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6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home

Unique and interesting, coral decor is a beautiful interior accessory

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

Exotic, architectural, objets to hold your gaze, coral decor is a mainstay in the world of interior design. In fashion, the colour is heralded most in summertime when it reflects the sun’s warmth and vibrancy; in jewellery, it’s a material that’s popular in vintage, Art Deco pieces especially; but when it comes to interiors, coral home accessories suit any era of decor, any time of year and any living space.

Over then to LuxDeco’s Senior Creative Buyer Jessica Harding to present her roundup of the most coveted coral accessories in town.

1. Fan Coral Gold

Coral Sculpture in Brass - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

Beginning with a coral ornament that’s somewhat of a paradox for this Michael Aram piece is both pared-back and minimal with its structural plinth and restriction to two materials and finishes, yet glamorous and complex in detail. An ode to the ocean floor in striking brass and marble, it’s one to display on a mantel or console table.

BRAND: Michael Aram

PRICE: £1,746

2. Coral Pillow Cushion

Razor Coral Sculpture - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

Coral comes in many forms, from the brain- to the branch-like. Saved NYC immortalises the latter in this 100% Mongolian cashmere cushion. Illustrated by Central St. Martin's graduate Fee Greening, the charming dip pen and ink design evokes a cabinet de curiosité feel with the blue and oatmeal palette offering a modern take.


PRICE: £405

3. Brass Sea Fan on Crystal Base

Brass Sea Fan on Crystal Base - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

The same designer and the same concept as the brass sculpture just seen, but a wholly different perspective is seen with this second coral accessory entry from John-Richard. This time, drawing inspiration from the delicate sea fan species of coral, the design is laser cut from a fine layer of brass before being mounted onto a cut crystal base.

BRAND: John-Richard

PRICE: £715

4. Ocean Coral Shadow Box

Ocean Coral Shadow Box - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

Onto matters of coral wall art, this Michael Aram shadow box gives the illusion of having found and safely salvaged a piece of coral from the seabed. It is of course a handcrafted sculpture inspired by coral however, encased within a deep black frame that can be hung from a wall, stood on a surface or laid down in a display coffee table for an aerial view.

BRAND: Michael Aram

PRICE: £433

5. Coral Bookend

Coral Bookend - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

One of the most alluring coral accessories I’ve come across, this majestic, bejewelled coral sculpture by L’Objet is nothing short of mesmerising. A luxurious combination of 24-carat gold and semi-precious red cabochon stones, it’s weighted to support your collection of hardbacks though the attention will surely be diverted from book spine to coral spine.

BRAND: L’Objet

PRICE: £880

6. Monochrome Coral Prints

Set of 4 Monochrome Coral Prints - 6 Best Coral Decor Ideas To Buy For Your Home -

Proof that coral can be appreciated in 2D form, this series of monochromatic coral wall art puts a scientific lens on the motif. Incredibly detailed, they appear almost as a nature study, so work best when arranged together rather than being spread across the home. We love the idea of on a complementary black easel, as though a study in progress.

BRAND: Eichholtz

PRICE: £1,070