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Behind the Design with Natalia Miyar: The Sky Villa

Step inside one of the penthouses at Battersea Power station

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

Quickly becoming one of the most in-demand areas of London, Battersea is perhaps best known for its Power Station. An iconic landmark in the London Skyline, the Power Station has been transformed into a hub of life after being left derelict for decades. The most exclusive part of that hub? The penthouses that sit between the four chimneys. 

Cuban-American interior designer Natalia Miyar was one of the select few chosen to perfect the interiors of these penthouses, reimagining them into luxurious oases in the heart of the city. Here, Natalia invited us inside to reveal what lies within and the inspiration behind each of her inimitable design choices.

With its vast windows, it’s no wonder that Natalia drew upon the biophilic surroundings for inspiration, embracing a subtle palette that combines inviting greens, soft browns and multiple shades of ecru. Though understated in colour, the space lacks not in texture featuring bouclé chases, walnut furniture and vintage metal coffee tables. 

Brice Swivel Chair
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Brice Swivel Chair
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I filled it with all of the signature hallmarks of my designs: a lot of texture, contrasting materials and some statement works of art.
Natalia Miyar

Utopia Table Lamp, Aged Iron
Kelly Wearstler
Utopia Table Lamp, Aged Iron