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Explore The Scandinavian Lookbook

We take a look at the works of prominent designers from across the globe to assess what Scandinavian design means to them.

By Faaizah Shah, Editor
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Scandinavian design, a movement that emerged in the 1950s in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, is celebrated for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature. Rooted in the principles of minimalism and practical living, Scandinavian design emphasises clean lines, light, natural materials, and muted colour palettes. This philosophy is deeply influenced by the region's long, dark winters, which inspire interiors that are bright and airy, maximizing natural light to create warm and inviting spaces. The appeal of Scandinavian design lies in its ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, offering pieces that are not only beautiful but also durable and practical for everyday use. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its timeless quality and the way it harmonizes with various interior styles, promoting a clutter-free, harmonious living environment that resonates with people all over the world.

We take a look at the works of prominent designers from across the globe to assess what Scandinavian design means to them. Globally renowned firm, Norm Architects takes us on a trip to the Archipelago with their beautifully minimal residential project. They also let us take in the freshwater landscapes surrounding their Fjord Boat House project, offering an opportunity to contemplate the calm heavily embedded within Scandinavian design. We sit down with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, one of the firm’s founding partners to examine the influence of nature and why it is such a key ingredient within the melting pot of Scandinavian design.

It’s celebrated for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature.

We step inside LuxDeco 100 designers Staffan & Monique Tollgard’s Summer House project, an escape to the sandy dunes of Fanø, an island just off the southwestern coast of Denmark. The house itself was built by legendary architect Knud Holscher, with its slanted roof and clean lines a complement to the landscape. The floor-to-ceiling windows create a gallery-like effect with a series of frames through which to enjoy the surroundings. The interior lends a softness to this space with its heavily textured woven textiles, and light natural and smoked oak furniture. The couple shares their insights into the everlasting appeal of Scandinavian interiors and what makes them so endearing.

The appeal of the movement has undoubtedly stretched far and wide, constantly serving as a source of inspiration for designers across the globe. Founders of the acclaimed design studio Covet Noir, Maria Lindgren & Adele Lonergan effortlessly fuse Scandinavian modernity with British elegance in their work. As seen in their Belgravia and Dulwich projects, where the LuxDeco 100 designers champion minimalism whilst instilling warmth, comfort and character into each room. We also take a look at the work of Anthology Interiors, a creative studio based in Canada that perfectly captures the pared-back beauty of Scandinavia in each of their elegant and enticing projects.

It’s celebrated for its simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature.

For those seeking to capture some of the timeless appeal of Scandinavian design, look no further than our step-by-step guide. It considers staple features within the style as well as the importance of functionality within interior design. We highlight those objects that capture the Nordic spirit. Wooden furniture that embodies refined simplicity sits alongside cosy and comforting pieces like the Julius Armchair from Duistt. Lighting choices like the Melange Pill Sconce from Kelly Wearstler focus on creating an ambience, delivering a soft glow through a sculptural form. Accents of colour and texture are accentuated through accessories like the Gardeco’s Totem Vase. Finishing notes come in the form of our curated Serene Scandinavia playlist. Traditional folk songs sit alongside calming creations in this selection, perfect for those seeking to close their eyes and take everything in.