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Discover The Christmas Lookbook

Make this Christmas one for the ages.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

For many, Christmas is a precious time where family and friends gather to celebrate together, where thoughtful gifts are exchanged and special memories are made. It brings with it the promise of festive kitchen favourites, an ever-bursting events calendar and nostalgia by the sleighful. Free from many of the distractions of the outside world for a little while, it’s a time synonymous with tradition, comfort and warmth.

The scene is a favourite of the year. Glistening finishing touches bring back memories of the Christmas before. Unpacking the treasures of the decoration box accompanies dancing, festive cocktails in hand, around the tree to Bing, Mariah or jazzy Christmas classics (page 55). Tree branches are carefully adorned with special baubles, each with its own story—a gift from a grandparent, a memento from a recent travel experience, a handmade specialty that might find itself tucked strategically out of sight—as well as a few latest additions.

It’s the time of year when elevating the simplest of life’s pleasures is part of the fun. Gold-rimmed cups replace ordinary ceramic mugs ready for an afternoon hot chocolate; truffles from Belgium are taken from the pantry and arranged neatly in a bonbonniere.

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Classic Sparkle Hanging Ornament, Set of 3
Joanna Buchanan
Classic Sparkle Hanging Ornament, Set of 3

In the background, Christmas films play, filling the home with a sense of gleeful anticipation. The fresh scent of pine branches on the mantle diffuses throughout the house, only to be combined with aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger coming from the kitchen. The log fire burns, illuminating the hung stockings; its flashes of orange and gold reflected in the candle-lit scene at the table. The table is set with the finest china, crystal glasses and ribbon-wrapped crackers sit in front of guests ready to toast the joys of the year that has been.

A festive living room featuring a Christmas tree full of designer Christmas decorations, an open fireplace, luxury furniture and beautiful home accessories

Create a space worthy of your memories this year with The Christmas lookbook. Combining timeless neutrals, soft sage greens and rich ochres with the glamour of metallic accents and luxuriant foliage, you’ll step inside a world of elegance. With not a glittered reindeer in sight, this season’s coveted pieces are a lesson in designing for elevated nostalgia. A set of antique brass hurricanes, a new decanter set, a seasonal floral arrangement—you’ll keep these in your design repertoire far beyond December 25th.

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Tokyo Stool
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SM London
Tokyo Stool
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Find the perfect pieces to entertain your guests in style, shop stocking-worthy gift ideas and explore tree decorations which will rival all others. And don’t miss the glimpse inside the world of self-confessed Christmas devotee, interior designer Laura Hammett as she reflects on Christmasses past and trims a tree with her carefully wrapped exclusive LuxDeco collection. Let’s make this Christmas one for the ages.