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Kelly Hoppen home | Photography by Mel Yates | Shop Kelly Hoppen decor online at

How To Get The Kelly Hoppen Interior Design Style

Neutrals and textures are some of the celebrity designer’s go-to techniques

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Famed celebrity interior designer and Dragons’ Den regular Kelly Hoppen is known for her portfolio of casual yet refined interiors, characterised by their neutral tones (she’s the self-confessed Queen of Taupe), considered organic additions and airy configurations. Her work is so easily recognisable that her style has been coined the “Kelly Hoppen look”, a look which is appreciated by celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham and Elton John.

Timeless, versatile and brilliantly as simple as it can be without taking away from its welcoming appeal, the look is the perfect blank canvas for the New Year and always. Master the Kelly Hoppen interiors style for entering January with design clarity.

1. Adopt a neutral colour scheme

“My colour scheme is always neutral. I use a lot of whites, greys [and] beiges and taupe is my absolute favourite! I find these colours incredibly soothing and harmonious and they are the perfect base to any design. When adopting a neutral palette, you can add beautiful splashes of colour that will instantly brighten up any interior.”

Kelly Hoppen home | Photography by Mel Yates | Shop Kelly Hoppen decor online at
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2. Create timeless elegance

“It is so important to create timeless elegance in your home. Trends fade but you want your designs to stand the test of time and always look chic. Instead of following a clear trend, adapt your home for the season by changing your accessories, update your sofa with some new designer cushions or hang some new art.”

3. Don’t “over decorate”

“It is important to create an uncluttered ambience. Add too much and you run the risk of feeling claustrophobic in your own home. [Overdecorating] will also make your space appear smaller than it is.”

4. Use beautiful textures

“My design is all about texture as I like to touch and feel my surroundings. Whether you use velvet and mix it with sheers or wood with chrome, it is the one texture bouncing off the other that is important.”

5. Get your lighting right

Lighting is of the utmost importance when designing your interiors. I like to think it is like magic dust but, if you get it wrong, it can be a disaster! Adding lighting to a room is very easy. It just takes a bit of thought. Add a few small uplighters around your home, behind pieces of furniture or in corridors to illuminate your interiors.”

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