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Celebrating Five Years of Elicyon

Celebrating Five Years of Elicyon

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

For those who are yet to encounter Elicyon from #LUXDECO50, this multi-award-winning design studio is responsible for some of the most inspiring interiors of our time with projects spanning ultra-luxury developments to complex heritage homes. Based in its flagship studio in London’s Kensington and founded by trained architect, Charu Gandhi in 2014, Elicyon has grown to become an international figure in interior design. The team ethos is one of tailoring environments, harnessing the client’s spirit and weaving stories through its decoration informed by the property’s setting and architecture. Detailed, distinctive interior couture is its calling.

In celebration of Elicyon’s fifth anniversary, Charu shares five of her most memorable projects from around the world with LuxDeco.

Celebrating 5 years of Elicyon - Charu Gandhi's Top 5 Projects - Private Apartment - Shanghai, China - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Private Apartment - Shanghai, China

Elicyon completed this luxurious Shanghai home in May 2018 for a private client. The design team followed a contemporary direction that blended perfectly with the architecture of the building. By blending glossy, lacquered veneers with classic marble finishes, the sophisticated, tailor-made space truly represents the best of British craftsmanship and design – something that the client was passionate about.

“This project was very special – the fit-out of the apartment was almost entirely built in Britain and then flat packed and air freighted to Shanghai. It was an incredibly challenging and exciting brief to transpose a completely British-made design for this young Chinese client. The end result was absolutely fantastic, true to the initial vision of a space with a limited, and in most part, high contrast palette.”

Celebrating 5 years of Elicyon - Charu Gandhi's Top 5 Projects - Residential Development - Mumbai, India - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Residential Development - Mumbai, India

Elicyon was brought in to design the interior for an exciting, new residential development in India, providing luxury living in the heart of Mumbai. This beautiful three-bedroom apartment, due for completion in late 2019, blends a London aesthetic with the heritage of the city, contrasting chevron marble flooring and bold vibrant prints reflect the properties tropical positioning.

“Having grown up in India and retaining strong roots, working in my home country had been a long-cherished ambition. It was wonderful to combine my knowledge of the city, culture and way of living to the project with a strong influence from my design studies, which are European in origin. The project’s vision represents a moment in my personal design journey, a confluence of east and west, celebrating both without detracting from either.”

Celebrating 5 years of Elicyon - One Palm Apartments and Penthouse - Dubai, UAE - LuxDeco Style Guide
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One Palm Apartments and Penthouse - Dubai, UAE

Located at the most sought-after, highly-regarded address in the Middle East, Elicyon was commissioned to design two apartments at the prestigious One Palm development at The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

“These exquisite homes are designed with tone on tone interiors to suit the panoramic beach views, creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living. The breath-taking penthouse apartment for a private client will complete at the end of 2019. The spectacular 30,000 ft home on the other hand showcases an incredible blend of British, Middle Eastern and South Asian art and craft. The client has a very international background, and we are bringing elements from all around the world into this beautiful family home.”

Celebrating 5 years of Elicyon - Charu Gandhi's Top 5 Projects - Private Apartment - New York, USA - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Private Apartment - New York, USA

A capacious five-bedroom apartment in the illustrious Upper East Side of New York City is where Elicyon conjured this timeless concept in elegant monochrome during July 2016.

“This project was the start of the patronage we receive from our clients, the third property for the same high profile client, from London to Los Angeles and on to New York. These client relationships are very special to us, and our repeat clients are now nearly half our annual workload. We love getting to know a family really well, and going on a journey of discovery with them. In this home, I took real delight in fusing glamorous finishes with bespoke fitted joinery, furniture and lighting.”

Celebrating 5 years of Elicyon - One Hyde Park Apartment - Knightsbridge, London - LuxDeco Style Guide
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One Hyde Park Apartment - Knightsbridge, London

And finally, this impressive postcode property marked Elicyon’s eighth project in London’s prestigious One Hyde Park, which it designed in a Hollywood Deco scheme in April 2019.

“A feminine palette of soft neutrals enriched by bold accents of colour is how the story begins in this exquisite London home. Yet we also incorporated 1920s-inspired geometric patterns and striking bespoke marquetry joinery, which flows throughout the apartment.

“This project marks a further milestone in our long relationship with the building. It’s very interesting to work with the wide diaspora of clients at One Hyde Park. It allows us to explore a range of design briefs and stylistic approaches with both the limits and opportunities that layout and floor plans offer. It reflects what we do at Elicyon very well – every project is unique while benefiting from the sum total of our past knowledge. Every property has to tell a story for us, and central to that storyline is the client. To see multiple apartments in the same building each take such a unique design journey has been a testament to our versatility and sense of adventure.”

Looking Ahead

So what does the future look like for Charu and her talented team?

“Having just celebrated Elicyon’s 5th birthday, we’ve really reflected on what an incredible journey we’ve had so far, working globally on some amazing projects in notable locations such as Knightsbridge, Shanghai, New York, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Moving into our new studio in Kensington Village has been a great start to 2019, and we have many exciting projects to look forward too.

“In the immediate future, I am really looking forward to completing our first hospitality project – a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka – as well as completing our stunning penthouse project in Dubai later this year. We are also excited to be working on our second project in China – an incredible residential development.

Elicyon Moodboard - Celebrating Elicyons 5th Anniversary - LuxDeco Style Guide
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“Whatever comes our way, we’ll continue our adventure with design, beauty, craft and innovation that enables us to take clients on an incredible journey of exploration and enjoyment. As we remain a boutique studio, it’s a pleasure to work with our select few discerning clients who are ready to go on the adventure with us.”

Read our Q&A with Charu Gandhi.

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