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Design Debate: Silver Decor vs. Gold Decor

Design Debate: Silver Decor vs. Gold Decor

Settle the score with our toe-to-toe metal decor picks

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

The pros and cons of the various metals and how to mix metals have been discussed in the past but our latest additions have made them a reality. There’s been some friendly rivalry in the LuxDeco office with some flying the flag for silver decor and others championing gold decor. Check out these like-for-like product comparisons (with style tips from our team) to find out if you’re a gold decor fan or a silver decor fan.

Silver Vases v. Gold Vases

“Silver vases work so well with white flowers which are my favourite so I think I’d choose the Silver Lame Vases. I like that they’re a matte silver which gives a different texture to the usual mirror-finish. And odd numbers are the easiest to style with too so this is a great set – gold or silver.” – Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

“The Arteriors gold lame vases – which work one of interior designers’ favourite rules, the rule of three – add a touch of glamour without looking tacky. Organic gold accents like these can really bring a simple shelf or sideboard to life. Through accessorising, it’s an affordable way to introduce a gold finish into the home.” – Rhiannan Evans, Interior Designer

Silver Candle Holders v. Gold Candle Holders

“I don’t think you can beat sterling silver for candlesticks so I’m a fan of the silver Cobra candleholders by Georg Jensen. But, then again, I also love to match my tableware with my decor and I can imagine the gold candle holders being paired with a gold-trimmed dinner service and cutlery. I’m torn!” – Linda Holmes, Design Director

“Thanks to the modern lines and simple design of these candle holders, I think the gold version is a winner. Let their luxe-modern vibe lead the way for upgrading your existing table decor. I’d match mine with pristine white plates and sculptural serveware.” – Jade Thomson, Features Editor

Silver Bowls v. Gold Bowls

“The Natural & Silver Cascita bowl is the perfect addition to any coffee table or bedside. The soft grey tones really compliment the silver making it a versatile piece.” – Carina Bartle, Sales & Marketing Director

“We recently used the crystal and gold bowl in our Tower Bridge project and it looked extremely luxurious.” – Joanne Quinn, Interior Designer

Silver Frames v. Gold Frames

“Silver photo frames are always a classic so, for me, it doesn’t get much better than the silver version of this Ralph Lauren Cove frame. Like most Ralph Lauren pieces, it will never go out of style. I could easily gift this to most of my family or friends for any event – a wedding, a new baby, a new home…” – Jonathan Holmes, Founder & CEO

“A gold photo frame is an easy way to add a little luxury to your decor (especially if you’re working with rich tones) without going overboard and the Cove frame is such a timeless style.” – Jessica Harding, Senior Buyer

Silver Table Lamps v. Gold Table Lamps

AERIN’s Dover table lamp in burnished silver leaf is a great example of what I’ve grown to love about silver decor. It’s understated in the best possible way and would look killer in a monochromatic space.” – Jade

“The gold conical shape makes the Dover table lamp a really modern piece and I love the warmth of the gold tone against the classic white shade.” – Carina

Silver Vases v. Gold Vases

“Love the Alex McCarthy Ravine vase! I think it’s more of a pewter than it is silver but I still love it!” – Molly Meadway, Buyers Assistant

“I love the Alex McCarthy vase in gold lustre. It is such a statement piece with lots of texture.” – Joanne

Gold Starburst Sculptures v. Silver Starburst Sculptures

“I’d recommend the Halo in silver for anyone wanting a slight Neo-Mid-century vibe without having to adopt the whole style. Its sunburst design is a modern take on the designs of the 1950s whilst its silver tone gives a modern angle and works particularly well with the convex silver mirror centre.” – Jessica

“I can already tell the bronze Halo Sculpture is going to be a regular feature in our interiors projects. It’s the perfect piece for an open shelving unit, console table, kitchen shelf… It’ll work anywhere.” – Joanne

Silver Mirrors v. Gold Mirrors

“I do really like the fact that the Zeta mirror’s pewter finish isn’t the classic super polished, shiny silver though – it’s more of a brushed silver finish giving it a less shiny look.” – Molly

“We recently used the Zeta Mirror in Mayan Bronze in our Riverside Apartment collection so I’m a big fan of that one at the moment. I do think that mirrors are an easy way to approach the gold trend without being too trendy because gold mirrors aren’t without precedent.” – Linda

Silver Sconces v. Gold Sconces

“I think the Utopia Double Wall Light in polished nickel is just lovely. The combination of luxurious nickel and frosted glass paired with the tactile detailing of the carved bronze to makes for a very interesting piece.” – Sam Aylott, Furniture Designer

“The gold finish of the Utopia double wall light is particularly timeless. Adding a brightness to the interior through hardware and metal finishes can really create a dynamic touch to the room without going overboard.” – Rhiannan

Gold Bookends v. Silver Bookends

“I think the silver finish of the Globe bookends is a great way to update a traditional piece which, if you’re not going for a traditional look but still want something with a timeless appeal, works well.” – Jade

“Brass is such a great accent metal in a masculine home office and I’ve used it often as trim on really smart desks, bookcases and chairs so these Globe bookends would be brilliant to tie in with that. There’s a sense of antiquity with the globe motif combined with the brass.” – Sam

Silver Candles v. Gold Candles

“Both the Electrum Kheops and the Electrum Khephren are used in almost all of our interior design projects because they’re so versatile. Baobab candles are always beautifully packaged and the smell is unmatched. I currently have the silver in my own home and I don’t even need to light it to enjoy the smell.” – Linda

“I think the super sleek design of the Electrum Khephren candle works well with the gold finish – it keeps it modern. And the subtle hammered texture is all it really needs. But the gold and silver have different scents so they’ve both got their own advantages.” – Sam

Silver Rugs v. Gold Rugs

“Silver rugs are perfect for the sharp look I tend to favour so I love the Mad Men rug in silver. I’ve got a graphite Holmes sofa that would look amazing with this.” – Jonathan

“I really like the warmth the gold brings to the Mad Men rug. I’d offset the abstract patterns with really unique furniture pieces (maybe a curved Vladimir Kagan sofa) and a gold statement chandelier.” – Jade

Gold Sputnik Chandeliers v. Silver Sputnik Chandeliers

“The Arteriors Zanadoo chandelier is very provocative and a great key piece in a room. I’ve seen many interiors include this sputnik light and it really makes the space. I think the silver is a great balance of statement and understated.” – Sam

“The Zanadoo is amazing, especially in brass. The way its rays emanate from the middle at all different lengths and angles – it’s so dynamic. It’s perfect to make a statement above a dining table or in a grand entryway.” – Carina

Silver Desk Sculptures v. Gold Desk Sculptures

“As hard as I try to keep a clean desk, I’ve always got so much going on so my desk is usually full of papers. Something like this silver objet could act as a paperweight and a decor piece all in one.” – Jonathan

“Both! I can’t count the number of times I’ve used little decor pieces like the Serra and Koons objets in projects, whether on desks or bookshelves or coffee tables. They save the day every time.” – Linda