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Behind The Brand: PICTOCLUB

Art class is in session—explore this Spanish abstract art expert.

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

When in search of abstract art for a home, work or commercial environment, luxury Spanish brand PICTOCLUB is a surefire place to spend a fair portion of your search. Dig deep into the who, the what, the where and the how of one of our go-to sources for contemporary art, including our very own LuxDeco by PICTOCLUB series.

PICTOCLUB—the home of modern art online

It’s not uncommon for art galleries to now house their collections online as well as being exhibited in physical galleries, but modern art masterpieces abound in PICTOCLUB’s renowned online-only, highly curated gallery where the world’s interior designers and ‘unconventional’ art collectors (PICTOCLUB’s words) flock to add to their own walls.

One brief flick through their virtual gallery and it’s immediately clear as to why they do and several deeper dives later, any contemporary art lover will be hooked, as I was.

Contemporary Art Online at | Abstract Artwork | PICTOCLUB
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Where it all started

Founded by art collectors Mapi Sarcone and Daniel Bautista, PICTOCLUB’s philosophy centres around facilitating making art accessible to all captivated by it. From being able to buy art online to curating collections with price points that don’t isolate its audience, its guiding line is from that of Brazilian artist Romero Britto: ‘Art is too important not to share’.

The two founders meld their respective backgrounds in interior design and fashion to create a world of intimate art buying. And some of its collection features personalised, bespoke commissions if that’s your bag so that you know you are investing in works that are as unique as you, the collector.

Taking art international

With a niche clearly identified, PICTOCLUB soon started to capture imaginations on the global stage.

In the first five years of its launch, it has gone from being a small, Spanish brand to one with presence in the fashion and creative capitals of the world, including Paris, London and New York. Bespoke paintings remain at the heart of the brand—absolute originals which are hand-painted exclusively for each client to their choice of scale, format and frame—but the PICTOCLUB gallery today counts photography and sculpture as part of its assemblage too.

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Highlights include a hand-painted mustard wall art canvas from the PICTOCLUB Originals series named Tatooin and the sombre scene depicted in the Kalima Framed Painting—perfect for lovers of blue wall art like myself.

Supporting emerging artists and publishers

As part of PICTOCLUB’s mission to bring art to the masses, it prides itself too on providing a platform for emerging artists as well as those well-known. With each work signed by the originating artist, it allows their name to be spread far and wide in a digital and analogue manner.

Broadening its horizons too via a move into art literature, PICTOCLUB has recently stepped onto the book scene by providing support to luxury book editorial, Assouline. The new collaboration only evidences further Sarcone and Bautista’s open-mindedness to what constitutes art. For them, it need not always be something you frame or something you hang, but any item of creative beauty with soul to inspire you and those around you.

Shop Contemporary Art Online at | Modern Artwork | PICTOCLUB
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The collections—from conceptual to cubist

Think of modern art and it’s likely your mind will take you to a place of colourful art rather than black and white art, but PICTOCLUB’s collections span the width and breadth of the contemporary art movement. Scour its catalogue and you will find playful pop art, colourful cubist canvases, wistful landscapes and abstract portraits.