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Embrace Rustic Elegance: Bring The Country-Core Aesthetic Home

We take a closer look at everything you need to create the look at home.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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In the wake of Cottage-Core, interior designers are seeing a continued fascination with the enduring romance of English country living. In a move towards more refined colour palettes and natural materials, Country-Core eschews excess in favour of character and charm. Imagine a warm and inviting space adorned with pieces that celebrate the beauty of natural materials and embrace an ancient simplicity. Designers like Emma Sims-Hilditch and Rita Konig have mastered this look, blending heritage pieces with soothing colour palettes and welcoming textures. We’ve broken down the key tenets of the aesthetic to guide your journey towards an inviting and country-inspired interior.

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1. Lean into light and neutral tones

Soft hues like ecru, ivory and suede work particularly well in country-core-inspired interiors as they feel natural and reflect plenty of light around the room. Linen is a staple for interior designers when it comes to country living as it’s not only beautiful but resilient to wear too and gets softer over time. Choose a sofa like the elegant Malibu from LuxDeco to introduce a sense of calm and character into your living room. Its graceful shape references traditional but also feels timeless.

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2. Invest in an armchair 

The romance of the country is forever connected to the rituals of the fire. Investing in a cosy armchair not only encourages you to recline and relax in your home but also adds a key ingredient to your country's interior. The Caledonian Club Chair from Eichholtz is a wonderful choice as its charm will only build with age as the leather softens with time. The warm tobacco hue also blends well with a range of neutrals and warmer tones. The versatility of this piece cannot be understated as it can just as easily find a home in your living room or bedroom corner.

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3. Play with pattern

The Country-Core aesthetic features layers of subtle pattern play. Cushions offer a perfect avenue for achieving this. Layer similar tones but different prints and textures to create a cluster of cushions that feel considered. We also recommend selecting cushions of different sizes to create depth and interest in the space. Textured fabrics like tweed are especially interesting as they offer a subtle nod to country living. Our favourites for a cosy country interior include the Snowshill cushion by LuxDeco alongside the Loxley cushion from Zinc Textile and the Kiriko cushion from Black Edition.

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4. Celebrate natural materials 

Wooden furniture evokes the essence of country. Pieces that highlight the hand-made are a great match for any country home. Enhance the rustic charm of your living space with our Galloway Coffee Table by Theodore Alexander. Made from high-quality oak, it features a weathered finish and beautifully carved legs that exude a subtle yet striking elegance.

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5. Create pools of warm light with your lighting

The country-core dream relies on thoughtful and layered lighting. Pendants are complemented by wall lights and table lamps to create an interior that evolves throughout the day. Lighting fixtures like the Hulton Double Sconce lamp by Visual Comfort celebrate the graceful lines of tradition, adding illumination and wonder to your room. Balance your interior with a table lamp that features organic and sculptural ceramics. This Antoinette table lamp from Black Label by Uttermost adds a touch of modernity to your country home but still feels like a crafted treasure.

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6. Combine indoor and outdoor elements

Another excellent way to complete your Country-Core look is by bringing the outside in. Investing in good quality outdoor furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors all year round truly evokes the spirit of country living. Utilising outdoor pots or dining chairs inside offers an easy way of combining indoor and outdoor elements. Ethimo's Cronos outdoor table would be an ideal example. Its warm and inviting pickled teak would work just as well in the garden as it would in your kitchen dining area.