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Discover The Outdoor Lookbook

Full of outdoor inspiration, this is your guide to al fresco design.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Replete with vibrant colour, endless texture and overflowing with an abundance of light, our outdoor spaces naturally possess much of what we strive to emulate indoors.

Ask an interior designer where they find their inspiration and the refrain is often the same: nature. Indeed, it is the purest source of inspiration for many, and to live in it—more often and more fully—is the highest goal.

From the relaxed lawns of the English countryside to the sun-baked landscapes of Tuscany, discover the landscaped designs of leading creatives (many of whom we have the pleasure of serving as LuxDeco customers and collaborators) whose work showcases the joy of living outdoors.

You’ll also find product suggestions from the world’s leading outdoor brands for a comprehensive guide on how to get the look in your own al fresco spaces. 

Every outdoor space is unique—in its surroundings, its inherent beauty and its character—requiring a respectful approach in which the integrity of the landscape is honoured.

They possess their own style, and it’s in the careful honouring of these pockets of nature, whether wild terrain or sophisticated terraces, that we become stewards of the earth; where, according to famed horticulturist Gertrude Jekyll, a garden, as the grand teacher, teaches us patience, careful watchfulness and entire trust.

A leading figure in helping us do that today, outdoor furniture brand Atmosphera combines organic materials with textures like woven rope and linen to create elegant furniture worthy of a place on a terrace or sprawling lawn.

Ethimo, an equal in luxury outdoor furniture design, balances nature, culture and tradition in its Mediterranean-inspired designs, encouraging the savouring of precious free time as only the Italians can do.

Closer to home, fine British furniture brand FBC London adventures out of the four walls of interior design to offer its creations in outdoor-ready varieties, forever blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor.

Showcasing the new pieces against a backdrop of a golden hour Berkshire landscape and serene pond outfitted with a pontoon dock, the brand’s new designs signify a high-design approach to outdoor furniture and a reimagining of garden design.

Sea-inspired Greek oases, with their fresh white linens, natural textures and patios that overlook the horizon, round out this lookbook’s thoughtful spaces.

Whichever outdoor space you find yourself in this summer, whether near or far-flung, large or small, find joy in designing a space that you can feel at home in and, once done, plan to spend every waking moment there.