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Alexander Square: A LuxDeco Interior Design Project

Alexander Square: A LuxDeco Interior Design Project

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Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

LuxDeco’s not just become known as the go-to for luxury product in the home, but for its specialist interior design team’s ability to remodel, reimagine and recapture the sophistication and splendour that your property deserves. Here, we hear from Interiors Director, Linda Holmes, as she takes us behind the scenes at one of their latest renovation projects—an expansive, listed Georgian townhouse between London’s esteemed Knightsbridge and South Kensington locations.

Project Summary

– Project Name: Alexander Square
– Location: Knightsbridge, London
– Floor area: 289 sq m (3,107 sq ft)
– Time to Complete Project: Five months, from start to finish

Alexander Square Hallway & Mirror Details - Interior Design Service Project - Style Guide
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Property Overview

“Alexander Square is a very large, grade II listed property on a quiet, private road in London’s affluent Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. It enjoys a private garden at the rear in addition to a communal garden space to the front and being a Georgian townhouse, it has a wealth of original details on both the building’s facade and interior. The Georgians had a way of achieving an immense level of elegance in a way that feels effortless, helped along by the abundance of natural light that pours in through the traditional sash windows. As an interior designer, I find this combination of light, space and classic expressions of refinement result in a very serene canvas from which we can design a new environment.”

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The Client Brief

“It was in fact a very modern way of approach. Our client contacted us via Instagram, having seen our Tower Bridge project, and hoped to achieve a similar design perspective for his own home. He wished to move into his property without too much of a delay and so we suggested meeting in advance of the completion date to set the proverbial wheels in motion. In our briefing process, we’re looking to ascertain a number of lifestyle criteria, such as whether it’s their primary home, and what is the most important activity they intend to happen in each room? But also, to answer any style queries, including thoughts on their colour and material preferences. This helps us to build a vision of not simply how their home will look, but how it needs to behave to accommodate their lifestyle and personality.

Alexander Square Living Room - Interior Design Service Project - Style Guide
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“In this instance, our client spoke of wanting a high-spec, high-gloss aesthetic with luxury finishes where he could relax and entertain his friends. We therefore designed a bespoke cream sofa with studded armchairs for additional seating to promise the functional aspect for the sitting room. The rest of the scheme boasts sultry bronze-framed coffee tables, a statement chandelier, hand-made curtains with Samuel & Sons trimmings, and yet another bespoke commission, this time of a beautifully glossy sideboard with brass inlay detailing.

Alexander Square Bedroom - LuxDeco Interior Design Project - Interior Design Services - Style Guide
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“Notably, he specified a luxurious yet masculine bedroom and this is where we began. We defined a colour palette of tonal greys and dark blue which imbue a moody, seductive ambience, furthered by our use of lustrous silk wallpaper. Custom-made cabinetry for either side of the bed with a coordinating chest of drawers and bespoke wardrobes in the annexe add yet another element of luxury. Much like a made-to-measure item of clothing, bespoke furniture adds that same feeling of richness and exclusivity to a home.

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“The other rooms in the property encompassed the dining room where we continued the use of silk wallpaper to lend the room grandeur and finesse. Through the selection of furniture and finishes however, it carries a different, but complementary, energy to that of the bedroom. The decision to alter the traditional swag and tails curtain treatment by removing the tails allowed us to celebrate the grand nature of the dining room without it feeling too traditional. The period beauty of the sash windows were masked and we wanted to let them shine brightly in the newly-decorated space.

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“As well as the multiple other bedrooms, we worked on the basement television room, transforming it from a dark, dreary space to somewhere our client could unwind, watch television and enjoy a cigar with friends. And finally, the snug, which contains one of our favourite pieces in the entire project – the Kingsley pouf by Selva. The room is very delicate, full of intricate details, and needed some contrast and stronger form to ground the space, which they were absolutely perfect for.”

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The Process

“Subsequent to the necessary surveying of the space, as a design team we assessed space-planning to question what storage was needed, which elements should be fitted or commissioned as a bespoke piece, and how we would ensure it comfortably entertains a certain number of people – a number we asked the client to define. We produced floor plans and drew up furniture schedules, which included any further bespoke pieces, and reviewed them with our client, making adjustments as we progressed. For this project, we also supplied 3D renders of both the reception room and the master bedroom. The LuxDeco process involves us appointing trusted contractors to carry out every aspect of refurbishment, though we visit the site throughout the project to keep a close, watchful eye over every last detail. We invest ourselves more greatly than we would on our own homes. Design is only the beginning, we look after the entirety of the project. We’ll assess the minutiae of design detail, such as colour compatibility in a room to see how it changes at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. This is so that we can be certain our clients are still happy with the chosen colour. We’ll instil rigorous quality control checks for every feature in the project. We order, deliver, install, style and inspect each detail before leaving it in the hands of its happy owner so they can begin to lap up every ounce of luxury.”

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Our Client’s Thoughts

“I have to say, I found the service impeccable from start to finish and the LuxDeco team’s eye for detail was second to none. They approached the renovation with an admirable level of authenticity, empathy and polish, and were able to extract exactly what I envisioned in my mind’s eye. My experience was faultless and flawless.”

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