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7 Designer Rugs to Bring Your Room Together

6 Designer Rugs to Bring Your Room Together

Design your room from the ground up with these timeless rugs that offer instant elegance and comfort.

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

If your room just isn’t looking quite right and you can’t put your finger on it, chances are it could have something to do with your choice of rug, or absence of as the case might be. Crucial for adding depth, warmth and texture to the space, rugs offer an elevating appeal to a room that few other accessories can. 

With plenty to choose from, rugs come in all sorts of designs ranging from the simplistic to the striking. Here are 6 of our favourites, all designed by expert craftsmen with an eye for the exceptional.

Rush Rug, Taupe by Calvin Klein

With its soft greys, creamy whites and subtle golden veining, the Rush rug would make an excellent addition to a contemporary living room or bedroom. Complement with golden accents throughout the space and balance with deeper charcoal pieces such as cushions and throws to balance out its bright feel. Though unsurprising from a brand that is known for its modern designs with a classic edge, this rug boasts a noteworthy texture that not only feels luxurious but also dimensional.

Maxwell Rug, Grey by Nourison

The Maxwell rug is striking in its design yet understated in its colour palette making it surprisingly versatile. Featuring a scene evocative of crashing waves, this piece is evidence that rugs need not be boring, instead, they can be a statement in themselves. Draw on the warm, swirling tones throughout for inspiration for the rest of your space.

Milton Duke Classic Rug, Beige by LuxDeco

The Milton Duke Classic Is a fresh take on the timeless oriental rug. Featuring warm, dusty rose tones and a pale blue background, this LuxDeco piece is a versatile choice for a traditional home. Available in a range of sizes, it would be just at home as a base layer for a large living room or as a welcoming accent in an entryway. A classic design for a reason, this design will never go out of style.

Grayson Rug, Cream by LuxDeco

Looking for a simple piece to ground your space? The Grayson rug might be just what you’re looking for. Featuring a bright cream hue and a deliciously textural weave, this rug adds to the space but never distracts. Its subtle stripe will add direction to your room, subconsciously leading the eye into the rest of the space. Layer with furniture and enjoy its clean and calming aesthetic.

Sculptural Hand-Tufted Rug, Grey by Calvin Klein

Another design by Calvin Klein, the Sculptural Hand-tufted rug is as elegant as it gets. Showcasing a subtle, cracked effect, this piece blends a fresh, cream tone with a versatile, grey hue. With its irresistibly soft 12mm pile height and its calming feel, this is the perfect choice for a serene bedroom space.

Pollo Rug III, Silver Grey by Concept Looks

Runner rugs bring much needed detail to a hallway and offer plenty of comfort underfoot. This one by concept looms features a dynamic weave of blue, cream and gold, ensuring your hallways never feel like a forgotten part of the home. Style the space with frames on the walls and paint that brings out its classic hues. This is a home addition you won’t want to part with.