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The restaurant at The Twenty Two

Behind the Design with Natalia Miyar: The Twenty Two

Explore the interiors of this exclusive London member's club

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Esteemed for her maximalist style that blends the richest of colours in the most joyous of combinations, Cuban-American designer Natalia Miyar’s latest hospitality project is The Twenty Two. Located in Grosvenor Square, the private member’s club has quickly become one of London’s most revered locations for those in the know. Here, Miyar takes us inside the exclusive space and reveals the inspiration behind the design. 

Earning Miyar the House and Garden Pineapple Award for Hotel Design, The Twenty Two is, unsurprisingly, a sensation for the senses. Replete with colour, there is no surface left untouched by Miyar’s love of pattern or sensual texture. In the bedrooms you’ll find four poster beds upholstered entirely in red velvet, whilst the entrance hall is similarly gilded, this time in mirrors. In the restaurant, 28 shades of blue were trialled before settling on the perfect hue for the panelled walls that sit alongside golden armchairs and a collection of mushroom prints created specifically for the space.

The interiors at The Twenty Two

Drawing inspiration from the great interiors of the 18th century, Natalia wanted to create a space of decadence and whimsy that feels just a little cheeky. The result is a tribute to colour; even the bespoke lighting was hand-blown in the club’s signature shades of teal, indigo, apricot and raspberry. A true example of escapist design, this is clearly the place to be for a reason.

A Bedroom at The Twenty Two

You'll see a tribute to colour in almost every space... it feels fresh and contemporary, and of course, still evocative of the 18th century French interiors that inspired the hotel.
Natalia Miyar

A Bedroom at The Twenty Two