces in golden frames and style next to your bedside or throughout your home. Both frames and jewellery boxes make for a great option for children wanting to celebrate their parent’s anniversary too.