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Behind The LuxDeco Lookbook: The Riverside Apartment

Behind The LuxDeco Lookbook: The Riverside Apartment

Fresh off the press, the new lookbook is here

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Epitomising the quintessential London apartment comes this season’s curated collection of timeless modern design, The Riverside Apartment. The LuxDeco lookbook, designed with the genteel urbanite in mind, is characterised by elevated best-selling pieces, smartly sophisticated colour palettes, clever designs which pack a punch even in the smallest of spaces and an equal parts welcoming-yet-refined aura. It offers a relaxed environment to enjoy city views and relax from the city’s vibrant happenings with its aesthetic refinement and considered subtleties. On-trend yet timeless, it is contemporary in the greatest sense of the word.

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“This is the ultimate London apartment, perfect for successful business people who call the city home and the world their playground.” – Linda Holmes


Inspired by the busy lives of London’s sophisticated city dwellers, the collection encapsulates everything that such a life would require – style, quality and comfort. Style, learned through international travel and experience; quality, through exposure to the finest craftsmanship standards the world has to offer; and comfort in the form of a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.

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“This is the ultimate London apartment,” explains Linda Holmes, LuxDeco Creative Director and the creative behind the collection, “It’s the style for successful business people who call the city home and the world their playground because they understand quality, they want a style that will endure well and they prefer understated luxury. This is exactly what the LuxDeco customer looks for.”

Comfortable but stylish, attuned to trends without giving in to them and featuring designs of the most incredible quality, the collection represents a new strand of contemporary design.


Created to provide a ready-to-go collection that would suit the city’s design-savvy but busy population, it represents a brilliantly curated alternative to custom interior design services.

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Linda explains, “Whilst many take advantage of the interior design services which we offer for their homes, so many of our clients have a second or third home, usually a well-located city apartment, which they use during the working week or when they come into town from international business or travel. This suits them well. Having said that, although it was designed with this particular client in mind, I also think it works well as the main style of any city home!”


Comprising the vast majority of the collection, clean-lined furniture masters transitional style beautifully with upgraded finishes and understated designs – each pored over with exactness for a faultless end look. Elegant crescent-shaped brass drawer pulls are the only accessory needed for finely crafted case goods; high-gloss finishes enhance best-selling pieces for next-level interest; and designs are given a modernised silhouette for even greater style and comfort.

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“What I love about the designs of this collection are that they’re deceptively simple – so they avoid the risk of being over-designed – but they’re incredibly complex in terms of their construction,” explains Sam Aylott, the collection’s furniture designer, “The Lunar and the Curzon armchairs, for example, are two of the most complex pieces in the collection because their ergonomics had to be absolutely precise. In the case of the Curzon armchair, the rear cut-out, scalloped arms and curved back all contribute to making a large comfortable armchair sleek and refined.”

“The foremost goal of all LuxDeco designs is quality with style so this collection is anchored by timeless furniture of impeccable craftsmanship.” – Sam Aylott