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How I Live Beautifully with Camila Carril: Coffee Table Styling

Discover the secret to elevating your coffee table.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

As a style aficionado who's fresh from completing a renovation of her London home, London-based social media influencer Camila Carril knows a thing or two about making things look picture perfect. And she's well aware that the coffee table, as the focal point of any living room, is essential to a well thought through scheme. Here, she takes us through the pieces she uses to style her vintage marble coffee table and how she arranges them to tell a story that enhances the space.

Combining vintage finds with pieces from her travels and some newer treasures she bought along the way, Carril styles her coffee table, made up of three separate platforms, in a way that each one tells a story. Using coffee table books as a base for sculptures and faux florals to add some texture and life to the room are just a few of her tips. Oh, and, of course, a bonbonniere for her guests.