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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree 

Follow these tips for a tree worthy of attention

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

The twinkling heart of the festive season, the Christmas tree is the most beguiling of decorations in every celebrating home. Adorned in treasured baubles, fairy lights and delicate figurines, this arboreal delight definitively marks the start of the celebrations. Whether you're after a designer Christmas tree feel or are struggling to decorate a particularly large Christmas tree, just get your favourite Christmas playlist on and follow these simple steps to creating a delightfully festive treescape.

Luxury Christmas Tree Decorations - gold and neutrals

Choose your palette

A refined tree design starts with a considered palette. Survey your existing bauble collection, paying close attention to any emerging accent colours and materials which might suggest a suitable colour scheme. A guide palette identified, start by collecting additional pieces which nod to that scheme, finding pieces which tap into lighter and deeper hues of your chosen colour, as well as a dose of goes-with-everything neutrals. Mirroring these tones and colours in your decorations will instantly elevate your space and make for a cohesive feel throughout your home. Remember that touches of silver and gold decor go a long way for brining a hint of glamour to the space. The tree naturally provides a verdant green hue that brings a natural ease to any scheme, so continue the look across mantels, balustrades and door frames with wreaths and garlands or even consider green decor for a look that never fails to look timeless and elegant.

Trim the tree in lights

An all-important part of a Christmas tree’s magic—fairy lights. No tree or Christmas season, for that matter, is complete without them. Avoid a chilly scene by opting for warm-toned bulbs which bounce light beautifully off of your ornaments and create an intimate ambience in your living space. Practically, when placing each strand, remember to light the inside, middle and outside of the branches for a fuller display, and try not to have any strands swagging from branch to branch—instead place strands along the natural run of the branch. A pro tip: squint slightly with the fairy lights on to assess if they’re evenly distributed. You’ll be able to see darkened spots more easily. Little details like this can make all the difference.

Embrace variety

Apart from a really great colour palette, an overall sense of cohesion and a nostalgia-inducing number of fairy lights, your tree should have lots and lots of interest. Texture, size, material, shape, finish—variety adds depth and character to a tree. Consider natural materials such as linen or wool for added variation and metallic and glass touches for a nod of elegance. Placement is also key. Separate similar baubles (try not to place them in rows) and don’t forget to place some further into the branches to make your tree look even more abundant.

Don’t forget the gifts

No doubt you take plenty of care each year selecting the perfect presents for your loved ones to then display them under the tree for the weeks approaching the big day. Don’t underestimate the part beautifully wrapped gifts play in the overall look of a tree, as well as upping the initial wow factor wrapping can add to the act of gift giving. Often simple is best, but playing with papers and ribbons that match the textures, tones and overall style of the tree can make a big impact and add to the sense of anticipation throughout the season. Consider adding a small sprig of foliage or a small ornament to the bow of each ornament for an extra-special touch.