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Behind The Brand: Sirimiri

The sustainable bedding brand combines life’s preeminent pursuits—eco-consciousness and a perfect night’s sleep.

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

What defines modern luxury? That is the question driving Sirimiri, a British homewares brand devoted to both luxury and sustainability. “In the past, luxury was synonymous with heedless grandeur and excess. Today it is about a wider emotional connection together with environmental awareness,” Sirimiri’s founders Lauren Wood and Lucy Pickavance explain. “Society is finally waking up to the importance of being sustainable in all aspects of our lives.”

The brand came into being in the spring of 2018 following a spate of conversations between its founders. Both have backgrounds in the fast-paced, vibrant worlds of high-end property development and interior design. As they climbed the ranks in these creative industries, Wood and Pickavance grew increasingly devoted to practising sustainability in their personal lives.

While working together in a design office in London, the ladies continually returned to themes of conscious consumerism in their conversations over lunch. However, they started to wonder whether this environmentally responsible approach could also be true of their professional lives.

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Together, they began researching the textile industry, which is typically fueled by high volumes of chemicals and water. Looking beyond this 'take-make-waste' manufacturing model, they investigated newer, more eco-conscious ways to create soft furnishings without compromising on quality. Thus, the seed was planted for Sirimiri—a high-end homewares brand with its roots in sustainability.

By sourcing regenerative materials, cutting down on energy consumption and drawing up designs to minimise pollution and waste, they realised they could create homewares that would stand the test of time. Then came the finer details of the brand launch: they were intent on finding the perfect name to encapsulate their vision. Wood explains: “It took Lucy and I weeks to find a name for our company. We never disagreed but nothing felt ‘right’. Until we came across the Spanish word, sirimiri—a light rain, a fine mist. We loved its connection to nature and how it looked graphically.”

Since its inception, Sirimiri has established itself as a major player in luxury homeware design with hotel quality bedding, towels, woollen blankets and bed linen. There is a common thread to each textile. Every product, be it a duvet or a throw, is bound by an almost-criminal softness.

When it came to manufacturing their bed linen, Wood and Pickavance looked no further than Italy, a country characterised by its artistic and artisanal excellence. There, they sourced craftspeople with textiles expertise, cutting pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers from two conscious fabrics, MicroModal and organic cotton. The former is a type of rayon akin to linen and silk made from the pulp of beech trees. This pulp is processed into a fine yarn and woven into a fabric, making for a lightweight, breathable and exceptionally soft stretch of material.

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Their woollen blankets similarly stem from the ateliers of Italy. Made from 100 percent recycled wool, the entire process—recycling, spinning and weaving—can be traced back to skilled Italian artisans. “Recycled wool significantly uses less energy and has a lower environmental impact compared to an equivalent fabric made with ‘virgin’ wool,” the founders explain. Made for cocooning, the blankets have been given a brushed finish to enhance their softness to the touch, and they can be customised with strips of colour trim.

When it came to designing terry cloth towels and robes, Sirimiri crafted the supple textiles from 100 percent organic cotton. The cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and subsequently spun without using noxious chemicals. For the summer months, the brand introduced beach towels and pool throws in the same soft, pliant material.

The brand looked closer to home in manufacturing their duvets and pillows. The down bedding, which is a relatively new addition to their repertoire of designs, is made-to-order in the UK. In sourcing the down, Wood and Pickavance were determined to create a responsible supply chain. “The vast majority of the 270,000 metric tons of commercial down produced each year is a byproduct of the goose and duck meat industry in Asia and Europe,” they explain. Taking the sustainable route, Sirimiri uses a natural and biodegradable recycled down filling, which has been procured from bedding, cushions, and garments that have reached the end of their product life cycle. Those seeking an alternative fill can plump for a synthetic, hypoallergenic option, made from a soft recycled ocean-bound plastic, known as Social Plastic.

The devil is in the detail for the brand. Sirimiri offer a variety of sizes and colours for each design, meaning each customer can commission a product to their exact specification. From pillows fringed in stripes of tangy mustard or bath towels piped in emerald green, those with a specific colour scheme can consult with the brand, ensuring the end result ties in with their decor. Bespoke embroidery and monogramming services are also on offer for added distinctiveness.

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Wood and Pickavance were very particular about the style of button used in each soft furnishing. Shunning the plastic variety, Wood and Pickavance decided they wanted something indestructible yet beautiful to bind each design together. Eventually, they settled on using Corozo to create their buttons. Similar to resin, Corozo is an entirely natural product which has earned the nickname ‘vegetable ivory’. Made up of organic fibres, these durable and scratch-resistant Corozo buttons are elegant discs of creamy white.

Each collection has been assigned a name, one that speaks to the product’s natural roots: Serein, Azure, Cirro. Down to its packaging, Sirimiri commits to its brand mission. No plastic packaging is used in their delivery and linens are sent away in recycled card boxes.

The desire to make the world of luxury design a more conscious place is a never-ending pursuit for Wood and Pickavance, and it’s one their clients echo. “We are starting to ask questions such as ‘how is this product made’, ‘where is this product made’, ‘is this product damaging our environment, our planet’?” the founders reveal. “These are the considerations that make us conscious consumers.” And, their wares have caught the eye of numerous mavens of interior design. London-based designer Portia Fox has already incorporated Sirimiri into several exquisitely curated spaces.

Though Sirimiri is relatively young, the brand’s devotion to quality leads to products that last a lifetime. Wood and Pickavance also plan on evolving as the landscape changes, finding new and improved ways to sustainably produce premium homewares. The future of luxury looks brighter, and more responsible, than ever. Nothing guarantees a sound night’s sleep quite like resting your head on bedding with a pedigree like this.