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How To Dress Up A Front Door This Fall

Yours will be the most well-decorated front door in the neighbourhood, bar none

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Your front door bears the huge responsibility of creating a good first impression and setting the mood for the rest of your home. An unkempt or unconsidered front door will make others presume the rest of your home is just as untidy or uninteresting. But a well-kept, pretty front door— That’s the kind that will catch the eye of casual passersby and create a warm welcome for your guests.

With the seasons swiftly changing and the world turning into varying shades of red, orange and brown, you may find yourself wanting to decorate your front door with some stylish fall decor. Whether it’s for the upcoming holidays, to impress loved ones, or just to show your appreciation for arguably the year’s most romantic season, we’ve created a list of seven ways to spruce up your front door this fall.

1. A Show-stopping Luxury Fall Flower Arrangement

Luxury artificial flowers can create a world of difference to your front door, making it stand out from the rest and upping the ante of your friendly neighbourhood style contest. Flowers can bring a fresh breath of life into any space and give your home a well put-together look. If you have a porch, you have the perfect opportunity to decorate it with a selection of artificial flower arrangements. Or choose hanging baskets on either side of your door filled with deep red, purple and orange flowers, in keeping with the season.

2. A much-needed seasonal Outdoor Rug

Able to withstand plenty of wear and tear as well as harsh weather conditions, outdoor rugs and mats not only create a cosy, inviting look for a firmly outdoor space, but also prevent you from tracking dirt inside. Choosing a seasonal outdoor rug or doormat in fall colours or with an autumnal pattern (something elegant and organic) is a simple way of giving your front door a quintessentially fall look.

3. A Charming Pumpkin Display

Nothing says fall quite like a display of pumpkins. With the pumpkin season falling between September and November, these rotund favourites are synonymous with fall and usually feature in a fall lover's repertoire. Placing an arrangement of different shapes, sizes and coloured pumpkins by your front door, or on a porch, will instantly give your home a warm, autumnal aesthetic.

4. A Beautiful Fall Wreath For Your Door

A wreath is an easy way to brighten up your front door. Whether you choose a real or artificial one, floral or foliage, a luxury wreath can’t help but look incredible and bring in the cosy sentiments of the season. There are inordinate styles of fall wreaths too, from bright and outlandish to subtle and sophisticated. Opt for monochromatic foliage design suspended by the thickest silk ribbon you can find for a truly lasting display.

5. A Spectacular Fall Garland Show

If you have a particularly large front door, a fall garland swag would look spectacular draped along the top and cascading down to the ground. Garlands are also the perfect complement to a fall wreath and both decorations will effortlessly transform your front door into an autumnal wonder not to be outdone.

6. Illuminating Outdoor Lighting

Dark evenings on the cards for the next few months, add some luxury outdoor lighting to illuminate your front door. A simple outdoor wall lamp or pendant will make your home look impossibly inviting. Extra light outdoors will make the rest of your decor more visible and allow guests to easily find your home too. Lanterns, candles or twinkling fairy lights on pre-existing trees count too and all add to the layered lighting of your home’s exterior.

7. Extra points: A New Coat of Paint

If your front door is looking a little tired and you want to go the extra mile with your seasonal decorating, giving it a new coat of paint will immediately freshen it up. The colour you choose is most important—it can set the entire tone for the rest of your decor. A bright yellow door indicates a happy, optimistic home whilst a blue door will give the impression of a calm, tranquil one. Choosing fall colours—mustard, terracotta, brick red and the like—for your front door, will make the rest of your fall decor pop. Just remember to have a professional do it unless you’re particularly handy.

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