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Enviable Blue Kitchen Ideas

Here's how to incorporate this uplifting hue in your kitchen scheme.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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An optimistic and timeless hue, blue has been a favourite in the design world for decades and it isn’t going anywhere fast. From deep, denim blues to those that mimic the waters of the Aegean and the ever-popular duck egg variety, blue is as versatile as they come. 

One particular space that has embraced the welcoming feel of this fan-favourite colour is the kitchen. Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen lends itself well to blue tones because of their uplifting qualities. We spoke to Sims Hilditch and Studio Anton to discover why this has become such a popular colour choice and how to execute it just right. 

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Explore a Range of Blue Shades

“Blue is a colour that can be ultimately feminine or boldly masculine,” says British interior designer Emma Sims-Hilditch. “We chose the blue depending very much on the client and the location of the property. Pale blues such as Neptune Flax Blue are beautiful in the country or coastal properties. For a slick city urban look, we love deep teals and inky blues such as Edward Bulmer's Indigo, highlighted with rich brass ironmongery or some mid-century handles. If you aren't sure about the whole kitchen, then painting the Island or a dresser in blue works beautifully with rich creams such as Edward Bulmer Fawn on the kitchen cabinetry.”

If you aren't sure about the whole kitchen, then painting the Island or a dresser in blue works beautifully.
Emma Sims-Hilditch

Opt for Blue Kitchen Cabinets

“Blue is such a popular choice amongst our clients as it can be synonymously fresh and timeless when it’s executed well. Being such a versatile colour it’s important to pick a shade that looks seamless with the rest of the home. You can achieve so many different styles from classic to contemporary with a blue kitchen that planning your space carefully is key,” reveals Antonia of Studio Anton.

“For this Rectory Road project we went for a bold look that feels playful yet still traditional. Painting all of the kitchen cabinetry in this amazing shade of blue makes quite the statement, so we kept the rest of the space fairly neutral and relaxed with plenty of natural materials. The dining table legs and some of the cushions in the seating area pick up on the blue influence. The trick is balancing a sense of cohesion in the space but never letting it look overdone or too thematic.”

Blue is such a popular choice amongst our clients as it is synonymously fresh and timeless when it’s executed well.
Antonia Winkler von Stiernhelm

Consider a Country-Inspired Approach

“Blue is such a versatile colour that it can work for a wide variety of styles," says Antonia. "For clients looking for a more relaxed, county home I would recommend lighter, more muted shades. Focus on duck-egg blues and those that have a slight grey undertone and pair them with plenty of texture and natural materials for an elegant yet understated approach.”

“If you’re hesitant to paint all of your cabinetry blue,” the Cambridge-based designer explains, “there are plenty of other ways to include it in your scheme. Paint a stand alone piece of furniture, or consider incorporating it through upholstery. This can feel like a softer way to introduce colour into a space and allows you to do it through a pattern if block colour isn’t quite to your style. Dining chairs or even an armchair in the corner of the room can really stand out in an otherwise neutral scheme.”