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7 Effortless Pieces of Minimalist Artwork

Sometimes simple is best, discover 7 of the best pieces to enhance your walls.

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

Minimalist interior design has long been a favourite of the design work, its focus on the simple and its less is more approach encourages clean lines and fewer unnecessary pieces cluttering the home. With the absence of such clutter though, a fine line must be walked to keep you home feeling, well, like a home. For many, the solution for this is artwork that is in keeping with the minimalistic scheme. That means monochrome palettes and a focus on texture and line instead of colour and pattern. 

Here, we have rounded up 7 of our favourite pieces of minimalistic artwork to bring warmth, interest and touch of negative space to your home.

Layen Painting by Quintessa, £1,110

With its neutral hues and bold strokes, the Layen will be a stylish addition to your minimalist scheme. The warmest of the bunch, this striking piece is hand painted on stretched canvas and is available in a range of sizes. Display it in pairs for a symmetrical feel or allow its rich textures to make a statement as it stands alone.

Sketch Oil On Canvas by Pictoclub, £2,160

Masterfully hand painted in Spain using oils, this Pictoclub piece is truly one of a kind. Use it to add some drama to your space with its strong black canvas; the perfect way to create dimension and contrast in a pared back home. Featuring a white abstract design in its centre, this painting beautifully balances the arresting with the delicate.

Abstract Expression I by Liang & Eimil, £375

Simple yet striking, this minimal artwork boasts beautiful, wide brushstrokes against a crisp, clean background of white. Perfectly paired with stripped back interiors. Part of a series of three, you can make this piece as bold or subtle as you wish. Boasting a crisp black frame, try propping against the wall on a side table for a more relaxed feel.

Sapporo Painting by Pictoclub, £1,390

Add some neutral colours into your décor scheme with the Sapporo painting, defined by its use of muted beige and white hues the artwork offers a calming and contemporary sensation to your warm minimalist scheme. Combine the earthy tones with linen upholstery for a softer and more inviting take on refinement.

Kline Oil Painting on Canvas, Black by Liang & Eimil, £795

After a more dramatic feel? This Kline oil painting might be the right choice for you. Ideal for adding some personality to a blank wall, this painting would look great as a standalone piece in a dining room or entryway. Part of a limited series, the Kline is an example of Liang & Eimil’s commitment to creating classic designs with unrivalled quality.

Oland Painting by Quintessa, £740

Understated but captivating, the Oland painting proves that art isn’t all about colour. With a strikingly minimalist palette of wonky white, the intrigue of this piece lies in the dashes, dots, drips and smudges that step out from the canvas, an arresting array offering the viewer something different each time they gaze upon it.

Intangible II Print by Liang & Eimil, £485

A playful take on minimalist artwork, the Intangible II print is part of a pair. Here, it is the dynamic shapes that give this painting its eye-catching nature and appeal whilst its palette of black and a warm off-white makes it adaptable to a number of minimalist schemes. Display it above a curved bouclé sofa for an elegant look.