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How To Make a House a Home

How To Make a House a Home

Make your home feel like yours with these simple personal touches

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Whether it’s a wardrobe, a signature dish or an email sign off, we all have our personal touches. And a home shouldn’t be any different. Creating a home which tells of your personality isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Just a few key pieces can put you well on your way to a look that is undeniably you. How many of these do you have at home?


No house would be a home without special photo memories and favourite snaps filling beautiful photo frames. Although they don’t make up a life, weddings, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries certainly act as memorable markers. They remind us of what’s really important in life. Honour loved ones or that special moment by filling your home with these visual reminders. A frame can really make or break a photo so consider the subject (wedding photos look great in classic silver designs whilst candid travel shots suit casual wooden ones), colour palette and style of the room to make the best choice.

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Closely following photographs, monogramming at home is a key personal home touch. Monogrammed bed linens, napkins, throws, jewellery boxes and tableware are rare nowadays but that’s what makes them so desirable. In a day of disposable, monogrammed items do two things: reclaim the almost forgotten idea of the family heirloom and add a distinguished element for a classy home.


Whether your art collecting is at professional level or beginner, artwork can nonetheless tell a lot about your personality. Are you a classicist? Do you prefer calming hazy landscapes or dynamic abstract designs? Do you have a favourite hobby that would work as a prominent theme such as sailing, horse-riding or travelling? Making art choices based on what you love, not what you think you should love, is the most effective way to tell your story.

A signature scent

If you try a new home fragrance and friends notice as soon as they walk in the door then you’ve successfully secured yourself a signature home fragrance. If you haven’t found one yet, recognise the power of scent. A heady fragrance to invite you home is all you need to give your home that je nai se quoi. When choosing a scent, think of the mood you want to create. Is your home a haven or a creative space? Do you like a relaxing mood at home or do you prefer romantic? Choose a mood that works for you and follow our luxury candle buying guide to find your perfect scent.


What you have in your bookcase or on your coffee table tells a lot about what you are interested in. A bookcase full of well-thumbed paperbacks is a must but you can make more of a statement with books too. A curated collection of coffee table books reveals your personality quicker than anything else. Keep your display constantly changing and adding different layers to your space by having coffee table books open at a page or image which you find particularly inspiring. That way you, as well as your home, will be ever-inspired.

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