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Ahead of the Curve: Master The Curved Furniture Trend

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

After years of strong masculine lines being at the forefront of the design world, a curve somehow feels a little rebellious. But maybe a change of scene is just what we have been craving. Last year we saw the scalloped edge quickly become a style staple everywhere from our Instagram feeds to celebrity home tours, bordering bed frames and cushions galore, and transforming spaces with its naturally feminine feel. This year, scalloped edges have graduated to their more mature counterpart, the simple curve, which will be a clear trend of 2022. Perhaps curved furniture is a timeless option after all?

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Often synonymous with nature, curved lines have the ability to create ease and an innate flow in your home, instantly elevating spaces with their organic silhouettes. So, whether you’re looking to commit architecturally, or simply considering the addition of a curved sofa to your home, here’s how to achieve the well-rounded look.

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Curved sofa interiors trend| Style Guide
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Curved Sofas

Much like the round dining table—loved for its ability to encourage a natural flow of dinner conversation—there is something about a curve that feels approachable. You’ll find that your living room arrangement will be infinitely more inclusive with the addition of a curved sofa. Possibly the most popular use of the curved trend, this elegant sofa shape has quickly become a favourite on the Pinterest scene. With its impactful design narrative and its impressive ability to combine both a contemporary and retro feel simultaneously, it’s unsurprising the attention the curved sofa has been getting.

Whether you’re considering investing in a sofa or a curved chair for your home, it’s important to consider the scale of the piece and the mood you’re intending to create. Large-scale pieces can make a playful statement and, even in a neutral colour, you may find you need little else in terms of decoration to avoid overwhelming the space. To establish a more understated look, opt for smaller pieces in low-seated designs with only one fluid line on them. Keep the look refined and avoid cushions, apart from maybe a sole cannonball cushion. This is all about the form.

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Curved Coffee tables interior trend | Style Guide
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Curved Coffee Tables

A simple yet stylish addition to your living space, a curved coffee table creates an instant minimalist centrepoint for the room and is surprisingly versatile. An easy way to nod to the natural design trend, consider a wooden coffee table for a truly organic feel, or opt for a polished metal finish to create a sleeker look.

For a dynamic display, cluster multiple smaller tables together. With endless ways to arrange them, this is a style that will grow with you.

Curved Interiors trend headboard | Style Guide
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How to master a subtle curve

If applying this trend to furniture still feels a little too ahead of the curve for you, then enhancing the most minimal of accessories with soft lines and organic forms can still offer an instant elevation to your space. By playing with pieces that traditionally feature round lines and exaggerating their curvature, it can feel like a subtle nod to the trend. Curved, or even scalloped headboards add a touch to femininity to a bedroom without feeling out of place. Curved lighting, whether linear (think mobile sculpture chandeliers) or spherical, has also become an increasingly popular choice with designers wanting to inject a contemporary accent into more traditional spaces.

Agnes Large Pendant, Gild
Agnes Large Pendant, Gild

Architectural curves

Incorporating fluid lines into the architectural structure of your home may be the most intimidating way to undertake the curve trend, but it also makes the greatest impact.

Whilst it may be over-ambitious to incorporate curves on a Zaha Hadid scale (she incorporated fluid wave-like designs inspired by parametricism into many of her designs), curved lines do make an excellent addition to many buildings if your budget allows.

An arched doorway can act as a contemporary entrance, seamlessly framing the space with its curved lines (sightlines are a big deal in architecture), and allowing the entrance to feel as design-led as the room that it reveals.

Similarly, spiral staircases fluidly incorporate curves into the integral structure of your home in a way that will never go out of style. First found in ancient Rome, the spiral staircase is a classic design that can be found in most cultures. Gaudi’s implementation of the style in Barcelona’s the Sagrada Familia famously emphasises the natural influence in the design, as he mimicked the curvature of a snail shell in the monumental building. In your own home, fewer turns may be possible but consider both smooth wall-grazing options as well as tighter, more cylindrical styles.

Excited to try the curve trend in your own home? Explore our curved sofa collection.

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