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Gemstone Meanings: What do your coloured jewel-tone cushions represent?

Gemstone Meanings: What do your coloured jewel-tone cushions represent?

Calming, cleansing, creative – channel your chosen energy

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Since the early pages of the history books – dating right back to Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek times – crystals and gemstones have been associated with a wealth of magical properties. From healing and cleansing qualities to beauty benefits (sold already?), these coloured stones are still prized today because of their powers for the mind, body and soul.

It’s a philosophy that’s caught on in the A-list world – Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang and Miranda Kerr are just a few of the celebrity names to advocate the effects of crystal healing. And with jewel-tone designer cushions trending right now, what better time to reflect on the meaning behind some of our favourite gems? Choose your favourite tone to channel style and nod to the energies you hope to welcome in your home this year.


Ranging from lilac to violet, amethyst is a crystal from the quartz family and also known as the birthstone for February. In Ancient Greek mythology, the stone was thought to be antidote for alcohol intoxication. It’s also thought to bestow strength and inner peace, calming emotions and enhancing clarity of the mind. Easing sleep, reducing stress, aiding victory, bravery and prophecy are some of the other properties associated with the purple wonder.

STYLE POWER: Depending on its colour intensity, amethyst can stay subtle or take centre stage. We love it teamed with cool neutrals – think purple on a backdrop of charcoal grey, or mixed with silver hues for a luxe alternative.


As its name suggests, Citrine is a yellow variation of crystal, which is associated with the sun and thought to warm and energise. It’s November’s birthstone and a happy crystal that’s noted for channelling radiance and positive energy, as well as encouraging motivation, confidence and success. Courage, hope and creativity are also linked to the stone, which has cleansing and regenerating qualities, too. Other virtues include self-improvement, inspiration and imagination.

STYLE POWER: Citrine hues always win because they add instant vibrancy. Rich and inviting, pepper the colourway throughout your interior to create a space you and your guests won’t ever want to leave.


Known as May’s birthstone and the stone of the goddess Venus, emerald preempts successful, abundant love. The deep green jewel is thought to embody nature, and gives off vitality and a soothing energy. Notions of well-being, fertility and rebirth are connected to the stone. It’s also said to bring reason, wisdom and hope. For centuries, the precious stone has been revered in many cultures and treasured by historic icons, such as Cleopatra, which makes it good enough for us.

STYLE POWER: With greenery named as Pantone’s colour of the year, expect the green spectrum to be big this year. Lush emerald shades are the chic and elevated way to get on board with the trend. Inject opulence via high-sheen satin or matte velvet designs to immerse yourself in your very own Emerald City.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is celebrated for being a powerful protection stone with defensive qualities. It's thought to boost confidence, structure and authority whilst warding off negative emotions such as stress, confusion and grief. Stamina and self-control come with the dark gem, which is also referred to as a symbol of earth. If you’re looking to balance and ground your emotions or seeking good fortune and judgement, this stone is said to be your solution.

STYLE POWER: The king of iconic impact and timeless appeal, you can trust black to always deliver. Don’t be shy to pair it with stark whites – bold simplicity never fails and a few warm metallic accents will soften your look.


Reminiscent of deep blue seas and skies, sapphire is recognised for representing truth and peace. It’s a stone of youth and royalty and favoured for releasing calming vibrations. Promoting focus and learning is another of its charms, not to mention offering insight and protective powers from harm. September’s birthstone is also sometimes referred to as a symbol of the heavens and is often coupled with the notions of innocence, truth, joy and beauty.

STYLE POWER: High on decadence and suited to summer and winter, sapphire tones will see you through the seasons in style. Mix and match different shades to create a captivating sea of blue across your sofa.