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Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas and Style Tips

Create the bathroom sanctuary of your dreams with a few carefully chosen bathroom essentials.

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place to rest, pamper and recharge after a long day. Whether you indulge in a wonderfully warm bubble bath or complete your important step-by-step skincare routine, your bathroom should be somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease.

When it comes to decorating, bathrooms can be somewhat overlooked as one of the smaller rooms in the house. But, there’s still plenty you can do to add a touch of class and luxury and give your bathroom a spa-like appeal. Keep reading to discover our favourite luxury bathroom decor ideas and styling tips.

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1. Enhance the Mood with Bathroom Lighting

One of the best ways to set the mood for your bathroom is with lighting. Whilst it’s easy to simply add some downlights to your ceiling, it won’t give you the complete quality of light and level of illumination you want. Like all rooms, layered lighting in the bathroom is vital and a well-chosen designer bathroom light elevates a space to spa-like realms.

When you want to be able to see clearly, either for cleaning or skincare purposes, then something bright and functional, such as downlights, are, in fact, best. In the places where you want to relax, however (by your bath, for example), soft, glowing lamps are the best solution.

If you have the space and want to go the extra mile to turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, then a bathroom chandelier will certainly impress. A luxury chandelier—no matter the shape, colour or style—will add an air of sophistication to your bathroom. Remember the fixture needs to be IP-rated (IP stands for Ingress Protection) for bathroom use, and ideally you’ll have high or vaulted ceilings offering plenty of space.

2. Don’t Forget Luxurious Bathroom Towels

No bathroom is complete without luxury designer towels—the kind which are as soft as they are sumptuous. Whether you choose a plain or monogrammed design, neutral colours or something a little bolder, your bathroom towels should be of unrivalled quality and made using the finest materials. The right towels can help tie the whole bathroom scheme together and add pops of colours to an otherwise colour-free space.

From hand towels to guest towels, beautifully made bathroom linen that you can snuggle into after your morning shower or evening bath will enhance the look, feel and overall bathroom experience. Plus, any guests you have staying overnight are sure to admire and appreciate them too.

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3. Use Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are a key element to a bathroom and they have the power to either make or break a space. For smaller bathrooms, mirrors do a fantastic job of creating a larger perception of space. But be careful not to go overboard by putting two mirrors facing one another or you could end up creating an infinity mirror effect which can be a little distracting.

For a truly luxurious bathroom, forget about your standard, rectangular mirror and choose something more artistic to make a statement. From bevel-edged mirrors to marble- or metal-framed, there are many different ways to make your bathroom mirror really stand out whilst fitting perfectly with your decor.

4. Invest in Bathroom Furniture Pieces

If there’s enough space, adding some stylish bathroom furniture can make a next-level impact on the look and feel of your room. Many people forget that bathrooms are a social space too. Whether you’re getting ready with your partner in the morning or sharing a conversation whilst in the bath, it can be a lovely place to hang out. So, investing in a high-quality luxury armchair or chaise lounge can make it a much more relaxing and inviting environment.

Of course, you’ll need to consider fabrics when choosing bathroom upholstery pieces since a hot, steamy room may spoil some items. You may also want to consider tall, freestanding designer cabinets and units or a whimsically shaped stool.

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5. Create a Signature Scent with Candles and Diffusers

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a warm bubble bath and being surrounded by the comforting glow of candlelight on a chilly evening. Luxury candles can make any room feel more welcoming and relaxing. And, if you have a favourite candle scent—whether it’s something fresh, fruity or floral—it’s sure to boost your mood the second you enter the bathroom.

If you’re not comfortable with candles in the bathroom for safety reasons, then a designer diffuser will be able to add intrigue and interest to your bathroom whilst infusing it with mood-enhancing scents.

6. Upgrade your Bath Mats

Bath mats are a necessity for any bathroom. Not only do they provide an anti-slip surface to step onto after a bath or a shower, they also help to soak up any excess water to protect your flooring from water damage and keep them clean, dry and mildew-free.

And, whilst at first, they may seem like a dull item to purchase, there are plenty of choices that will help spruce up your bathroom and inject your personality. From brightly coloured bath mats and designs with fun slogans to wonderfully plush designer bath mats and neutral, minimalist designs, there’s something to suit every style and taste whilst keeping you safe, as well as protecting your floor and making your space more hygienic.

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7. Add some Faux Flowers and Plants

If you want to add some greenery to your bathroom but don’t have the time to take care of any real plants or flowers, luxury artificial plants can bring a fresh breath of life into your space whilst needing no maintenance, except the odd dusting every now and then.

Including an eye-catching floral arrangement on a window sill or a shelf will help to add some colour to your bathroom and make it look well put together. For larger corners, you can place a tall, leafy green plant or pop a trailing plant on a shelf or a cabinet too. Any guests will also appreciate seeing some plants and flowers in your bathroom decor mix. Who doesn’t love a touch of green?

8. Include Unique Designer Sculptures

Adding designer ornaments and sculptural elements to your bathroom will always make a statement and bring a certain personal touch to the space. These artistic pieces can easily enhance the overall style and decor of your bathroom and help tie the room together. They’ll also bring a unique quality to your bathroom making it a more interesting place to be.

No matter if your bathroom is modern or more contemporary, there’ll be a sculpture or ornament out there to perfectly complement both the room and your character.

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9. Choose Framed Wall Art Pieces

Whilst we don’t recommend hanging your most valuable pieces of art in the bathroom, a few select designer wall art pieces, which are unlikely to get damaged from the steam and humidity, can add a great personal touch. Wall art also does an exceptional job of enhancing your bathroom’s colour scheme and will look very aesthetically pleasing.

Choose one big piece of art as a focal point or a few smaller pieces to create a gallery wall, if you have the space. Gallery walls are perfect for including all of your favourite things, from special places to special people. Plus, it’s a simple way to create a theme for your bathroom.

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10. Update your Bathroom Decor Accessories

Lastly, no bathroom is complete without some stylish designer bathroom accessories. Long gone are the days of picking up a basic toothbrush holder or soap dispenser. Now, these accessories—made from a variety of different materials in a range of styles—have a style message to deliver. From glass jars with chrome touch to mother-of-pearl trinket trays and leather waste bins to rattan storage boxes, the possibilities are endless.

Choose a matching set of accessories to keep everything consistent and themed or mix and match for an eclectic bathroom accessories collection. With these designer pieces, you’ll be able to create your perfect space of relaxation in no time.

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