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Behind The Brand: Ralph Lauren Home

Behind The Brand: Ralph Lauren Home

Fine craftsmanship, timeless style and attention to detail characterises this renowned brand

Jonathan Holmes
By Jonathan Holmes, Founder & CEO

Think of classic American style and there’s one name which stands out: Ralph Lauren. The iconic brand is the epitome of fine living.

The brand has become so synonymous with a certain standard of living that one often hears the phrase, “It’s very Ralph Lauren” which instantly conveys thoughts of subtle luxury, quality and timeless design.

I design for the home the way I design for a man or woman. The same attention to detail and the same eye for what is beautiful and unique. — Ralph Lauren


Beautiful and unique in the Ralph Lauren Home world equal handsome cabinetry, classic sofas, decorative lighting, special tableware (which, it can be assumed, is to be used everyday, not just for special occasions), luxurious bedding, timeless gifts and evocative home fragrances to complete the experience.

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The brand has an unequivocally recognisable aesthetic. It’s easy to distinguish a Ralph Lauren Home space from others—mainly because the room’s scheme is somewhat more layered and well-rounded than an average space, the furniture arrangement is perfectly harmonious and the quality is exceptional.

These individual collections are carefully inspired by a specific and unique lifestyle narrative. Earthy tones and casual living take the form of the Point Dume and Desert Modern collections; cosy country lifestyle is characterised by Alpine Lodge and Brookfield; and metropolitan style is mastered by the Penthouse Suite and Deco-inspired One Fifth collections. The collections are curated, subtly luxurious and liveable—the foundations of a welcoming home.

Things made by hand are rare in this world. They represent a love of craftsmanship, inspired by a tradition of artistry, handed down over generations. — Ralph Lauren


Style is, of course, an important factor of the Ralph Lauren Home offering but what truly separates the brand from others is a passion for craftsmanship, quality and timelessness with its designs following through on quality as well as function.

The passion of the founder is unquestionable. He is renowned in the industry for his hands-on work ethic and eye for perfection, which is why everything that bears his name is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Quality improves with age and use. That’s the underlying principle for my collections for the home. — Ralph Lauren

As evidence of this unfailing commitment to luxury, the very special collaboration with Burleigh—England’s most storied name in pottery—celebrates both companies’ commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. The dining and entertaining collection features exclusive Ralph Lauren motifs, while accentuating Burleigh’s time-honored technique. Bold designs include swirling florals inspired by vintage batik cloths and a starry, celestial vista reminiscent of RRL bandanas. All patterns are complementary and invite a personal curation to create an eclectic combination that is perfect for the way we entertain today. Created from fine earthenware strengthened with china clay, the Ralph Lauren x Burleigh collection is designed to be well-used and well-loved.

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The brand has truly come to represent the American dream. An editorial feature by Bloomberg perfectly sums up the Ralph Lauren effect, “Wherever you go, Ralph Lauren’s brands project an aura of rarified living.” The brand generously offers its followers access to glamorous lifestyles in spite of their location. It offers dream lifestyles. So, if you live in a Miami apartment but your dream is to live in the buzz of New York, Ralph Lauren Home provides.

Its innovative advertising—again one of the brand’s absolute calling cards—proves that. Climbing aboard a perfectly polished yacht or stepping into a cosy cabin scene, who wouldn’t want to be part of the dreamy Ralph Lauren family? The brand has captivated and inspired the world with its various avenues into a picture-perfect world. (Life isn’t perfect but a perfect home really can help.)

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Monogrammed towels, personalised silverware and furniture accessories with beautifully framed photographs—everything in the Ralph Lauren Home world seeks to offer the dream lifestyle. Perhaps also why the company invests so much in philanthropy work through the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation. Whether it’s the American Heroes Fund, the Ralph Lauren Children’s Literacy Program or the Ralph Lauren Cancer Centre for Cancer Care and Prevention (amongst others), Ralph Lauren encourages a life of quality for everyone.

Fashion may have been the beginning of the Ralph Lauren empire, but it won’t be the end. The brand is all too aware that a quality life is more than simply what we wear and a home takes the lion’s share.