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Ceramics: Designer Tips & Care Guide

Ceramics: Designer Tips & Care Guide

Quality features, style suggestions and care tips – discover all in our ceramic care guide

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

Sensing a tidal shift away from the edgy graphic trend of recent years to a more organic and natural way of thinking, the return of ceramics couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. The ancient material – made up of a clay-based compound and fired to harden – offers an inherent earthiness combined with somewhat unexpected and sometimes raw results, making it the perfect way to channel a unique look at home.

In this ceramic care guide, Sheena Notley-Griffiths of Helen Green Design shares her advice on how you should be using interesting ceramic designs in your space.

Ceramics: Expert Tips & Care Guide | Ceramic Material Information | Style Guide
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Ceramic Materials

“Hand painted ceramics such a bisque style porcelain or fine bone china add elegance to a beautifully laid dining table; although it is highly durable – and easy to identify thanks to its translucence – it is hard to find matching replacements due to its more bespoke nature. Informal dinnerware is usually made from earthenware or stoneware; it has a lower price point than porcelain, is easier to replace and is usually dishwasher friendly. Paired with soft linens and loose flower arrangements it has a more relaxed feel, perfect for the everyday.”

Placement of Ceramics

“Ceramics are an effortless way to add colour and texture to a space with their sculptural form adding a layer of interest. Shelves, mantelpieces and coffee tables are perfect for displaying ceramics but also think about underused spaces such as harder to reach shelves and awkward corners which will draw the eye to different parts of a room.”

“A collection of ceramics should be afforded adequate space; consider bespoke shelving for special pieces and group according to colour. This will add a glamorous statement to a space and also ensure that pieces are kept and displayed securely without risking damage.

Ceramics: Expert Tips & How to Care For Ceramics | Guide to Ceramic Materials | Style Guide
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Create Impact with Ceramics

“A single statement piece can add dramatic effect while a cluster of ceramics will add visual depth with overlapping shapes creating interesting layers. Vases should be grouped in odd numbers and in staggered heights to frame the display. Used in a group of similar hues, ceramics will unify unrelated objects in the same palette – even artwork – creating unity in a space."

Quality Features of Ceramics

“High quality artisan pieces can be distinguished by small irregularities which are due to the hand throwing or glazing of a piece. In bisque pottery, the thinner and more translucent the finished product, the better the quality.”

Ceramic Care tips

“Ceramics have a tendency to gather dust so they should be cleaned regularly in warm soapy water or wiped with a soft static brush.”

Ceramic Materials: Expert Tips & Care Guide | Ceramic advice | Style Guide
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