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All the Barware Essential You Need For Your Home

All the Barware Essential You Need For Your Home

Offering a toast to style this season, these must-haves all play their part.

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

It is literally the place where everybody knows your name but that just makes an at-home bar even more appealing. Note – there’s no dress code pressure, your favourite tipple is always on hand, you’ve got ready-made drinking companions that you actually like and there’s no need to pay for a taxi home – it’s ideal, isn’t it?

If you’ve ever been partial to some cocktail making of the Tom Cruise variety (we know you’re out there – there are family videos to prove it) then this collection of barware essentials is for you. Walk the walk of a true mixologist (or sommelier if your taste leans more toward the fruit of the vine) by kitting your bar out with pieces to rival the most to-be-seen-in watering holes.

1. Glass Appeal

A foundational component of any bar worth its salt, good glassware is something to invest in. Thanks to an abundance of choices (coupe, snifter, collins, goblets – the list goes on), it can all get a bit too complex. Start with the basics. The big six of glassware includes wine, cocktail, champagne, highball, double Old Fashioned and brandy glasses.

2. Stylish Storage

The next step is to ensure that your curated selection is not only housed appropriately but that its containers add an appealing aesthetic to your room. Whiskies stored in cut crystal decanters offer a sense of gentlemanly opulence and pouring wine from a carafe rather than a bottle just feels so much more elegant.

3. Shake It Up

No bar’s complete without the previously mentioned Cocktail moment – even if it has resulted in some pretty hazardous accidents in the past. Shakers should ideally be crafted of some kind of metal (like stainless steel or sterling silver) to maintain the on-the-rocks chill.

4. Keep Your Cool

Certain beverages should just always be served suitably chilled and a statement ice bucket or cooler is the way to do it. Besides being a functional piece it also acts as a unique centrepiece in an area which is otherwise kept fairly unadorned.

5. All In The Details

Items like trays, corkscrews and coasters may seem small entities compared to the grandeur of other barware but don’t underestimate them. A tall glass of something tasty on a cardboard mat or a supply of ice presented in a less-than-luxurious container does not an enjoyable experience make. Think hotel bar finishing touches and you won’t go far wrong.

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