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Behind The Brand: Liang & Eimil

Eternally cool Mid-century furniture is given a sleek upgrade

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

Liang & Eimil: a British furniture brand synonymous with unapologetic luxury and superior levels of style. Sought out by designers creating the most discerning of contemporary interiors, to bring one of its pieces into the home is to reference sleek, chic British design at its finest.

A designer furniture and accessory collection recently expanded at LuxDeco thanks to its instant success, read on as we celebrate the most notable points of Liang & Eimil’s ascension to coveted contemporary collectible.

A brief backstory

A belief in the emotional, life-enhancing effect that home decor can have on the everyday, founders Frank Eimil and Honghui Liang, established their eponymous British-made furniture brand to power their shared philosophy.

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With more than two decades in the interiors industry, their powerful design dynamic has led to collection after curated collection of sumptuous sophistication.

Based in metropolitan London, they have grown it into a label with worldwide acclaim, discoverable in luxury hotels, retailers and the homes of those in the know. Liang & Eimil is a brand to have in your home should you wish to impress.

Statements in design

Modern furniture may be the output, but the source of inspiration for much of Liang & Eimil’s work is a fusion of east-meets-west heritage alongside mid-20th century design influence. Creative direction at this British brand is a case of classics reinterpreted under a modern lens. Their lightness of touch and discipline in allowing just one or two details to be the focus of each of their creations makes a Liang & Eimil piece so very recognisable.

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The assumption that contemporary equals uncompromisingly straight lines and seating that puts architectural interest above comfort are notions challenged by Liang & Eimil. To sit in one of its contemporary sofas is to fall back into cushioning that is soft and supportive. In brief, they avoid the complicated silhouettes that would ordinarily dominate a space, celebrating instead the maxim that simple is beautiful, and that function and form should always maintain their equilibrium.

From furniture to finishing touches

Happily, no longer is modern furniture the sole reserve of Liang & Eimil with their collections growing to encompass contemporary art, abstract sculptures, geometric mirrors and smaller accessories crafted from luxe materials. Now, followers of the brand can develop a full modern living room scheme devoted completely to its design language.

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While the ethos behind every piece is one shared, there remains sufficient distinctness in the character of its pieces, ensuring any interior brimming with Liang & Eimil designs feels rich and varied. There’s fluidity and versatility baked into every concept too; its contemporary bedside tables, for example, translate to a sitting room context just as readily as the boudoir and one of its modern dining chairs would work wonders as a hallway’s accent chair.

Contemporary couture is what you’re subscribing to with Liang & Eimil—luxurious, cutting-edge creations, crafted from the finest materials, designed to meld effortlessly into environments ready to be elevated to upper echelon status.