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How I Live Beautifully with Camila Carril: Shelf Styling

The perfect way to style your storage.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

You'll find open shelving in most homes, whether it's a bookcase that takes centre stage in the living room or two small shelves in the kitchen, they play an essential part in offering storage as well as acting as a place to showcase our most treasured possessions. The trick to open shelving enhancing your space, and not just becoming a dumping ground that you wish had some cupboard doors, is to know how to style them. Here, social media influencer Camilla Carril explains how she perfectly styles hers and the secret to creating a balanced look.

Choosing to style each shelf as a story in its own right whilst balancing all of the shelves so that they compliment each other as a whole is no easy task. Camila advises to have a few colours that flow throughout, a few sentimental pieces to create a truly personal display and an array of textures to add plenty of depth and interest. Watch the video to discover the pieces she's used and how she styles them for her own home.