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How To Choose The Perfect Luxury Cushions For Your Sofa

Stuck on cushions? Here are some ideas of what to look for

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Cushions claiming to be luxury cushions aren’t hard to come by, but not all cushions are made alike. And neither, certainly, are all cushions displays. Here are some cushion styling ideas to try for your sofa and some key quality elements you should look for.

1. Opposite Cushions Attract

If you’re looking to go for maximum impact, try accessorising your sofa or armchair with contrasting cushions. Blue and white, black and white, leopard print on plain, plain on stripes—the world is your oyster. Block-colour options work well with a patterned couch, whereas a printed or embellished offering is a no-brainer for adding interest to a simple design.

2. Go tonal with your cushions

An alternative to eye-catching contrasts would be incorporating subtle tones. Match your cushions to the colours which already exist in your room and include varying shades of that tone, ranging from light to dark. This technique works particularly well with neutrals as any designer worth their salt would attest.

How To Choose The Perfect Cushions For Your Sofa |
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3. Choose textured cushions

To add depth to your interior, look for beautiful fabrics, patterns or appliqués. Think fur, suede and velvet options for a truly sumptuous look. Choose designs which use the fabrics of reputable fabric houses to ensure quality. Beaded, embroidered or woven cushions offer something a little bit different as well and add plenty of texture. The time and effort required for these designs are instantly apparent making them worthy of their luxury title.

4. Mix and match your cushions

A mixture of sizes, colours and patterns will ensure your designer cushions don’t look out of place but rather a cohesive mix of choices with at least one element (colour, fabric or pattern) in common. The smaller ones will be at the front so they can be the most elaborate. And remember the rule of large, medium and small prints when combining patterns.

5. Choose cushion designs that match your personality

Brighten up your room and allow your cushions to reflect on your personality by choosing designs that speak to you. Animal designs are no longer the accessories of crazy cat ladies and playful patterns can really perk a sofa up. Check out MissoniHome if you're into fabrics with a boho bent; Jonathan Adler if retro is your thing; Fameed Khalique if you're a sucker for embellishments; Adamsbro for classic equestrian; and yours truly for timeless transitional.