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Get The Look: Coastal Grandma

From linen sofas to beachy whitewashed wood furniture, this is how to master the coastal grandma aesthetic.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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The coastal grandma aesthetic has overtaken the interior world and is perfect for those who enjoy a relaxed, elevated way of living. But what does this coastal grandma look, that everyone is loving right now, mean?

Soft neutrals, woods and gorgeous seating options combine to create an opulent yet approachable style.

Coined by TikTok user Lexi Nicoleta, this aesthetic draws greatly from Nancy Meyers films (in particular Something's Gotta Give and It’s Complicated). For real-life examples, think Martha Stewert, Oprah and cosy interiors. The aspirational, enviable life of the charming matriarch with it all. Remember, you do not need to be a grandma to be able to follow this trend. Nicoleta insists that this aesthetic is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle.

How to get the coastal grandma look?

The coastal grandma style is all about embracing simple, uncomplicated life in a fresh, bright way. Clean lines and stark simplicity characterise the designs used for this trend. Comfortable and approachable with a vintage flair. The coastal grandmother style emphasises the little things that make a house feel like a home: simple tones, cosy throws, flowers, soft furniture, cushions, and lots of natural lighting. The home feels lived-in and loved. Despite the focus on living casually in this style, everything is well thought out and placed.

Coastal Furniture

To usher in the coastal grandma look into your home, start with a calming, neutral colour scheme and incorporate earthy tones. Warm, inviting furniture helps pull everything together. Uncompromising on comfort, the preppy aesthetic of the east coast is evoked by plush, soft, yet traditionally elegant sofas. Layering soft textures contributes to the much-loved cosier appearance.

Elevate your eating habits and opulent occasions with the use of oak centrepiece dining tables and coffee tables. Soft neutrals, wood and gorgeous seating options combine to create an opulent yet approachable style. Simple and unadorned, this design style uses clean lines throughout, paying homage to classical elements and styles.

Cosy Home Decor

Home decor is the perfect little way to truly ground the coastal grandma aesthetic into your home. Your home can be easily decorated with a few carefully picked beachside-inspired decorations. Place framed family portraits atop a coastal dresser, table or sideboard. Flowy materials are essential for the beach house aesthetic and add a sense of movement to your home. Throw some soft, textured cushions and a light throw over a sofa. Hang some nature-inspired artwork on the walls of your home. Small detailings such as ornaments or sculptures really help to create that refined yet understated vibe that many love. 

Style in ceramic, abstract vases for that heightened organic appeal and make the most of natural lighting in your home.

Embracing natural materials adds texture and creates a minimalistic and contemporary look naturally. Invite nature in through floral arrangements. Hydrangeas have always been a favourite of the coastal grandma style, even before its conception. Style in ceramic, abstract vases for that heightened organic appeal. Make the most of natural lighting in your home. However, many a coastal grandma's house exudes cosiness and peace thanks to an abundance of lamps to. Choose lamps which exude calming, serene tones such as those with natural materials like wicker or rattan and cream-coloured linen shades. Following the theme of beach house interior, nautical bathroom accessories are ideal for transforming your bathroom into a coastal retreat.

Wall Decor

The coastal grandma has an intuitive, effortless sense of style, so avoid being overly nautical. Avoid coastal-themed signs, anchors and sea animals. Instead, focus on subtle simplicities and nautical minimalism.

Using wall decor, drawn from the natural world, is perfect for incorporating a fresh take on the coastal grandmother aesthetic into your home. Conveying the coastal mood through abstract or landscape wall art. Subtle and sophisticated, mirrors are ideal for reflecting light back into the room for that light and airy effect. The perfect backdrop for reading or entertaining with family and friends. This design style does a great job of providing each space in your home a stylish, classic appearance. Even if you don't live near the ocean, coastal grandma style is all about embracing a more leisurely, slower paced way of life.