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Designer Brands: Guaxs

Designer Brands: Guaxs

Discover why designers love these versatile wares for their interior design projects

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

It seems that a London interior can’t exist without a few tell-tale elements: abstract artwork, tailored upholstery, a blue-grey colour palette and Guaxs.

We spot the German glassware brand so often in interior designers’ project shots that it was high time to ask the designers why they love the brand so much. Read on to hear the thoughts of Binkie Moorhead of BM Design, Charu Gandhi of Elicyon, Laura Hammett, Rachel Winham and Karen Howes of Taylor Howes.

"Guaxs vases are an interior stylist’s dream." – Binkie Moorhead

Reason 1: Guaxs pieces work in any space

Binkie Moorhead of BM Design reveals, I love the organic shapes and that each collection is designed in multiple sizes and colours, which work perfectly in any interiors scheme. Not only that, they can be used in all areas of the home from living rooms to bedrooms and from bathrooms to kitchens and from coffee tables to bookshelves and bedside tables to stairs. The range is so diverse, I love to place them both on coffee tables and side tables as the hero piece, but also within a set of shelves to create a playful display complimenting other objet such as a vintage car model or decorative picture frames, says Charu Gandhi of Elicyon and Laura Hammett adds, “Their shapes are really interesting. You can do quite a lot of different arrangements, like a wide coffee table arrangement or something small on a bedside. There’s a lot of variety.”

Designer Brands, Guaxs – (L-R) BM Design, Elicyon, BM Design – Shop Guaxs at
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"When it comes to dressing and styling in all types of properties, we always aim to find a variety of tones, textures and shapes to bring interest to a space and Guaxs are a ‘go-to’ for providing an impressive range of pieces that achieve those very qualities." – Karen Howes

Reason 2: Diaphanous glass is effortlessly elegant

The true beauty of Guaxs pieces comes from their carefully faceted, ridged and buffed surfaces which evoke natural patterns such as pebbled beaches and striped rock faces. Light play is a major factor in displaying Guaxs wares (which is why they work so well in lit shelving units or with candles) so that each and every one of the handcrafted marks is expressed perfectly. Showcasing the brand’s carefully hand-formed markings, a dainty posy bowl filled with a trio of roses offers this Laura Hammett dressing table fresh interest. The same technique is used by Rachel Winham and Helen Green Design in two dining room settings. The sheer glass is delicate whilst the pop of colour adds excitement.

Designer Brands, Guaxs – (L-R) Laura Hammett, Rachel Winham, Helen Green – Shop Guaxs at
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Reason 3: Guaxs vases enhance all types of floral arrangements

Whilst some vase designs are very much suited to a particular floral arrangement (crystal vases for roses or metallic cubes for succulents), Guaxs vases enhance all floral arrangements, styles and colours. Because of their organic influences, the designs are subtle enough for the most elaborate arrangements and chic enough to elevate the simplest. Filled with pretty blooms, the brand’s designs decorate the projects of many interior designers, whether modern and edgy or elegant and timeless. Here, Rachel Winham pairs a grooved Guaxs vase and a geometric objet – their shapes mirroring each other in their own unique way – with a modern flurry of hydrangeas and eucalyptus. Laura Hammett, the master of transitional interiors, pairs Guaxs vases with roses and lilies, surrounded by traditional silhouettes and upholstery, rendering them new classics.

Designer Brands, Guaxs – (L-R) Rachel Winham, Elicyon, Laura Hammett– Shop Guaxs at
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"We love the Guaxs collection here at Rachel Winham Interior Design. We recently used a green round vase that works perfectly for dressing gorgeous white hydrangeas. A great accessory in any space!" – Rachel Winham

Reason 4: Guaxs pieces are beautiful, filled or empty

Because of their sculptural shapes and interesting colours, Guaxs vases and bowls make a statement whether filled or empty. Charu explains, “Depending on the piece, they are both wonderful to fill with our amazing floral displays that we create, or leave them empty to celebrate a particular form, colour or texture.” Filled, the vases act as beautiful vessels for the spaces’ floral arrangements; left bare, the designs take on a sculptural effect.

Reason 5: Guaxs products are all that’s good about hand-craftsmanship

Each and every single Guaxs piece is carefully handcrafted making each a unique sculpture in its own right. Karen Howes of Taylor Howes explains, “With a subtle asymmetry to every piece and multi-faceted signature style, the vases provide a unique handmade yet high-end aesthetic to any scheme.” Similarly, Laura recognises their individual character and views them as sculptural pieces in their own right. “We do a lot of lighting integrated into our joinery”, the designer reveals, “and I love doing backlighting when I’m styling. Something I really love about them is you get amazing light quality coming through the glass as it gets thinner. On their own, as sculptural pieces, when you’re styling with backlighting, they’re really effective.” Modern-day artisanship at its best.

Designer Brands, Guaxs – (L-R) Taylor Howes, Laura Hammett, Elicyon – Shop Guaxs at
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"We really enjoy using Guaxs in our projects at Elicyon – the pieces beautifully combine the artisan textures of mouth-blown glass with contemporary silhouettes." – Charu Gandhi

Reason 6: They offer a nice change from plain glass

With their interesting textures, finishes and vast colour palette ranging from intense jewel tones to subtle naturals, Guaxs vases, bowls and lighting stand apart from other glassware. As Laura explains, “I’ve got a real pet hate for clear glass. I just find it looks very plain and a little bit boring, especially for us because we use a lot of silk flowers. It’s nice to have something that’s a bit more of a solid colour to disguise the fact that there’s no water.”

Designer Brands, Guaxs –Laura Hammett – Shop Guaxs at
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Reason 7: Guaxs products are value for money

“They’ve got a lovely depth to them which is difficult to find at that price point”, Laura claims, “Glassware can be very expensive if you want something that’s thick and has different tones to it – not just one solid glass colour. They do that really well for a really reasonable price.” From delicate tumblers starting from £40 to exquisite table lamps from £800+, there really is a Guaxs vase, bowl or light for every space and budget.