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Behind the 17 Patterns Artwork Collection

Behind the 17 Patterns Artwork Collection

Brand founder Nosca Inc. talks art, inspiration and creative processes

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

17 Patterns' latest artwork collection – exclusively available at – is a striking exploration of texture and movement. Championing the power of artistic collaboration, the innovative British brand works together with specially commissioned artists to bring its talking-point designs to life, which look to natural and industrial influences. Each archival-quality Giclée print is composed using a mix of hand-painting and digital printing techniques, then professionally hand-mounted in the UK. We caught up with the East London art director and founder of the brand, Nosca Inc., to find out about his artistic background, design inspiration and creative processes.

Behind the 17 Patterns Artwork Collection - The founder and his craft - LuxDeco Style Guide

The founder & his craft

On art...

"Art is a complex provoker of emotion; it’s an extension of our thoughts and feelings. Art within the home enables us to make a statement, exhibit our personality, escape through imagination, or portray a belief. Through colour and composition, art delivers harmony and cohesion within a space. The mood and energy created within the home are determined by the type of art exhibited. Art is an essential visual tool within the living space that serves to stimulate, relax, and inspire the mind."

On creative memories...

"I’ve always felt the need to express myself creatively, ever since I was a child. I would channel my emotion through art at every given moment. I never referenced other artists' work or had any significant inspiration during this period. Living in Shoreditch in the early noughties, I designed and self-published an underground art and lifestyle magazine. This is where I first began to forge relationships with non-conformist UK and international artists. As a curator, collaborating with these artists had a great influence on my own work. It was during this period that I decided to push my own artwork and creative ideas to the forefront."

On artistic heroes...

"Artists such as Yaacov Agam and Cy Twombly have been an inspiration throughout my work. However, my current obsession is Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota. My appreciation for her emotionally provocative art stretches beyond inspiration into admiration. I’m also currently enjoying the work of American artist Theaster Gates and his interesting use of everyday materials to evoke social engagement."

Behind the 17 Patterns Artwork Collection - The artwork collection - LuxDeco Style Guide

The artwork collection

The inspiration...

"Our exploration of texture and movement was motivated by the world around us. Nature versus human nature; natural landscapes existing alongside polluted environments. It’s a portrait of something hazardous and confused, transforming into sublime beauty. Using nature as a collaborator, we embarked on a journey of cosmic impressionism. Drawing inspiration from the past and the present to forge something new, the collection delivers a highly original and sophisticated next-generation aesthetic. Co-produced over a two-year period, our art collection represents a beautiful journal of transformation, inspired by the cosmos, nature and our environment."

The creative process...

"During the development stages, we used nature to naturally forge the foundations of the artworks. Implementing a series of unconventional and experimental techniques, freshly painted artworks were weathered under moonlight. By day, further applications of aquarelle bathed in sunlight to create delicate pigment blends and subtle textures. Using both traditional and digital artistry, gradients of colour were painstaking re-coloured, blurring the lines between designer- and artist-produced composition. Our innovative journey is a lengthy one, where attention to detail is paramount. Each limited artwork is hand-embossed and produced using archival materials and impeccable British craftsmanship."

The presentation...

"The open white [surrounding mount] area serves to create a captivating focal point around each artwork. This is designed to create ‘breathing space’ between the exhibited artwork and its interior surroundings. The symmetry of the shapes creates cohesion; the collection has been produced to be displayed individually, and in a diptych, triptych or grid formation. Fundamentally these are shapes we associate with the cosmos and our environment. By containing the artwork within these shapes we create a hypnotic pull; where the defined open space draws the viewer into the composition. It’s only then that these intriguing portals reveal their beautiful detail."

Behind the 17 Patterns Artwork Collection - LuxDeco Style Guide