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Fall Tablescaping Inspiration & Ideas

The season’s offerings are sure to make the prettiest table touches

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Crisp leaves and evenings by the fire, a chill in the air and knitted layers, pumpkin spice and deep colour palettes, autumn is the promise of new beginnings and the perfect time to update your decor in keeping with the season.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or want to bring the cosy autumn season to your everyday dining table, we’ve got you covered with simple yet effective fall tablescape ideas. Plus, discover what the most popular fall colour schemes are for your table setting.

1. Gourds and Pinecones Centrepieces

Gourds, pinecones, acorns and berries are all synonymous with autumn and make an eye-catching table centrepiece when arranged together. The vibrant colours paired with the natural textures will easily bring autumn into your home. Add some light such as tall pillar candles, lanterns or tea lights to soften the look and create a more romantic atmosphere in the evening.

2. Natural Coasters

Coasters are a small and often overlooked piece of decor but they can help transform your whole table. For a fall theme, choose designer coasters in natural materials such as wood or agate stone in warm tonal colours of brown, cream and red, for maximum impact. Coasters featuring a geode pattern too will create even more interest to your table as each one will be unique.

3. Table Runners

Add a table runner to create the foundation for your table decor. Both functional and stylish, a table runner is an essential item and offers colour, texture and interest. Choose a bold, autumnal tone to tie in with the rest of your table or go for a patterned runner for a distinctive look. Bonus feature: a table runner will also protect your table from any spillages, hot plates and pans or candle wax that may drip.

4. Add Jewel Tones

There’s nothing quite like vibrant autumn colours and if you want a unique spin on the traditional orange, yellow and red fall shades, including jewel tones will create a visually striking table. If yours is a neutral table, adding a splash of colour can add life and prevent your table from looking flat. Adding gold cutlery and crockery too will add the perfect finishing touch.

5. Use Wildflowers

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still add flowers to brighten up your decor. A bouquet of wildflowers such as poppies, asters and marigolds will look beautiful in a rustic dining room placed in an antique vase. Perfect for casual settings, wildflowers will add life and nature to your table. Use faux flowers to ensure they last throughout the season and can be enjoyed in other rooms during the year.

6. Candles and Candle Holders

From tapered candles and tea lights to pillar candles and votives, adding a variety of candlelight to your table will create a cosy, soothing ambience that’s perfect for fall. Choose unscented candles for a dinner party to allow the aromas of the rich food to fill the room and fall-scented candles for casual, everyday settings. Including luxury candlestick holders with an autumnal design will complement the rest of the fall table decor.

7. Fall Wreaths

There’s no harm in bending the rules every now and then, especially when it comes to decor. Who said wreaths could only be used on the front door? Wreaths make a great table centrepiece too. With the beautiful fall foliage and colours as well as any extra added features such as pinecones and berries, including a wreath on your table will create a lovely talking point. You can also place candles in the middle or even a bottle of wine when guests are round.

8. Placemats

No table is complete without placemats. While their primary function is to protect your table from damage, spillages and hot objects, they also serve as decoration. Whether you choose matching or contrasting luxury table linen, fabric or acrylic, patterned or plain, there’s a lot to consider when choosing placemats and they’ll play a big role in your fall tablescape.

9. Garlands

Laying a fall garland through the middle of the table is a simple and effortless way of bringing in the new season. Adding colour, vibrance and style, a garland can be as full or as minimal as you’d like. Garlands can be used year after year so choose one you love and can see yourself using time and time again. Garlands can also be used to decorate a fireplace mantlepiece, shelves or any side tables you may have too.

10. Napkin Rings

Simple yet understated, luxury napkin rings can add elegance, colour and class to your fall table decor. From delicate silver to sturdy brass and shining gold, they’ll blend in extremely well with the rest of your decorations. Choosing impressive designs such as a snake or starburst napkin ring or ones which include rock crystals will instantly add flair to your table.

When it comes to decorating for fall, the number of colour schemes to choose from may seem overwhelming. From dark moody tones to neutral or bright, the options are endless. To help, we’ve outlined some of the most popular colour schemes for your fall table that will never go out of style and cater to a wide range of tastes.

Burnt Orange and Tan

If you want to go down a more traditional route, pairing a classic burnt orange shade with tan tones will create a warm and welcoming environment. Whether you use the tan shade as a base with orange accents or vice versa, you can’t go wrong with this colour scheme. Generally, tans, whites and beiges will pair well with any shade of orange and can easily create a rustic vibe.

Neutral and Copper

If your current decor is very neutral and you’d like to keep it that way whilst adding splashes of fall colour, copper will brighten up your space, add interest and create the desired autumnal warmth. Choosing white or beige tableware, candles or flowers with copper cutlery and crockery creates a simple yet stunning tablescape.

Burgundy and Navy

For those who are fans of the dark side and want to incorporate moody tones into their home decor, then a burgundy and navy colour scheme is perfect. These two tones complement each other flawlessly and offer an alternative to the traditional fall colour schemes. Include metallic accents to create an even richer look and to break up the darker tones.

Olive Green and Brown

Olive green and brown is a warm, rich combination that is reminiscent of nature and the earth—the focus of fall. It’s a unique but fitting colour scheme for the season. Olive accents brighten up shades of brown to create a harmonious balance. You can even incorporate cream accents or shades of aubergine for an extra splash of distinctive colour.

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