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Get The Look: Eaton Square Collection

Get The Look: Eaton Square Collection

Channel the timeless new look with a nod, a redirection or a full makeover

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

In need of a refresh? Then you’re likely trying to determine where to start. Do you just need a few accessories or is a more comprehensive rethink in order? From a light touch to redefining your look to an all-out makeover, a change of pace will breathe new life into your home.

Recreate our newest collection – Eaton Square – at any level of your design process with top picks for mastering each step.

A Light Touch

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You like your current aesthetic but you need to shake things up a little (it happens to the best of us from time to time). Considered accents are the least intimidating and most immediate way to introduce a new look. These interior accessories are usually the first resort for trying out a new colour, texture or pattern and they’re also essential for creating that layered look.

The Eaton Square collection’s accessories are like colour concentrate, representing its pops of accent mustard and ochre which enhance its neutral palette. A tactile mustard mohair throw draped over a sofa, an occasional chair updated with the addition of a gold-flecked ikat cushion or a console table vignette rethought by a few sculptural additions take 30 seconds to place and speak volumes of your new style.

Redefining Your Look

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Small accessories are the proverbial toe in the water but if you’re serious about redefining your look you’ll need to advance to the bigger leagues. When you’re ready to up the ante and take your look from being simply accessorised by a new look to being defined by it, make use of accent colour upholstery, directional rugs and pieces that translate the look into other rooms. These are a confident way to enter the transitional phase of a room renovation.

Adding new additions to a room which has already gathered a style of its own requires a certain level of “style it with” know how. Harmonise recent and existing pieces by familiarising yourself with the dimensions of both and matching colour and pattern samples. Redefining your look shouldn’t mean that your space now feels eclectic and, if the renovation were to stop at this stage, the final look shouldn’t feel unfinished.

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All Out Makeover

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Sometimes you’ve got to employ drastic measures to get the results you want. Giving your space a complete overhaul with a full room complement is the most direct route from worn to wow. (Although, note, any room transformation should always be layered with existing pieces, collected over the years, to avoid killing your room’s personality.) Whether destined for a new home or a redo of an existing one, this design strategy will benefit your space in two ways – the arrangement will feel like a cohesive whole and instil an inherent freshness.

Subscribing to a full new look takes some forethought, however – most important of which is how a style will fare over time. Basing its aesthetic on the refinement of its inspirational postcode, the Eaton Square collection offers a double advantage in the form of a timeless palette, which lends itself to a variety of spaces, and classic motifs.

Well-favoured silhouettes (such as the contemporary rework of a camelback sofa or cut-away console table) are sure choices for enduring style. Well-appointed fine art is also a key indicator of a commitment to a new style and should enhance an existing collection or influence the collection which is to follow.