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Behind The Brand: Kim Seybert

From the runway to the tabletop, the glamour of Kim Seybert tableware is undeniable

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

Since founding her eponymous line in 1998, Kim Seybert’s intention has been to bring a flair and discerning style, typically reserved for fashion runways, to the dining room table. And as an alumna of the fashion world, it's unsurprising that Seybert succeeded in her mission to make sumptuous and vibrant offerings that truly serve as ‘fashion for the table.’ With a varied and delightful collection of tableware jewellery which includes beaded placemats, embroidered napkins and luxury coasters, Seybert’s collections make dressing the table an effortless and enjoyable luxury.

Inspired by the cultural richness of China

Each Kim Seybert offering nods to the evocative, enchanting colours, linens and textiles that adorn Chinese bazaars and open-air markets. Seybert’s purchase of an inexpensive hand-embroidered pocket square during a business trip to the country sparked inspiration and informed the impossibly opulent brand aesthetic as we now know it; the inspiration, combined with the founder’s penchant for fashion, beautifully translates into whimsical tabletop accessories which are often characterised by intricate hand embroidery of their own.

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With a product whose distinct aesthetic completely differed from the rest, Kim Seybert’s pieces were “instantly snapped up by luxury [American] retailer Neiman Marcus” and, following the success of the brand's designs stateside, it wasn’t long before other markets desired to get their hands on the brand too. Seybert had discovered a “fashionable client who wanted style for their table as well as their closet” and since then Kim Seybert continues to dazzle tables with her innovative offerings.

Giving a new meaning to fine dining

Kim Seybert placemats, napkins and coasters give a new meaning to luxury tableware with each collection rooted in conceptually-led design. In the same way haute couture garments become mediums of expression, these tableware accessories are expressive pieces that can’t help but draw attention. Characterised by detail, a few standout lines in the collection include its impossibly decorative napkin rings and elegant placemats.

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The Sunburst napkin ring, as an example, is a striking display of intricate beading with its delicate, coral-shaped beads arranged in a pom-pom-like puff. Similarly, the brand’s metallic Slice placemat—its golden-bronze tones and tactility quintessentially Kim Seybert—takes its cues from nature and the amorphic patterns of plant cells. The brand also boasts a popular luxury coasters range.

A new creation from the brand this season, the Hydrangea coasters layer beads upon beads to achieve a true-to-life ombre detail in the petals. Each hydrangea bloom is created by hand with uncompromising attention to detail and features 20 to 30 different types of sequins and beads. Each piece in Seybert’s unique collection comes with a narrative that is waiting to be explored—the genesis of an entire tablescape in one piece.

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Style up the epicentre of conversation

And who wouldn’t want a little allure at the table? Some of our fondest memories are made around the dining room table. It serves as the epicentre for many a conversation, shared stories, celebration and laughter. So it’s only right that it be decorated and styled with as much careful consideration as is applied to the rest of the home. And, in Kim Seybert’s world, that careful consideration takes the form of pretty jewels, intricate beading and sequins galore. Hey, a little opulence never hurt anyone.