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How The Design Industry Is Rallying To 'Think Big, Shop Small'

Jonathan Holmes
By Jonathan Holmes, Founder & CEO

We believe in the power of our community. It’s why we decided to launch Think Big, Shop Small—our campaign to support small and independent design brands in their time of need—in the first place. And it’s also why we weren’t surprised when our community wholeheartedly backed the campaign and the one-of-a-kind work featured in it.

Think Big, Shop Small has seen LuxDeco make a host of commitments, including doubling our marketing spend for a month and dedicating the increased spend to the promotion of smaller and independent design brands and artisans who need us. To encourage our customers to support Think Big, Shop Small, we are also offering a 10% discount on all products from small and independent design brands and artisans for the next 30 days.

As, one by one, customers, social followers, design professionals and brands, shared kind words, posted about the brands featured, and gave of their time to be personally involved in the campaign since its launch on Tuesday, we were touched. And it’s to that community—our community—that we want to say thank you. Your support is crucial in sustaining those brands and artisans who are most likely to be hit hardest by the current shutdowns.

‘Think Big, Shop Small’ is designed to bring these brilliant small brands and artisans to the attention of our customers and to provide them with the exposure, resources and tools they need in order to prevail. — Jonathan Holmes

Whilst still in its early days, our campaign’s first five days have garnered a promising uplift in sales for these small and independent brands for what’s sure to be a palpable boon at such a precarious time. The featured brands benefitted from a 126% increase in product views and, even more excitingly, a 342% week-on-week increase in sales. LuxDeco’s buying team has also begun conversations with 10 new brands for fast-track onboarding with many more waiting, and has prioritised the new collections of many existing small and independent brands and artisans.

Here are just a few of the other kind people who are making this campaign the success that it is.

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Sharing Really Is Caring: The Campaign Receives Positive Social Feedback

Word of Think Big, Shop Small made its way around the social media world within hours of its launch with supportive posts coming from local followers and from as far away as India—an indication of how connected the design community can be when it rallies together, as well as the obvious support around the world for those who contribute so much to the global design story.

For me this time being at home is about indulging in beauty and comfort, and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. It’s the best medicine. — Laura Hammett

Interior design studios Laura Hammett, Celine Interior Design, Hill House Interiors, Helen Green Design Studio and Accouter Design were just a few of the international design community who shared the campaign on their social channels, accompanied by “Spread The Word” gifs, screenshots of some of their favourite picks, and high five and holding hands emojis—a reference to the campaign’s clasped hands heart logo.

Tabitha Willett—social influencer and former marketing director of private member’s club Albert’s—said of the Think Big, Shop Small selection, “I could be here all day because everything on it is gorgeous.” Indeed—a result of passion and careful handcrafting.

London-based interior design studio Sixty3 London took to social media to share its thoughts on the campaign and to highlight a few of its favourite pieces—Alexandra Shorey’s horse sculptures, Alga’s Grace chairs, Quintessa’s Bazon painting, and Heathfield’s Andromeda pendant light—many of which have been used in its projects.

Emma Worthington of @swoon_love similarly shared some of her favourite items. Expressing that “we all want cosy homes right now”, the social media influencer posted Forwood Design’s Barley Desk Tray (which she reveals she keeps her earrings in), and shared that she had ordered the Suffolk-based brand’s Grey Pearl Legume Slice Bowl.

Looking forward to the future of the campaign, we hope to expand its outreach so that it can touch the lives of even more independent brands and artisans around the world.

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In Good Company: The Launch of Designer Edits

Intimately familiar with beautiful things and equally beautiful craftsmanship, the industry’s leading designers and influencers were keen to show their support by creating exclusive individual edits. Some interior designers have enjoyed exploring new brands which were previously unknown to them, whilst others have enjoyed supporting brands which they regularly turn to for their high-end design projects.

I will always have a much better appreciation for one-of-a-kind, specially made pieces that suggest personal choice, preferences and beliefs. — Jean-Louis Deniot

Speaking of his respect for LuxDeco's "sense of aesthetic and high-quality products", celebrated Jean-Louis Deniot explained, "Independent brands will always represent an independent point of view and approach. Nowadays, we all wish to be a part of a specific tribe, and the independent brands that you choose represent your preferred tribe’s aesthetic. I will always have a much better appreciation for one-of-a-kind, specially made pieces that suggest personal choice, preferences and beliefs." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Laura Hammett, of her Think Big, Shop Small edit, put it this way: “So many of my favourite pieces are included in this campaign but here’s my short list which is a mix of fine furniture, accessories and some home luxuries. For me this time being at home is about indulging in beauty and comfort, and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. It’s the best medicine.” We agree, and if that comes with the added bonus of encouraging continued creativity then even better.

And when asked what drew him to Think Big, Shop Small, Philip Vergeylen, Director of Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam, explained, “I have always loved to work with real artisans. Craftsmanship is becoming rarer and, at the same time, more precious and more appreciated. Our recent partnership with San Patrigiano is good example of this,” referring to the studio’s heritage-inspired wallpaper collaboration. “It combined philanthropy with a passion for skills and beauty.” LuxDeco applauds the existing charitable work of renowned industry names and appreciates their involvement and support.

I have always loved to work with real artisans. Craftsmanship is becoming rarer and, at the same time, more precious and more appreciated. — Philip Vergeylen

Moving across the pond, Think Big, Shop Small took on a California maximalist vibe thanks to LA designer Ryan Saghian. “As a small business owner, I think the most important thing during this time is to stand together as one,” he said in his conversation with LuxDeco’s team about the campaign. His edit—characteristically bold—features the plush emerald green Natalie bed by Portuguese furniture brand Domkapa, Muranti’s black lacquer and poplar root Hematite side table, and a nouveau Art Deco sideboard with laser-like brass inlays by British brand Hyde House.

But the industry support doesn’t stop there. The campaign’s second week promises edits from more leading designers and influencers, including Sophie Paterson, Natalia Miyar, Ashley Stark of Stark Carpets, Charu Gandhi and Cecilia Halling Howells of Elicyon, Flavia Stuttgen, Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design, and Victoria Aspinall.

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Cheering The Beneficiaries: Brand Successes So Far

Not only an industry-acclaimed success, the campaign has so far proven to be a great commercial success for the small and independent brands it supports.

“We’re really pleased with the sales the campaign has generated so far,” reveals Jonathon Warren, LuxDeco’s Commercial Director. “We knew that the first few weeks would potentially be very unsettling for these small and independent brands as they try to adapt to this ‘new normal’ with everything still being very unknown. So it’s been satisfying for us to say to them, ‘We’re here to help, and our community is too.’ We’re really proud of how the community is responding to this initiative. There’s still a lot we hope to achieve with the campaign, but it’s off to a great start and long may it continue. These brands really need it.”

Alex McCarthy is one of these artisans who is due to benefit from the campaign’s small brand priority promise. “Really appreciate the support from @luxdeco,” he said in an Instagram post on Think Big, Shop Small’s launch day, “I have been working with them for over 4 years, they are a great company and lovely of them to get behind their artisans and independent brands at this tough time.”

Representing the newer members of the LuxDeco family, contemporary furniture brand Loom also features as part of the 'Think Big, Shop Small' campaign. Co-Founder & Director at Loom Furniture Jake Horne reveals, "We are delighted to have recently joined the LuxDeco family. We as a company have never been afraid of changes or new challenges which is how we are able to see this new era of uncertainty as an opportunity to be both creative and reflective. Maintaining a close relationship with our key network of suppliers and clients has always been the key to our success of which we feel is important now more than ever. We look forward to forming new relationships over the coming months and thank LuxDeco for their support."

Continuing as we wish to go on, the LuxDeco team is gearing up for the campaign’s second week, determined to be an ally to these inspiring creators, to be a champion of creativity, and to use our platform as a force for good.