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8 Essential Tips for Designing the Perfect Entryway | | Greg Natale

8 Essential Tips for Designing the Perfect Entryway

Make a lasting first impression with expert advice from interior designers.

By Faaizah Shah, Editor
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Your entryway is more than just a passageway into your home; it sets the tone for your entire living space. It's the first thing guests see when they enter and the last thing they remember when they leave. Creating a welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing entryway can significantly elevate your home's first impression. Interior designers share their insight and expertise when it comes to creating an entryway that is warm, inviting, and functional too.

Your entryway is the gateway to your home's soul, offering endless possibilities for creativity and personal expression. By combining functionality with style, you can create an entryway that not only makes a great first impression but also resonates with warmth and welcome. Use these ideas as a starting point to design an entryway that perfectly captures the essence of your home and lifestyle.

1. Invest in statement lighting...

Lighting is a pivotal element in creating ambience. A striking pendant light or a sophisticated chandelier can instantly elevate your entryway, casting a warm glow and highlighting the space's best features.  Australian interior designer, Greg Natale comments on the importance of lighting. “In a grand entrance, statement lighting adds to the first impression of a home. Apart from adding an extra design element and textural detail, statement lighting works to anchor furniture and décor to make a space feel more complete. It serves as a final touch to complete the look and feel of an interior.” shares Natale. Opt for fixtures that complement your home's overall style, whether it's modern minimalism or classic elegance.

2. Opt for functional furniture…

Incorporate sleek and stream-lined furniture to add functionality to your entryway. emphasizes the importance of the right console table. “An entryway console is such an important part of how people will perceive the home and should certainly make a statement. We love to do custom stone consoles that are truly one of a kind and we style them with an interesting mirror and special sconces. This should really be a "moment" and is the first moment many people see when entering a home.” says Brittany Wurzak Hakimfar, lead designer of Philadelphia-based, Far Studio. 

An essential factor to consider is the sizing of your furniture as Wurzak Hakimfar confirms, “When choosing a console the scale is very important - it needs to feel proportionate to the entryway and the wall it is sitting on. Material is also important and should feel unique and one of a kind like a marble or a stone or a vintage wood.”

3. Make a moment with your mirror...

A well-placed mirror not only adds a decorative touch but also amplifies natural light and makes your entryway appear larger. Consider a bold, ornate frame for a touch of glamour or a simple, clean-lined mirror for a more contemporary look. Mirrors are perfect for last-minute touch-ups as you head out the door. “Mirrors are key to a beautiful entry. They provide reflection and a way to allow light into the space as well as a feature that is unique and special. We love doing mirrors that are special and interesting with a cool brass or metal detail.” says Brittany Wurzak Hakimfar of Far Studio. 

4. Decorate your walls with artwork…

Personalize your entryway with art that speaks to you. Artwork adds character and colour, whether it's a gallery wall of family photos, a large-scale painting, or eclectic wall hangings. “The entryway of your home is the first area that your guests see when they walk through your front door. Wall art is an excellent way to enhance the visual appeal of your entryway. It can add depth, set a theme or story, and create a memorable experience for guests entering your home,” comments interior designer, Kimberley Harrison Interiors. 

The San Francisco-based designer encourages you to select artwork that speaks to your personal sense of style. Harrison says “Choose pieces that set a welcoming tone and match your home's decor theme. When selecting wall art for your entryway, consider choosing pieces that reflect your style and complement the overall aesthetic of your home.”

5. Bring in textured touches...

Area rugs and runners add warmth and texture, making your entryway feel cosy and inviting. They also help define the space and offer a soft landing for bare feet. “Rugs are a great way to introduce colour and pattern into an interior. A hallway runner in an entrance establishes instant warmth and personality, setting the tone for the rest of the interior. They also bring a soft underfoot that makes a home feel inviting.” says Greg Natale. Opt for durable materials and patterns that can hide dirt and wear, especially in high-traffic areas. It’s also worth choosing a rug with a low-pile height as these are most resistant to everyday wear.

6. Utilise smart storage solutions...

Keep clutter at bay with smart storage options. Wall-mounted hooks, built-in cubbies, and stylish baskets can all provide homes for coats, bags, and shoes, keeping your entryway neat and tidy. Consider a custom storage solution to maximize space and fit your family's needs, as British design studio, Brady Williams, demonstrated in their Primrose Hill refurbishment. Emily Williams, Director of the studio shares the story of the project, explaining, “When we first took on the project the family home had no storage on the ground floor so we were able to block off a door and create a whole boot room which was much more practical for this young family. Designed with family life in mind we created a boot room with an abundance of storage whilst still keeping space for a pram and a formal cupboard for ‘special coats’.”

7. Add a biophilic touch...

Plants and flowers bring life and freshness to any space, including your entryway. A potted plant, a vase of fresh blooms, or a hanging terrarium can add a pop of colour and a sense of tranquillity. Choose low-maintenance varieties that thrive in your entryway's light conditions. “A touch of greenery in hallways or entrances helps marry the outdoor and indoor relationship and adds a vibrant pop of colour to otherwise forgotten spaces. For this particular project, the client wanted soft tones in her entrance with hints of mirror, raw timbers and plaster finishes on the Porta Romana wall lights to soften the space and help carry the gentle planting that surrounds the front door inside,” reveals Gaby Roads, Senior Interior Designer at De Rosee Sa. Consider the care of your biophilic elements too, choose low-maintenance varieties that thrive in your entryway's light conditions.

8. Introduce a personal touch...

Finally, infuse your entryway with elements that reflect your personality and interests. From vintage finds to cherished heirlooms, personal touches make your space feel genuinely yours and warmly welcoming. Award-winning designer, Christian Bense shares his perspective, commenting “As a designer, ensuring that your hallway (no matter how large or small) feels like a continuation of your main living space, feels like a very obvious thing to say, but it is so important. There are other transient spaces in your home that one could argue don’t need the same level of personal detail, but I think it is so important that you ensure that your entryway includes those same finishing touches you would include in the other “prime areas in your home.”