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5 Dark & Moody Interior Design Ideas

5 Dark & Moody Interior Design Ideas

Here’s an attitude problem we don’t have any issues with

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Purist modern interiors are very refreshing and brilliantly uncomplicated but we are quite fond of the attitude change of modern interior projects of late. Offering a dramatic sea-change in the minimalist aesthetic, dark and moody interior design spaces like this one by hot Australian interior designer Greg Natale are unexpectedly inviting. Colour palettes are anchored by shadowy blacks, navies and greys whilst the whole look hinges on a rebellious sensibility. Here’s how to create a dark and moody interior design space that’s more gorgeous than gloomy.

1. Strike A Balance

The trick is to balance saturated hues with crisp white and metallic tones. These highlights simultaneously emphasise the room’s depth and prevent the space from becoming too heavy.

2. Give Preference To Sleek Finishes

Keep finishes sleek. Mirror, metallics and glass are all winners. Save tactile fabrics for upholstered pieces and floor coverings to ensure a comfortable space.

3. Add A Colour Pop

Moody doesn’t mean sombre in this case – it means slick. Embrace the look’s dark tones but don’t be afraid to add pops of colour through your accessories. A bright blue cushion and contrasting orchid display bring this room together.

4. Use Cool Patterns

Patterns should be kept to a minimum – imagine it as style concentrate – and be nothing short of dangerously cool. This is no place for traditional florals or even more masculine plaids. A geometric motif or a stylised zebra print mirrors the style’s nonchalant confidence.

5. Choose Atmospheric Lighting

Even more than usual, lighting is paramount here. Layer your scheme with atmospheric wall sconces and table lamps with dark shades which don’t let any bare light escape. Designs operated by a dimmer can keep light at the optimum level at any time of the day.

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